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Brit-Am Now no. 1753.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
20 September 2011, 21 Elul 5771.
1. New Article.
Brit-Am and Rosh HaShana (Every Year)
2. Query from Ira about the Hebrew New Years Day and the Bible.
3. Wishes for a Good New Year.
(a) Arnold Barker
(b) Marion Fischel


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1. New Article.
Brit-Am and Rosh HaShana (Every Year).
1. Introduction. Ira calls Yair, "David"!
2. The Commandments of First Month and Seventh Month. Remembrance and Judgement.
3. Some Sources:
(a) The First Month.
(b) Notes About Rosh HaShana

4. Selection of Extracts from Brit-Am Notes on Rosh HaShana.
(1) Another Chance.
(2) a duty to hasten re-unification!
(3) The Karaites have not got a Calendar.
(4) D. Syke: the eventual welcoming back of Ephraim into the Land by Judah...where have you been all these years?
(5) CAROLINE B. GLICK: national unity and uphold our sacred birthright
(6) some times are better than others.
(7) Please look after yourselves.
(8) Lots of Cattle.
(9) Bill Rasmussen: Ephraim, descended from Rachel
(10) The Jewish Calendar Sanctioned by the Almighty in Scripture!

5. Why is Rosh HaShana Celebrated for Two Days?
6. Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. The Return of the Ten Tribes
7. This Month, next Month, and a new beginning.
8. Malbim: Shofar, Gog and Magog, and Return of the Ten Tribes.
9. More Entries on the Significance of Shofar!
10. Interim Conclusion.

2. Query from Ira about the Hebrew New Years Day and the Bible.
From: "IraQuirke" (Australia)
Re: This Month, next Month, and a new beginning

Hi David,
Every year the Jewish people celebrate new year at this time. But this is not the HEBREW new year!
That is in the month that used to be called Abib.....Nisan. With Passover happening on the 14th. I know that every one will jump up and down and protest that I am wrong, but the word of G-d clearly describes this as being when the first budding and harvest of local wheat happens, about March/April in the Gregorian (Corrupted 12 month ) Calender. The Torah describes how the days and weeks and years should be counted...very clearly.
What say you? Cheers Ira

Brit-Am Reply:
Ira Shalom,
My name is not David.
It is Yair.
You may address me as Yair, as Yair Davidiy, or as Mr. Davidiy, or even as just Davidiy if you like.

Your question, or rather declaration, about Nissan and the New Year is answered in our article,
Brit-Am and Rosh HaShana (Every Year).

3. Wishes for a Good New Year.

(a) Arnold Barker
Re: This Month, next Month, and a new beginning
Arnold Barker

(b) Marion Fischel
Yair here is wishing for you to have a blessed and prosperous new year, and continuing on throughout the year.
Marion Fischel
Shana Tova and thank you

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