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Brit-Am Now no. 1511
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
20 May 2010, 7 Sivan Nissan 5770
1. Glenda Smith: Totally Agrees with Jeremy
2. Brit-Am receives Good Wishes from a Veteran Critic
3. Rob John, apparent Arab sympathizer with military interest, Sends Brit-Am a Query
4. Is Joseph About to Face a Period of Tribulation? by R
5. Ecclesiastes 11.


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1. Glenda Smith: Totally Agrees with Jeremy
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1510
#4. Jeremy
Burningham: In Defence of Conspiracy Theory

I think Jeremy is exactly right; I totally agree with him

Those of us who are Christians should all agree with him.

This is exactly where I am in my thoughts, too.

I think 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the opportunity we need to take to heal our
lands today.
[2 Chronicles 7:14] if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2. Brit-Am receives Good Wishes from a Veteran Critic
From: Hark
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1505
Yair in accident. Brit-Am Options?


Although Yair and I disagree strongly, I still very much respect him and wish for him a refuah shlemah (speedy recovery). I will say a mishebeirach [Blessing in the Synagogue] for him on Shavuot and Shabbat--although I dont know his mother's name, I will use his first and last name.  Chag Sameach [Happy Feast-Day]--although it is Shavuot now in Israel

3. Rob John, apparent Arab sympathizer with military interest, Sends Brit-Am a Query
Rob John <rja_bob@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

I accidently came across your website, whilst searching for a Security company, Britam. I thought I would comment, nothing too detailed. I often wonder why there is such an intensity amongst Jews to substansiate their exsistance and their so called rights, to Israel.
Over the millenia countries, provinces or regions, whatever you wish to call them have been settled upon. The "ownership" or Ruling has changed more times than actual history can know.
Israel, is not a country or a region, (Not rightfully) it is a place inhabited by Palestinians, and has been for thousands of years. Just because Moses thought it the promised lanad, is an opinion.
If your remit is such, that you feel so strongly, then should you not support the Chyanne, or the Sioux, Or the Apache, or the Mohekens to rightfully own the USA and Canada, or the Ingas to Own Central America, or the Aboriginees to Own Australia, the Majori to own New Zealand?
Or are the financial support from these countries, which jewish members and businesses contribute to the welfare of the current "barbaric Israelie" methods of holding on to something that is rightfully not theres?
I trust a researched response is in order. Just a thought............

Brit-Am Reply:
Robert Shalom,
You must have been looking for
Britam Defence
Actually Brit-Am, Organization of the Ten  Tribes, and Britam Defence do have a little in common.

Britam Defence boasts of the

"the exceptional calibre of our people and practices"
#....We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our

# Britam has entered into a joint venture agreement with Aims International Company Limited to provide risk management solutions and health & safety training and consultancy to customers in Saudi Arabia #

There is also Britam Arabia
A division of
Britam Defence Limited.

We too in Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes "strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our organisation" and are proud of "the exceptional calibre of our people and practices".
We also have a connection with Arabia.
We are concerned for the welfare of the Arab Peoples.
We think the USA, Britain, and related countries should take over the rulership of Saudia Arabia for the good of its citizens and international well-being. We also think it would be a good thing if Arab oil money were employed to facilitate the safe passage and resettlement of Arab inhabitants of Israel and neighboring areas to some place such as Brazil.

Judging by your English, the content of your letter,  and the fact that you were looking for a Defence Organization supplying services to Arabia you may well be an Arab yourself or at least highly sympathetic to them. You will therefore be in a better position to appreciation the conciliatory and solicitous emotions we evidence for the nice Arab people and their camels.

You have a point though.
Jews are often too concerned with justifying their right to their own land.
The Bible declares that this land belongs to the Jews and that should be the end of the matter.
The problem is that after enjoying Gentile hospitality for thousands of years and having to justify and pay for the very air they breathed then certain reflex actions are acquired. But give us time and we may get over it.

4. Is Joseph About to Face a Period of Tribulation? by R
re: curse
"Am I Under a Curse? Advice for When Everything Seems to go wrong"
R said:
I read the reply to the questions I had asked concerning curses. I understand what you had said about the prophet Jeremiah  and his response to the Jews of Egypt. I have no intentions of returning to the misconceptions of my past, in fact we had given up without too much resistance and have accepted that we might be in for a storm of sorts. I however never expected the things which I have gone through in the past year or so. in the past 2 years I have experienced the loss of a very close friend, this was very devastating, was arrested for being accused of something I had nothing to do with. I have always followed the law, believed in the law until that point. I was forced to hire an attorney to help me at least get the charge reduced-although I did not commit any offence. I do however accept this as punishment from the Almighty for past anger and things I probably should not have done. I do not think Gd owes me anything.
I have done what I could to help improve my situation and I try to help others as I can. I find that many of my fellow tribes people are in similar situations. its as though Gd is punishing us all. I was told from Jewish Rabbinical sources that the suffering servant of Isaiah is the Jewish people, or Judah. it is obvious that they have certainly suffered , the many pogroms of Europe and the middle east, the Shoah [Holocaust], the anti-Jewish sentiments of most of the world today. I am starting to think that Josephs glory, or high and mighty days might be over, it certainly looks like we're in for a wild ride and some punishment. Is the South Africa scenario in the future for the rest of lands? The sources within the context of the bible scriptures indicate that Jacob is "my servant" if Jacob is the suffering servant perhaps my sense of protection from the cruel world during my short stint as a Christian was a false sense.
I'm only aware of the possibility that my people are lost tribesmen due to the things which have taken place in my life as of late, none of it is very pleasant, none of us are going to be exempt from this.  bring it on, life kind of sucks now anyway.
Thanks for your reply, it was evident much thought was put forth to answer my query.
Brit-Am Answer:
We could preach to you in reply but it would not necessarily be pertinent. No-one can stand in the place of another and no-one wants to be put to the test.
We all do what we can.
King Solomon summed it up:

Do not be rash with your mouth,
And let not your heart utter anything hastily before God.
For God is in heaven, and you on earth;
Therefore let your words be few (Ecclesiastes 5:2)

In the morning sow your seed,
And in the evening do not withhold your hand;
For you do not know which will prosper,
Either this or that,
Or whether both alike will be good (Ecclesiastes 11:6).

In addition:

The following remark has been added to our article:
"Am I Under a Curse? Advice for When Everything Seems to go wrong"
Just for the record:

Yair Davidiy, looking back, considers himself overall to have been greatly blessed in life. This is despite certain problems of a private nature.
The race  is not over and we sincerely hope that we will be enabled to continue to do what we must do and be shown how to do it. This in itself is a blessing.

In Jewish Thought everyone has their own
Tikkun or personal matter of Rectification they should fulfill.
What exactly our own individual
Tikkun entails we do not always merit to know.
We should endeavor to do what we can as well as we are able.

5. Ecclesiastes 11
1 Cast your bread upon the waters,
      For you will find it after many days.

    2 Give a serving to seven, and also to eight,
      For you do not know what evil will be on the earth.

       3 If the clouds are full of rain,
      They empty themselves upon the earth;
      And if a tree falls to the south or the north,
      In the place where the tree falls, there it shall lie.

       4 He who observes the wind will not sow,
      And he who regards the clouds will not reap.

       5 As you do not know what is the way of the wind,
      Or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child,
      So you do not know the works of God who makes everything.

       6 In the morning sow your seed,
      And in the evening do not withhold your hand;
      For you do not know which will prosper,
      Either this or that,
      Or whether both alike will be good.

       7 Truly the light is sweet,
      And it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun;

       8 But if a man lives many years
      And rejoices in them all,
      Yet let him remember the days of darkness,
      For they will be many.
      All that is coming is vanity.

    9 Rejoice, O young man, in your youth,
      And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth;
      Walk in the ways of your heart,
      And in the sight of your eyes;
      But know that for all these
      God will bring you into judgment.

       10 Therefore remove sorrow from your heart,
      And put away evil from your flesh,
      For childhood and youth are vanity.

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