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Brit-Am Now no. 1743.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
31 August 2011, 1 Elul 5771.

1. Proposed Changes in Israelite Tribal Identifications.
2. Brit-Am Message. Are you there? Voting with your pocket?
3. Brit-Am and Latter Day Saints.
4. Brit-Am and  Connecting  to Tamar Yonah Show Interview, June 22, 2011.
5.Supports Widow, lacks spare cash!
6. Brit-Am Inadvertently Gave a False Impression in Part.
7. Nehemiah Gordon Defended.


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1. Proposed Changes in Israelite Tribal Identifications.

(a) Previous Identifications Up till now.
Ephraim - Britain
Manasseh - USA
Reuben - France
Simeon -Celts and Jews
Levi      -With the Jews
Yehudah - Jutes and Jews.
Issachar -  Swiss and Fins.
Zebulon - Netherlands.
Gad - Sweden
Asher - Scots
Benjamin  Belgae and Normans
Naphtali - Norwegians

(b) Proposed Modifications.
Ephraim - Britain
Manasseh - USA
Reuben - France
Simeon - Scattered, Wales, Eire, and Jews
Levi      - Scattered, with the Jews
Yehudah - Jews of Judah.
Issachar -  Swiss and Fins.
Zebulon - Netherlands.
Gad - Sweden
Asher - Ireland (Eire)
Benjamin -with the Jews
Naphtali - Norwegians and Swiss(?)

Major Changes:
Asher - Ireland (Eire)
Scotland -Ephraim and Manasseh?
Benjamin -with the Jews
Naphtali - Norwegians and Swiss(?)

Uncertain Identification.
Belgium - Belgae and Normans.
[The Belgae and Normans did comprise elements from Benjamin but other Tribes were also present].

The proposed identification of Ireland with the Tribe of Asher was proposed some time ago by Stephen Coneglan.
At the time we did not accept it.

Details will follow.

2. A  Brit-Am Message. Are you there? Voting with your pocket?
Make an Offering to Brit-Am:

A Call to Brit-Am Supporters.

Are you there? Voting with your pocket?

Over the last month or so very, very few offerings have been made to Brit-Am.

Thanks to an exceptional revelation of Divine Providence we got through this period.

Otherwise we may well have been in serious trouble.

Have people forgotten how to use PayPal?

Is there a general malaise with Brit-Am?

Lenin said that people vote with their feet.
In the Workers Paradise that the followers of Lenin created many did indeed vote with their feet whenever they were able to do so.
Just before the collapse of Communism millions went to the west.
I remember a cartoon depicting a young man leaning over towards a German maiden.
# Remember you said you would not go out with me unless I was the last man left in East Germany? #
In the background one sees masses of East Germans with suitcases headed westwards.

Anyway Brit-Am followers, supporters, and sympathizers are not leaving.
[On the contrary the numbers continue to grow at a slow but steady pace.]
They do seem however to have stopped giving money.
Brit-Am like yourselves and like EVERY OTHER ENTERPRISE AND GOOD CAUSE needs money.

What are we doing at the moment?
Apart from our regular Postings (Brit-Am Now, NJN, BHR, BAMAD, TR, etc, etc), regular new articles, and other activities,
We have several ongoing projects progressing parallel to each other. This has advantages and disadvantages.
The book "The Tribes" is being split into two:
"The Tribes" (fourth edition) will be similar to the previous editions but a bit slimmer (though still quite large) with some improvements and upgradings.
We believe this work could become an international best-seller. It has already proven itself. More details will be given over the next few days.
"Tribal Pathways" will include material previously in The Tribes (such as notes on the Maps of Ptolemy etc)  along with some additions. It will be dedicated to the historical migrations of the Israelite Peoples.
"Hosea: The Ten Tribes Identified" is based on the Book of Hosea but encompasses much of the whole Biblical and historical message identifying the Ten Tribes with western peoples.
We believe these works (if we succeed in publishing any of them) have the potential to spread the message.
Even as things are we still do manage to spread information concerning the Lost Tribes of Israel and this does have an effect.
This to our mind may be one of the most important messages needed by Israelite Nations in our time.

Publishing (supposing  we manage to do so)  and selling the above works could also improve the state of our coffers.
This might help us take the pressure of our faithful followers who for some reason are not giving as they should and could be.

In the meantime at the least,  our readers should help us if they can.
They who are impoverished or in a very bad situation are not expected to send us anything.

Each person should do as they see right.
Our belief is that they who help us will be blessed from on High.
This money is needed and goes towards Brit-Am for our research and attempts to unite the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
We give as we can and as we understand Divine Providence to direct us.
Please participate in this through helping us financially and otherwise.

Malachi 3:
10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house,
And try Me now in this, Says the LORD of hosts,
If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing
That there will not be room enough to receive it.

3. Brit-Am and Latter Day Saints.
George wrote:

I would expect from what I've been reading in your posts that you are at least aware of similar understandings among the Latter-day Saints. 

What is your connection, if any, to that church?

Kindest regards,

George J. Downing

Brit-Am Reply:

There is very little connection.
Terry Blodgett is a  Latter-day Saint and he is an article on our site and also an appendix by him appears in our work "The Tribes".
The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues
by Terry Marvin Blodgett

We also have several members of this group as subscribers to our e-mail list.
Not only the Latter-day Saints but also several Church of God denominations also hold similar beliefs.
Some of them quote quite freely from our works.

Brit-Am supporters include Jews and non-Jews.
Members of numerous denominations and of very varied different backgrounds may be found amongst our subscribers.

4. Brit-Am and  Connecting  to Tamar Yonah Show Interview, June 22, 2011.
Brian Sandridge  wrote:
I had heard of an interview you were about to do with Israel National Radio; Tamar Yonah Show?  Then I never heard about it again.  Was it done, was it

Brit-Am Reply:
Go to:
Click on:
Yair Davidiy Interviewed on the Tamar Yonah Show.
22 June 2011.
If it does not work with Explorer (Explorer-9 may still have some bugs) try Mozilla.
Or try:

5. Supports Widow, lacks spare cash!

D wrote:
Wish I could do more, but right now half of every paycheck I get is going to
help out a widow and her son.  And even that's not enough to meet their
needs, even with what she brings in herself.


Brit-Am Reply:
OK. Your good will is appreciated. Our message was intended for those who can give something and perhaps still will
and also to they who did give in the past but recently have not.
God bless you

6. Brit-Am Inadvertently Gave a False Impression in Part.
Re Yair Davidiy Interviewed on the Tamar Yonah Show. 22 June 2011.

We usually go out of our way to be precise and NOT to say things that may not be so. In our interview with Tamar we found ourselves saying something that is not entirely correct. Why we said what we did say we are not sure. It came out that way. We meant to emphasize that Yair Davidiy in his researches and activities feels he is giving expression to Brit-Am followers in general. We also receive feedback, criticism, and sometimes information and informational leads that are important.

In our interview with Tamar Yonah Yair said (close to the beginning):
# My name is Yair Davidiy. I live in Jerusalem.  I have been in Israel for a long time, since 1974.
I am basically a researcher. I research Biblical subjects, Rabbinical subjects,  history in general, contemporary affairs.
I specialize, or the  people with whom I am associated; - I head a group of people, you could say, who specialize  in researching where the Lost Ten Tribes are today, where they are to be found,  descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, where they are concentrated and we find them to be found amongst Western Peoples, and that is where they give expression to their Israelite  ancestry....  #

We have clarified this in the past but it is worth doing so again.
The above passage might give the wrong impression.
I said:
# I specialize, or the  people with whom I am associated; - I head a group of people, you could say, who specialize  in researching ..#

This is not correct. I should not have said it.  There is no formal organized team of researchers. I wish there was. I work alone.
BUT we do receive input from others.
What we do and how we do it is also an outcome of resonating with the wishes and interests of they who communicate with us.

An example, perhaps is our decision (see no.1 above:
#1. Proposed Changes in Israelite Tribal Identifications
This change and its implications is quite significant.
It is due (as will be explained later, elsewhere) to input we received from Stephen Coneglan.
The information Stephen gave us was confirmed by our own reading and information that we received elsewhere.
It would therefore be wrong for Yair to claim credit for this. Just the opposite. Yair however, after initially rejecting the idea,  did eventually confirm it after considering the evidence and other factors.
I also take the responsibility of declaring the conclusions publicly.
This entails some risk of losing credibility and also staining our otherwise very impressive track record of getting it right.
The ultimate result (when it comes to be seen) is therefore an outcome of Brit-Am as a movement more than anything else. It is not merely a projection of my own personality.  It is more an expression of myself interacting with followers of Brit-Am who agree with us and think for themselves, and sometimes for us.
Almost 2000 people receive these e-mails. Another 1500 to 2000 view the web-sites every day and many of these are regular repeat visitors. We also meet with people, talk to them, and discuss matters with them. They write to us. Some of them buy our publications and give us our reactions to what we have written. There are those who financially support us and express their points of interest. The end result is an outcome of all these factors.

7. Nehemiah Gordon Defended.
S. wrote:
Precious Yair,
...I think it was a mistake to single out Nehemia Gordon.  I've heard and seen him speak, and do not detect a single shred of antagonism against Orthodox.  He simply discusses calmly and without a hint of venom, how their practices don't jive with the plain teaching of Torah.  He simply believes differently than you do and than I do, for that matter.  This is NOT anti-semitism, or hatred of Xns.  Sometimes I feel sad that the Orthodox have such knee-jerk reactions when good and seeking hearts are simply disagreeing with them.  To disagree with a Jew is NOT to be anti-semitic.  I, for one, APPRECIATE that he is willing to have calm discussions with us ...
Sincerely, Shelley

Brit-Am Reply:
Nehemia Gordon is a Biblical preacher to Gentiles against Orthodox Judaism.
His whole reason for being, his fundamental mission, is to say that the Orthodox Jewish understanding of the Bible is wrong.
His audience is a Gentile one.
He wants non-Jews to know why in his opinion the Jews misinterpret the Bible.
This is who he is and what he does.
Such a definition is not judgmental. It does not mean he is right or wrong.
It does however raise questions.
Why this interest?
People who support NG should be aware of who they are supporting. They should not delude themselves into thinking this is some alternative branch of Jewish expression because it is not.
Karl Marx was also of Jewish descent but that does not make Communism a Jewish movement despite what anti-Semites might say.
The Gentiles who are interested in the message of  NG should perhaps ask themselves why?
[Jews who hear about you also ask why???]
Why is it important for you all to hear what is wrong with Orthodox Jewish understanding when in most cases none of you even know what Orthodox Jewish understanding is???
If you come to anyone, if for some reason or other, you really are interested, Should you not come to us first?
At the least, after hearing NG, should you not check what the Jewish Orthodox actually do believe?

NG is anti-Jewish and goes out of his way to spread anti-Jewish beliefs. He may not do this every time but he does it often enough.
Apart from that the very essence of his message is anti-Jewish.
There is no Judaism other than Orthodox Bible-Believing Judaism!
There is no truth other than the Bible.
The Bible is written in Hebrew!!!
Only Orthodox Jews understand the Hebrew used in the Bible.
That is why Nazis and Communists and all other enemies of the Almighty hate the Orthodox more than any other Jews.

The attitude of NG and our own relation to it may be understood by the example of Barry Chamish.
In the past we waged a minor campaign against Barry Chamish. BC wrote horrible untrue things about the State of Israel and the Jewish people. He is an outright speaker of things that are not so.  We proved in black and white he was speaking falsely on several occasions.
BG had a few supporters amongst our own readers. Some of them inveigled upon us to moderate our attacks. We did for a while and this was a mistake.
Anyone who supported BG in our opinion had anti-Jewish motivations. We say this even though some of our friends and supporters were also mildly infected by the BG poison.
NG was (and still may be) a strong supporter of BG and propagated his anti-Jewish doctrines.

I hope I have not offended you,
HaShem be with you, Yair.

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