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Brit-Am Now no. 1532
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
25 June 2010, 13 Tammuz 5770
1. The British Initial Involvement with the creation of Israel: Some Major Dates
2. Benjamin
Fourie: Some Reflections About South Africa
3. Question About Prophecy and the Transference of the Palestinians to Someplace in the West
4. Jack Flaws is Unhappy with Brit-Am!
5. Hosea 8.


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1. The British Initial Involvement with the creation of Israel: Some Major Dates

1589 - Francis Kett is burned alive by the Church for inferring that the Jews would one day return to the Promised Land, an opinion derived from reading the Bible.

1611 - Publication of the King James Bible.

1615 - Thomas Brightman (1562-1607), a theologian, seen as a founder of the idea of restoring Jews to the Holy Land, delivers the question in his posthumously published work : 'Shall they return to Jerusalem again'' to which he replies: 'There is nothing more certain: the prophets do everywhere confirm it and beat upon it.'

1621 - Sir Henry Finch's (1558-1625) book THE WORLD'S GREAT RESTORATION OR THE CALLING OF THE JEWS, AND OF ALL THE NATIONS AND KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH, TO THE FAITH OF CHRIST calls for the restoration of the Jews to the promised land.

1649 - Ebenezer and Joanna Cartwright, Puritans of English origin residing in Amsterdam, dispatch a petition to the British Government calling for the ban on Jews settling in England to be lifted. Also assistance to enable them to be repatriated to Palestine.

1771 - Joseph Eyre publishes a scholarly essay entitled OBSERVATIONS UPON PROPHECIES RELATING TO THE RESTORATION OF THE JEWS. He makes reference to biblical prophecies concerning the descendants of Abraham, whom he believes should occupy the land known as Palestine. With respect to the return of the Jews from the lands of their dispersion, Eyre quotes at length from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, which prophesies that the 'whole House of Israel' would experience a resurrection from the 'graves' of the Diaspora, and the tribes would come together 'bone to his bone . . . into the land of Israel.'

1795 - Charles Jerram, studying divinity at Cambridge, wins a prize for his work offering the opinion that there are grounds in the holy scriptures for the restoration of the Jews.

1838 - Lord Palmerston and Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley-Cooper) influenced the Turkish Government to permit the establishment of a British Consulate in Jerusalem.

1840 - Lord Shaftesbury persuades Lord Palmerston, British Foreign Secretary, to step up plans to return Jews to Palestine.

4 November 1840 - Lord Shaftesbury takes out full-page advert in THE TIMES addressed to the Protestant monarchs of Europe, calling for the restoration of the Jews to the Promised Land. It inspires Israel Zangwell and Theodore Herzl, the accepted founder of Zionism, as imagining Palestine as 'A land of no people for a people with no land'.

25 September 1840 - Lord Shaftesbury presents a paper to Palmerston calling for the 'recall of the Jews to their ancient land'. He insists that the Jews consider it time for their restoration to Palestine and that those responsible should strive 'to establish the principles and practices of European civilisation.'

2 March 1841 - a group of 320 Christians address a memorandum to Lord Palmerston which states: 'Your Memorialists beg leave ... to remind your Lordship that the land of Palestine was bestowed by the Sovereign of the Universe upon the descendants of Abraham as a permanent and inalienable possession nearly 4,000 years ago, and that neither conquests nor treaties among men can possibly affect their Title to it. He has also decreed that they shall again return to their country and that the Gentiles shall be employed as the means of their restoration.'

1841 - George Gawler (1796-1869), an English Christian of good standing, senior commander at the Battle of Waterloo and later Governor of Australia, starts to encourage Jewish settlements in the land of Israel.

1844 - Rev. Samuel Bradshaw, in his TRACT FOR THE TIMES, BEING A PLEA FOR THE JEWS, calls for Parliament to allot 4 million pounds for the Restoration of Israel, with another 1 million to be collected by the Church.

1844 - Pastor T. Tully Crybace convenes a committee in London for the purpose of founding a 'British and Foreign Society for Promoting the Restoration of the Jewish Nation to Palestine.' He urges that England secure from Turkey Palestine 'from the Euphrates to the Nile, and from the Mediterranean to the Desert'.

1849 - Gawler accompanies Sir Moses Montefiori on a trip to Palestine, persuading him to invest in and initiate Jewish settlements in the country.

1865 - James Finn, the British Consul in Jerusalem and leading restorationist, establishes the Palestine Exploration Fund 'for the purpose of encouraging scientific exploration, archaeological research and the cartographic mapping of the Holy Land'. It offers 'advice and financial support to encourage Jews to emigrate to Palestine and form agricultural colonies'.

1866 - Lionel de Rothschild becomes an MP, and Jews receive official status in England.

1868 - Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), most famous Jew of the nineteenth century, becomes Prime Minister. Queen Victoria makes him Lord Beaconsfield.

1880 - MP Laurence Oliphant (1829-1888) publishes a book entitled THE LAND OF GILEAD which expounds the Zionist cause, proposing settlement scheme of Jordan under British protection, while respecting Turkish sovereignty. He urges that the British Government support the repatriation of Jews to Palestine from Russia and Eastern Europe. Moreover, he proposes that the 'warlike' Bedouins be driven out, and the Palestinians be placed in reservations like the native Indians of America.

1884 - famous Kattowitz conference of Chibath Zion (Lovers of Zion) - beginning of international recognition of Zionism.

1891 - William E. Blackstone (1841-1935), an influential evangelist, financier and benefactor, lobbied the US President Benjamin Harrison and his Secretary of State, James G. Blaine, with a petition signed by 413 Jewish and Christian leaders including John & William Rockerfeller, calling for an international conference on the Jews and Palestine.

1894 - publication of THE RESTORATION OF THE JEWS TO PALESTINE by Anglican priest William Hechler (1845-1931). He formulated his own exact date for the re-establishment of the Jewish state. The book saw the need for 'restoring the Jews to Palestine according to Old Testament prophecies'.

1896 - Theodor Herzl's key book DER JUDENSTAAT (The Jewish State) published. March 1896 - Herzl meets Hechler.

1897 - First Zionist Conference. The founder of the Red Cross, Swiss philanthropist Henri Dunant, first gentile to be tagged 'Christian Zionist' by Herzl, and one of only a few gentiles invited to the congress. 1897 - Jewish Colonial Trust, first Zionist funded bank founded.

1900 - Fourth Zionist Congress in London.

1902 - Uganda offered to Herzl and Jews, and later discussed at Sixth Zionist Congress of 1903.

1905 - Uganda proposal refused at 7th Zionist Congress.

1906 - Chaim Weizmann introduced to Lord Balfour.

1907 - Eighth Zionist Congress at the Hague - creation of commonwealth. Call for charter. 1907 - 80,000 Jewish settlers now in Palestine, mostly in Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberias, Safed, Jaffa and Haifa.

1914 - 100,000 Jewish settlers now in Palestine.

August 1914 - First World War begins. Weizmann put in touch with Lloyd George, then Chancellor of the Exchequer.

29 October 1914 - Turkey attacks Russian Black Sea bases and joins the Central Powers.

1915 - Chaim Weizmann offered job of synthesising acetone on behalf of the Naval office.

1916 - Lord Balfour becomes Foreign Secretary.

1916 - Sykes-Picot treaty. Mark Sykes works with French counterpart Georges Picot to carve up the Ottoman Empire between Britain, France and Russia after hostilities cease.

18 July 1917 - Lord Rothschild handed draft of Balfour Declaration by Balfour.

16 Oct 1917 - Col. Mandel House acting on behalf of American President Woodrow Wilson cables British Government pledging America's support for declaration. It is one of the most important factors in Britain's decision to issue the declaration.

2 November 1917 - Balfour Declaration signed.

2 December 1917 - celebration of the Balfour Declaration in the London Opera House. Lord Robert Cecil claims it marks not the birth of a nation, but ''the rebirth of a nation. I believe it will have far-flung influence on the history of the world and consequences than none can foresee on the future history of the human race'.

9 December 1917 - British troops occupy Jerusalem.

1920 - Weizmann becomes president of World Zionist Organisation.

1920 - San Remo agreement. Draft Mandate for Palestine conferred on Britain by the League of Nations. ...The Mandate obligates Britain, as Mandatory Power, (in the words of the preamble), to 'be responsible for putting into effect the Declaration originally made on 2nd November 1917 by the government of His Britannic Majesty and adopted by the said (Principal Allied) Powers in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.'

1922 - Establishment of the Jewish National Homeland justified by Lord Balfour before the House of Lords. British now consider Palestine to be a serious liability, a country where Jews ride roughshod over 'the poor Arabs'.

September 1922 - the League of Nations and Great Britain decide that the provisions for setting up a Jewish National Home do not apply to the area east of the Jordan River, which constitutes three-fourths of the territory included in the Mandate. In 1923 it becomes the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

1929 - Lord Passfield announces that further immigration and land purchase in Palestine by Jews is to be stopped.

11 Aug 1929 - first meeting of the Jewish Agency.

23 August 1929 - Palestine riots. Seen as being used to curb Jewish immigration into Palestine.

21 October, 1930 - British Government publishes simultaneously the Hope-Simpson Report and the Passfield White Paper. Latter rendered untenable by Zionists in Palestine. Weizmann resigns as president of Jewish Agency, which appoints a Cabinet Committee on Palestine policy a few days before the Passfield White Paper is issued.

1936 - Further Arab riots. Peel report on partition solution.

July 1937 - Partition solution offered to Zionists in White Paper. It is based on the Peel Report of this year which concludes that 'the primary purpose of the Mandate, as expressed in its preamble and its articles, is to promote the establishment of the Jewish National Home.' It advises severe restrictions on Jewish purchases of land and severe curtailment of Jewish immigration. First steps towards nullification of Balfour Declaration.

1939 - Actual nullification came with further White Paper. Mandate pronounced unworkable. Weizmann blames Arab riots. The White Paper stalls further Jewish immigration and land purchase.

1945 - full extent of the Holocaust realised.

29 November 1947 - United Nations grants a Jewish state.

14 May 1948 - Israel declares independence. Termination of British Mandate for Palestine at midnight. Establishment of the Jewish state of Israel.

See also:
Franz Kobler,
"The Vision Was There.
A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine", London, 1956

This work is very well written, well-researched, and informative.
The complete work is online on the Brit-Am site.
The original work was not printed in so many copies, has now been out of print for some time, and seems non-available for purchase.
Brit-Am is therefore possibly the only venue at present that makes this valuable work available to the public at large.

2. Benjamin Fourie: Some Reflections About South Africa
Re: 2 Kings 6: The heavenly Army of Angels is revealed!


Concerning South Africa: "Siener" or "Seer" van Rensburg was a man who received frequent visions about 100 years ago. And what he saw did indeed happen, such as the demise of Jan Smuts, the second World War, Britain loosing her colonies, the handing over of the "white" government to a "black" one, AIDS, murdering of white farmers, Chernobyl and so on. He believed in divine revelation.

My father was legal advisor to the Natal Povincial administration in the 1960s and believes that his life has been guided by angelic visitations. He objected against the Group Areas Act and Law on Mixed Marriages then.

In South Africa one might find in one family people politically orientated from the far right to the far left, so, it would be a mistake to judge Afrikaners or whoever collectively. Personally I think that most people would naturally vote for those who protect their group rights, as this is how conformists behave. On the other hand the rights of minority groups in Africa has been a problem...

Nelson Mandela had a golden opportunity in 1994. But, he legalized abortion, abolished influx control at the borders, did away with the death penalty... So, now we have 300 000 Nigerians in the Johannesburg area (or so it is said), wanting to make money I suppose, a very high jobless rate there, problems with illegal drug dealers, who often cause children to disappear, many teenage moms, billions of rands being handed out by the state to support those, municipalities that don't function properly and so on. Perhaps he was just liberal and idealistic... but in cities the 15% tax payers support the rest, who seems to be multiplying at a pace...

On the positive side an event such as the Soccer World Cup has been showing that there are many things to feel joyous about.
But, Ghana has been the only team from Africa progressing to the second round.

Perhaps we need a world where borders are determined by the angels and not by rivers, mountains or whatever can be limited to something visible.

Best wishes

3. Question About Prophecy and the Transference of the Palestinians to Someplace in the West
Pastor James PS Templeton wrote:

Dear Yair, You wrote 'Dothan is to the north of Schechem (Nablus) near present-day city of Jenin at present illegally and immorally occupied by Arab squatters.
We hope this temporarily and that all the so called "Palestinian Arabs" are shortly transported to someplace like Brazil, as indicated in Prophecy.' I would appreciate it if you would give me the Scriptures which proclaim this. Yours Very Sincerely, James Templeton.
Pastor James PS Templeton
Flat 1 The Fold,
Lawnfield Court,
Donard Park,
Newcastle, County Down,
Northern Ireland,
BT33 9SE

Brit-Am Reply:
The future expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs was predicted by Isaiah. Ephraim and Judah will conduct ba joint operation to fly the Arabs to someplace in the west. This is the only way the State of Israel can survive on a permanent basis.

The future co-operation of Ephraim and Judah in this matter was predicted by Isaiah.
[for more details on these matters see the Brit-Am Commentary to these verses of Isaiah:]
After this the combined forces of Judah and Ephraim shall fly the Palestinians (referred to in Scripture as "Philistines")
to the west while putting other heathen nations that oppose Israel in their place.
The KJ renders the first part of Isaiah 11:14 as:
in the Hebrew original this in fact reads:

There is a commandment and obligation upon the Children of Israel to expel all the heathen nations from the Land of Israel.

If the Israelites do not expel this Canaanite non-Israelite pagan Arab element their whole existence in the land is endangered.

[Numbers 33:55] But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall be that those whom you let remain shall be irritants in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you dwell.
[Numbers 33:56] Moreover it shall be that I will do to you as I thought to do to them.

See Also:
Options for Survival: A Solution to the War in Gaza

Movement of Arab Populations (MAP)

We are against terror and unjustified discrimination.
There are many Arabs who may well be good and decent.
The Arabs should be transferred for their own good and for the good of everyone else.
They should be treated well and receive assistance in re-settling in Brazil or whatever other place they are sent to.
 The present situation is that the Arabs in Israel are suffering, sometimes because of their own contrary nature and perhaps also due to the objective situation.
They often attack Jews including women and children and are encouraged to do so by their leaders, their media, and their educational system.
They receive a certain degree of encouragement and backing in opposing the Jewish Existence from third world entities alongside European ones.

4. Jack Flaws is Unhappy with Brit-Am!
From: Jack Flaws
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1531


Your monumental disrespect is almost as big as your ego. 

Take me off this list.
Brit-Am Reply:
We may have spoken disrespectfully to Flaws but he asked for it and in effect had received ample warning previously that such was liable to be our reaction.
J. Flaws has a web-site which is anti-Jewish and says horrible false things about Jews and others.
His reaction however is typical of Conspiracy Freaks who slander others yet seem surprised when those being slandered disrespect them.
Flaws however is not your usual anti-Semitic Conspiracy Freak. He does spread British Israel information as well as claims that the Japanese are from the Lost Ten Tribes.
In the past Flaws also protested to the Brit-Am masterpiece:
" Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach "

He considered this disrespectful and registered his lack of amusement.
(c) Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Nut Complains of Brit-Am Racism!
From: Jack Flaws
Re: Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach

You wrote:
<<<<<Like what you have read'>>>>>

No. I absolutely do NOT like what I read.
Please remove me from all your lists except Brit-Am Now.
I don't need petty little, race oriented missives that can't even get right the spelling of the President's name.

If we were to start thinking along the lines adopted by Flaws we might be asking whether or not he received funding from Japanese and Arab interests.
He is also anti-Anglo as are many Conspiracy Freaks.
Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach

Baruk Obama
Is not from Alabama
He Followed after Bush
All the way from Cush
We could leave him alone
But he will not go home
He may be black
or half-white
But is in a fight
And now has the might
Though not the right
to give a whack
to the Holy Land Race
That sets the Pace
all over the earth
and the old Jew-boy
He treats like a toy
and denies
the Israelite berth
and all it is worth
of the USA
and Old Albion
that defies
the pagan way
and all it may say
and longs for Zion
We are coming along
It may not be long
Before "Barry boy"
As Obama was called
before he was made Lord
of all the earth
and betrayed Israel .
The fires of hell
may treat him well
On the sea surf
He is headed for dearth
And Israel will live
God bless the State of Israel
and the Israelite Peoples
May they realize who and what they are
and be true to it.
Pesach 5769

5. Hosea 8

 1 'Set the trumpet to your mouth!
      He shall come like an eagle against the house of the LORD,
      Because they have transgressed My covenant
      And rebelled against My law.

      2 Israel will cry to Me,
      ' My God, we know You!'

      3 Israel has rejected the good;
      The enemy will pursue him.

      4 ' They set up kings, but not by Me;
      They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.
      From their silver and gold
      They made idols for themselves'
      That they might be cut off.

      5 Your calf is rejected, O Samaria!
      My anger is aroused against them'
      How long until they attain to innocence'

      6 For from Israel is even this:
      A workman made it, and it is not God;
      But the calf of Samaria shall be broken to pieces.

      7 ' They sow the wind,
      And reap the whirlwind.
      The stalk has no bud;
      It shall never produce meal.
      If it should produce,
      Aliens would swallow it up.

      8 Israel is swallowed up;
      Now they are among the Gentiles
      Like a vessel in which is no pleasure.

      9 For they have gone up to Assyria,
      Like a wild donkey alone by itself;
      Ephraim has hired lovers.

      10 Yes, though they have hired among the nations,
      Now I will gather them;
      And they shall sorrow a little,
      Because of the burden of the king of princes.

      11 ' Because Ephraim has made many altars for sin,
      They have become for him altars for sinning.

      12 I have written for him the great things of My law,
      But they were considered a strange thing.

      13 For the sacrifices of My offerings they sacrifice flesh and eat it,
      But the LORD does not accept them.
      Now He will remember their iniquity and punish their sins.
      They shall return to Egypt.

      14 ' For Israel has forgotten his Maker,
      And has built temples;
      Judah also has multiplied fortified cities;
      But I will send fire upon his cities,
      And it shall devour his palaces.'

Summary of Hosea 8:
Anti-Jewish attacks by the Romans, Poles, and Germans are symbolized by the eagle. The chapter starts with Judah then turns to the Ten Tribes though at the second last verse it refers to Judah again and in the last verse to Israel and Judah together. The northern Israelites abandoned the God of Israel and set up their own religion and their own corrupt rulers. The calf of Samaria will be broken in pieces and disaster come upon them. They will be exiled by Assyria and assimilate amongst the Gentiles. Even the Gentiles will not want them and will cast them out. Despite the fact that they will be like Gentiles, God will have mercy on them, forgive them their sins and gather them together. They shall be given a "second" chance in their Place of Exile. They will be addicted to idolatry because they want permission to sin. This will be their undoing. They will have rejected the Bible and treated it as something written for foreigners and not for themselves. Judah will also have sinned and be punished.

See also the more detailed Brit-Am Commentary to Hosea 8:

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