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Brit-Am Now no. 1451
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26 January 2010, 11 Shevet 5770
1. New Article.
The Great Tartan Disputation. Round Seven. Finale
2. Live and Learn:
Tamika and Eugene say Hebrews were Black
3. TG versus Brit-Am; TG (almost) Hits the Nail on the head [but hurts his own hand!!]
4. Books Received.
5. New Brit-Am Magazine to be titled "New Tribesman"


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1. New Article.
The Great Tartan Disputation. Round Seven.

(1. Apology to TG for calling him a Masochist.
TG evidently is captivated by the use of language and lyrical qualities resounding from our mode of expression.
(2. Round Seven:
TG dares us to Reveal His Identity but for the moment we refrain from doing so.
(3. Conclusion

2. Live and Learn: Tamika and Eugene say Hebrews were Black

(a) Tamika
From: Tamika Tyrell <careproviderservices@hotmail.com>
Re: Lost Ten Tribes

Hi. I'm going to try my best to be composed. I read you article on the appearance of the Hebrew. I'm disturbed. The true chosen are cursed. We live in strange lands and are under the curse of 400 years of slavery. The ONLY people that have been unwillingly spread across the four corners of the earth. I believe you are sincere and appreciate your article, but it is totally inaccurate. Something isn't simply true because you want it to be. The region is extremely hot. In the time of Abraham there wasn't sunscreen or air conditioning.  "Jerusalem" is surrounded by Africa and people of color. If your theory was correct, the truth is mixed race people would still be people of color. Numbers 12-Miriam was black that's why it was so devastating for them. A white person turning white is hardly noticeable. It had nothing to do with color, but culture. Africa to date has people that look alike with still very different customs. They stated that she looked like a baby. You may not be aware, but all babies of color are born white and gradually become black. They are born with the straight hair, but gradually grow kinky hair. In the bible days you must be able to mind your fiels and animal. The sun is hot. White people would be sunburnt. Those pictures are of black people. The have afros and braids in their hair and full lips and noses. Those are black features. The bible even speaks about women braiding their hair. Kinky hair is made for braiding. Straight hair would simply unravel. It's makes me want to cry that for almost 400 years slave decendants/Hebrews have accepted the religion that teaches them to serve a white god. The Bible says that we would have to, but "The History Channel" puts on shows @ 2am of course that prove that  the Messiah was black. I used to say it doesn't matter, but it does when your told that Yah made man in his image. And the onlt image you see is one not your own. Maybe that's why they do it. That's also why they didn't want slaves to read, because they mught try to learn the truth. Why? Please tell me why? Why don't people want to speak the truth? The truth is that the truth hurts and it's easier to make up your own truth. Every minister/preacher or whom ever go to seminary  know, but won't teach it because people are there own god and don't know Yah or love him. They just love their lies.  Please don't be offended. Open your mind. Pray for truth and teach it.
(b) Eugene
From: "Akannam, Eugene" <EAkannam@stlouisco.com>
Subject: The Shamelessness of the British and some of their Aryan brothers are
Now, I don't know who this group are, but it is important to let the Europeans know that the Children of Israel are not, and have never been Europeans or Aryans by race.  They are black people and Hebrew (Igbo) by race.  I hear brit-Am and I wonder if this people know that the word, "Brit" is not even Hebrew: it is Aryan.  The fact remains that the people known to the world as Jews today do not know, speak, or understand Hebrew language.  Whatever language that people go to various colleges and universities around the world to study as Hebrew is a hoax....I can prove to the world that they have been "HAD" by the European Christendom and Jewish proselytes.
 In fact, all the angels of Heaven bear unmistakable Igbo (Hebrew) names.  All humans before the flood also bear Igbo (Hebrew) names.  For example, the survivors of the flood are Noah (Nochie) and his wife (Nnema) with their three sons: Shem (Chima), Ham (Ama), and Japheth (Jefeta).  All these names have meanings only in Igbo.
What I have just said is a tip of the Ice-berg considering what is my book, "ANCIENT LIES" Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Including Moses and the Prophets were Never Jews. Psalm 44:7.  I know that on average Europeans do not know God and they do not fear him.  Otherwise, why would an uncircumcised Gentile shamelessly and fearlessly claim to be an Israelite.  There is nothing whatsoever that any Briton or Aryan can say that they have in common with the people of ancient Israel, culture or religion-wise.  In fact, the British and their allied powers are the present day Pharaohs who fulfilled the prophecy of Deuteronomy 28, especially 28:68 which says about taking the children of Israel back to Egypt (land of Slavery) in ships.  A people without understanding and have no respect for old people or sympathy for the young.  No European can claim that he or his people were taken slavery by people of another race and settle them in a foreign land away from their native land except the Hebrews of West Africa in conformity with the prophecy (Deut. 28:68).
I thank you for your time and hope the British wannabe Israelites quite fooling themselves and their progenitor (Fathers) whom they have shamelessly denied.  After all we are all God's Children.  There is no need to steal other people's identity.  What is wrong with your father's name?

3. TG versus Brit-Am; TG (almost) Hits the Nail on the head [but hurts his own hand!!]
Just to correct your megalomania....you are not teaching anything, but mostly just joining improbable ends of copy-and-pasted TaNaKh passages to support your own theory

Brit-Am Reply:
Indeed, That is what we sometimes do.
Most of the time we take the simple Biblical Verses and explain them. Very often the greatest Rabbinical Commentators (e.g. Nachmanides, Radak, Targum Yehonatan, etc) of all time give us indications as to the correct meaning or confirm and further refine our explanations.
It happens though that we do make comparisons with other verses on related themes. This may be what you are referring to but with you it is sometimes hard to tell.
You are however more intelligent than most people might think TG! It is just your infantile attitude that prevents others from seeing it.
But Brit-Am does do on occasion what you describe us as doing. We take the Bible to explain the Bible just like the Sages and all Great scholars do.
We are in august company.
Thank you for the compliment.
PS. If our methods are so questionable why is it so difficult for you to bring one concrete example out of the very many that should according to you be available?

You also accused us of megalomania which is defined as: delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
The thing is TG that people like yourself are not paying us our dues. With less money coming in than is needed
we have to make do with what there is as if there was more than there is for as long as we can.
Now if you would just put your money where your mouth is the situation might improve.
Open your pockets TG instead of your mouth!

On the other hand those who do give to Brit-Am have a special quality that you may well lack.
Perhaps Divine Providence does not want you to support us due to faults in yourself?

4. Books Received:

"The Assyrian Exile. Israel's Legacy in Captivity" by Cam Rea (2007, USA)

"Isaac's Empire. Ancient Persia's Forgotten Identity" by Cam Rea (2009, USA)

"Eseret HaShevatim" [i.e. "The Ten Tribes" ] by Alter Vilner (Hebrew Language, 2008, Jerusalem).

5. New Brit-Am Magazine to be titled "New Tribesman"
The Brit-Am magazine "Brit-Am Truth" is to be discontinued or rather its name is to be changed to "New Tribesman".
In the past, five issues of Tribesman went out and eleven issues of "Brit-Am Truth" (under variations of title). The new magazine will be titled "New Tribesman" no.16 as it will be a continuation of both "Tribesman" and "Brit-Am Truth".
This will (we hope) be the last time the title of the magazine is changed.
All those already subscribed "Brit-Am Truth" will have their subscription automatically continued into "New Tribesman".
"New Tribesman" should be available soon.
Details may follow shortly.

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