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17 September 2010, 7  Tishrei 5771
1. Is
Shaybird a Little Displeased with Brit-Am?
2. Additional Note to, and text of, Brit-Am New Year Determinations.
3. Dr. Gavin Finley:  Brit-Am is "at the forefront"!
4. Diane Herndon: Hebrew New Year Good Wishes
5. Michelle Bowie Supports Dennis McGinlay but Lambasts Shaybird


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1. Is Shaybird a Little Displeased with Brit-Am?

Brit-Am Now no. 1568
#5. YouTube: Wisdom from shaybird76

shaybird76 has made a comment on Ten Tribes of Israel Exiled in Ships.avi:
Why would you think I was a black person? Maybe you can't handle the truth that you are the racist. With your fairy tails you call history. When one objectively looks at the character of different people throughout history it is not that hard to tell the wolves from the sheep, the meek from the boastful, and the good from the bad. Uh wounder which you are? Not hard for me to tell.

Brit-Am Reply:
I do not remember saying your were a black person. Why would we be so complimentary?
How do You Know Whether You Descend from Israel?
Ephraimite Criteria

2. Additional Note to, and text of Brit-Am New Year Determinations.
We sent out our Brit-Am New Year Determinations. This was a message of intent and hopes for the coming year.
It also include an appeal for offerings to help Brit-Am get by and keep going.

The response has been very disappointing.
[Our previous Appeal however, relatively speaking, was well received and the response was encouraging:
Additional Appeal from Brit-Am: End of Week, End of Year.

Anyway, Brit-Am is seriously in need of financial assistance and we ask those of our subscribers who can send us something to do so:

This is Important!

We would also like to point out the Brit-Am is having an influence, as we will show soon.
With your help we may have a chance of making the Brit-Am Truths of Ancestry  conventionally acceptable.
This may not be as far-fetched as it seems.
We need your help and at this stage that means mainly financial contributions.
Our belief is that if you help Brit-Am you will be doing a very positive action and that you will be rewarded by Divine Providence.

 Brit-Am New Year Determinations

As far as Brit-Am is concerned we have begun the New Year of 5771.

We intend to make changes for the better, to finalize key points of evidence, and hope to reach out more.

We need to do this.

Brit-Am like any other organization or publicly active individual needs money to function.
People give but due to the economic situation they give less, on the whole, than in the past.

In order just to get by we need to reach out more.
God willing, we will find ways to do so.
Researching and Revealing the Israelite Ancestry of certain Western Peoples is what Brit-Am does.
Brit-Am does what it has to do and helps others.
Whosoever helps Brit-Am will be helping themselves and others and we believe will be greatly rewarded by Divine Providence.
 We have decided to continue as well as can for as long as we can and if we are able to intensify our efforts.
We need your help now.

Brit-Am intends and hopes to increase its Biblical Output.
In addition to what we are already doing we plan to revise and restudy certain Biblical Books and to spread knowledge of our findings.
We shall also (God willing) push forward in other areas of research.
More information will be put on the web.

Brit-Am needs your input, moral support, and financial offerings.
In spite of certain tribulations our involvement with Brit-Am has been a source of blessing to ourselves and to many others.
God willing it will continue to spread a blessing.
Be part of this. Follow our teachings as much as you can, especially concerning the Ten Tribes.
Send an offering to Brit-Am.

God bless all of you,
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of

3. Dr. Gavin Finley:  Brit-Am is "at the forefront"!
Re: Brit-Am New Year Determinations

Dear Yair,

Our best wishes and prayers to you and those who work with you for the coming year. I will continue to contribute to the work of Brit-Am and count it a joy to do so. I believe Hashem will find and restore all 12 tribes of Israel as we come to the unveiling at the close of this age. You are at the forefront of this work on the lost ten tribes and I consider it a great privilege to have been able to assist you spotlight the truths that you have discovered, truths that lie hidden. What a joy it was to meet you and to do a video at Sukkot back in 2007!

Mashiach will surely bring His shalom to the two houses of Israe in His time. This may be sooner than we think. I am fully convinced that this will happen in the devotion to YHVH-God which your work helps to foster in the hearts and minds of those who earnestly seek Him.

May the Holy One of Israel less, keep, and preserve you,
Be assured of our prayers,
Your servant in Him,
Gavin Finley MD

4. Diane Herndon: Hebrew New Year Good Wishes
Yair Shalom,
Happy New Year and  may God bless you and your endeavors in 5771.
Shalom, Diane

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Psalm 122


5. Michelle Bowie Supports Dennis McGinlay but Lambasts Shaybird

Brit-Am Now no. 1568
#2. Dennis McGinlay:  What is Made Needs a Maker.

#5. YouTube: Wisdom from shaybird76
Shalom Yair,
In support of response by Dennis McGinlay:
Isa 29:14 Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.
Sad indeed it is that so many who know so much, really know so little it seems.
As for thoughts are this: If indeed this is correct and people of color such as American Indians and South American natives are Israel,.....since Israel was commanded to keep Torah, why then don't these cultures? Why is it they are steeped so deeply into paganism as in worship of the sun?
Let's say for the sake of argument that they might possibly be Israel.....wouldn't they at the very least keep Shabbat?
I don't recall in scripture, even where we are told that Israel practiced paganism, that they wore animal headdresses with feathers and worshipped the serpent gods.
If indeed South Americans were of Israel, why are there no traces left of their civilizations??? Why do they keep a "day of the dead" as a national holiday and celebration. That seems a little creepy to me.
Yet many Europeans, Brits and Americans' (and Aussies and Nzrs of course and other places) surnames show up in their family coat of arms with symbols of the tribes of Israel that came about from the blessings of Jacob to his sons.
I have searched in vain for these very symbols in these peoples and so far have seen none. Yet all throughout Torah we are told that each tribe carried their standards to show what tribe they were. Makes perfect sense to me they would do this as there were so many of them, it would be easy to get lost in all the trekking, if you didn't know where your family's tribe was. So, it makes even more perfect sense to see these very same symbols in coat of arms which means this tradition has survived...but there is no evidence it was ever among the peoples that shaybird76 and a few others seem to think. I am waiting for proof of this to support their claims. Hopefully when they find it, they will let us know about it.
Blessings, mb.

Brit-Am Comment:
Michelle has a point but perhaps only to limited degree.
Names and much of Heraldry may be traced to the influence of Christianity.
Before becoming Christians the West Europeans were pagans.
Their religions in several cases did show Hebraic influence but they also included Canaanite and other elements.
In some cases they were quite barbaric and even practised human sacrifice.
Whatever the case the nations Brit-Am identifies as Israelite do at present fulfill the Ephraimite Criteria and that is the bottom line.
How do You Know Whether You Descend from Israel?
Ephraimite Criteria

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