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Brit-Am Now no. 1468
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
24 February 2010, 10 Adar 5770
1. Some Limitations (and strengths) of the Brit-Am Exposition
2. New Article:
Perseus and the  Medusa by John R. Salverda
3. Jeremy
Burningham : Whats slowing us down


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1. Some Limitations (and strengths) of the Brit-Am Exposition
It is worth being aware of certain limitations (in the eyes of others) Brit-Am Beliefs might have.
There are some who do not support Brit-Am financially or otherwise, do not familiarize themselves with Brit-Am writings, yet refer to our findings as evidence as to why "Ephraim" should accepted.
Brit-Am has doe a lot and is still doing it but the struggle is not over.
Brit-Am can and should do much more but we need your support to do it.
This may be our duty but in a sense it is also that of all of us together, or should be.
The notes below may help to put matters in to perspective.
[At a later date these notes may be expanded into a separate article.]

Limitations of Brit-Am Belief in the Eyes of Others

(a) Biblical. Our beliefs are based on the Bible.
Our interpretation of Biblical Verses is correct. It suits the simple Hebrew meaning of the words. It also corresponds with the opinion of major Rabbinical Biblical Commentators. In addition it all fits together with an intrinsic coordination.

Nevertheless cases have been known where some have denied that the verses have the meanings we attribute to them.
In the same way as we quote authorities who agree with us they quote others who say something different.
Usually they who oppose us do not understand the Hebrew Language or the thought-process and world outlook of the Sages.
If they would have such understanding they would be less likely to disagree with Brit-Am.

(b) Rabbinical.
Rabbinical Sources agree with us
Neverthless there were one or two Commentators (such as the Malbim) who said the Lost Tribes were in the east.
In our opinion they were mistaken on this point and their interpretations are not in line with those who went before and/or came after them.
Even so, they said what they said and we should be just as aware of it as our opponents may be.

(c) Historical
Our Historical proofs are strong ones but they are not those of conventional acceptability. The Brit-Am explanations of what happened in history in many cases will not correspond with accounts found in most Encyclopedias.
In this case too we say we are right and they are mistaken but we are still the ones who will have to fight more to prove our case.

(d) Genetic
Brit-Am believes that DNA findings when properly understood probably affirm the Brit-Am case.
This may well become more and more certain as DNA research advances.
Nevertheless, at the simple level as presented to the layman at present it is difficult to ignore DNA as a factor seemingly contrary to Brit-Am.

Your Reactions (positive or negative) are welcome, indeed they are necessary.

2. New Article:
Perseus and the  Medusa by John R. Salverda

3. Jeremy Burningham : Whats slowing us down

Hello Yair

Its been a long time since I contacted you. I'm not sure if you remember me however it is Jeremy Burningham from Canada. Anyhow I hope life is treating you well.

I still believe in your message with all my heart. It rings true because it is true. History proves it and there is no other way around it and I'm still very proud of my roots.

However what I'm not proud of is the fact that for sure our people have caused great damage to this world in pursuit of self gain. Today we are witnessing the erosion of our civil liberties. Our own Israelite nations which were founded on the bedrock of freedom and free will for all men are approaching calamity because of the greed of a few. I'm not a person who is persuaded easily, nor do I believe in conspiracy. However mankind does conspirer for personal self serving gains this is true. From our own ancient Israelite nation the Roman Empire and the fall of communism we have seen empires fall. Today we will witness another failed society. History repeats itself you can count on it. If we do not take control of our destiny. Our modern Western world is collapsing in on its self and taking the liberties of our people with it. Mankind is losing our God given right to free will because we are saddle with debt and corrupt governments.

America was founded and so was Canada founded on the principal of freedom.

Most people are ignorant of the damage the [present] banking system causes as they try and live their lives day to day. However even though they don't know that our banking system is destroying our societies they do know that they are seeing their savings disappearing and their families struggling and their liberties vanishing. Families are struggling and under pressure. This pressure is causing damage to the family unit and when family is weakened sin can manifest. it's a vicious circle we need to stop for a healthy world to emerge.

For the most part Israelite people have been a light onto the nations and are a good people with concern for  all humanity. However a few rotten eggs are spoiling our image.

Israel is here as an example to the world that freedom govern responsibly by Gods true laws is the destiny of a humanity.  Our purpose is to love God of our own free will. People need to realize that no matter what the above statement will transpire by the will of Hashem and whoa to the people who impede His will.

Seriously Yair, until we the people hold our governments accountable for their greed and evil we are not in a position to reunite. Spread the word and help end corruption by educating people.


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