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Brit-Am Now no. 1477
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
14 March 2010, 28 Adar 5770
1. Chuck C. : The promise to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has been fulfilled
2. Brit-Am helps Joseph and Judah
3. You Were Created as You Would Have Wanted to Be!


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1. Chuck C. : The promise to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has been fulfilled
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1475
#2. Answer to Claim that Brit-Am People No longer Fulfill the Blessing of Being Multitudinous

The ancient Israelites married into many other non-Hebrew families. Archeology pictures on Egyptian Tombs show slaves who were white and some with both red and blond hair. As a genealogist I can trace my Irish Ancestry to Herremon and Eber . Of course that means I had TEA TEPI the daughter of the evil king Zedekiah as an ancient grand-mother . The Druids of Wales knew they had religious beginnings from Moses. That was the reason G-d destroyed them as a nation . Israel corrupted their Hebrew religion . That is what Druidism was a corruption of God's religion at the time. Today we are corrupting the Judo - Christian tradition. Even if we are destroyed there will be a a remnant of the faithful to carry on . The promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has been fulfilled. We have become the worlds great nations . What the future holds is outlined in Scriptures but dates and times are not . G-ds plan is continuing according to His schedule .   Chuck C.

2. Brit-Am helps Joseph and Judah
This is yet another appeal but read on even if you do not intend to make an offering.
We keep making appeals because we need to do so.  These appeals however are interspersed with our news features and commentaries
which is apart from other ongoing projects that have not yet reached fruition. In Many ways Divine Providence assists us in almost tangible ways.
As a result of our last appeals the situation has improved somewhat. We are almost half-way there.
Many sent in relatively modest amounts but it all helped. Quite a few sent us small (compared to our needs) contributions of $10 each and these too added up surprisingly well. Anyway we need to get over the present hurdle and we need the help of our subscribers to do it.
Please send offerings.
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The Brit-Am, Movement of the Lost Ten Tribes,  operation is important.
We definitely are on the right track and in many areas we are in the front line.
We have idiosyncrasies or characteristics that some find irritating. It goes with the territory. We do the work and we do it well and in some respects we are the only ones doing it.
This work is important. It helps the State of Israel, the Jewish People, the USA, Britain, Ireland, Ulster, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Holland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and related entities and individuals of Israelite descent everywhere. We also give unto others through our publishing and posting activities. People of non-Israelite origin also often feel that Brit-Am benefits them as well.
We know that we are on the right track and that we have a positive influence. The good effects of our work may be very very great or they may be relatively modest. Time will tell. At the least we understand that they are positive.
We deserve to be supported. We also believe that whosoever contributes to Brit-Am will be blessed from on High.

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May HaShem be with all of you
Yair Davidiy

3. You Were Created as You Would Have Wanted to Be! The Source.
You  might be dark or white, tall or short, etc. Whatever you are that is what you would want to have been if you had have been given the choice. You are suited to yourself. We can only be pleased with what we are and do the best we can with it.
This brings us to a DRASH from the Talmud. "Drash" (or "Derash") is the root word for "Midrash" which is based on Derash. "Derash" literally means "searching" but in Exegetical (Bible Commentary) terms it may be explained as connoting "finding additional meaning". The "Derash" does not uproot any word or verse from its primary implication. The simple meaning of the Bible is usually the intended message. In many cases however the choice of words, combinations of expression, grammatical oddities, etc exist that hint at additional meanings. These are found by "Derash" in the Talmud and Rabbinical Literature. Yair Davidiy, personally, studies the Talmud a little and believes in it. Apart from its personal applications in my opinion it also helps Brit-Am. Nevertheless we do not usually speak about it since it is not directly pertinent to what we are about. Brit-Am is mainly concerned with the Lost Ten Tribes. Other matters are also sometimes dealt with but they are not our main objective.

In this particular case we are making an exception since the message is both important and interesting.

Genesis 2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished.
The expression "all the host of them" in Hebrew is "Le-Tsava-am" and should be rendered "according to the host of them".
The Talmud (Chulin 60;a Rosh Hashana 13;a) says: # Do not read "Le-Tsava-am" but rather "Le-Tsivyon-am".
In Hebrew and Aramaic the word "Tsva" implies "will, desire".
Rashi (Chulin 60;a): According to the form they chose for themselves.
Hashana 13;a: # Said Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, Everything that was created, was made according to its own level; according to its own awareness was it created; in accordance to how it would have wanted to become [Hebrew: "Be-Tsivyon-am] was it made as its says,  'Thus the heavens and the earth, according to all the host of them [Hebrew: "Le-Tsava-am"], were finished' (Genesis 2:1). Do not read "Tsava-am"  [according to all the host of them] but rather "Tsivyon-am" [in accordance to how it would have wanted to become.] #
Rashi: "according to its own awareness" [Hebrew: "le-Daatam"] They were asked if they wished to be created and they answered, Yes.
Rashi:  # "in accordance to how they would have wanted to become" [Hebrew: "Be-Tsivyon-am"] According to the reasoning of each and every one and in the individual imprinted formation of each one.#

It should be pointed out that this Derashah is not so far fetched as it may seem to the English-speaking reader. In Hebrew the word translated as "according to the host of them" may also connote "how it would have wanted to become".
Even though the Talmud says # Do not read "Tsava-am"  [according to all the host of them] but rather "Tsivyon-am"# , it does not really need to do so.
"Tsava-am" and "Tsivyon-am" are almost interchangeable. "Tsava-am" as well as meaning "their hosts" may also imply "their desire" or will i.e. "how they would have wanted to become".

Anyway we are all as we are for a reason.

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