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Brit-Am Now no. 1821.
5 February 2012, 12 Shevet 5772
1. The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet.
by   Alexander Zephyr  (URL corrected).
2. Letter from India: A Mass Exodus?
3. Oliver B: The Celts of Ireland and Historical Incongruencies.


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1. The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet
by   Alexander Zephyr  (URL corrected).

2. Letter from India: A Mass Exodus?
 Shalom , the greatest exodus about to take place soon
I came across your web site & my name is Jonathan from Bangalore India . I believe in the same thing and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem ( House of Judah who did the hard work and paved the way, however the House of Ephraim who we belong to ( gentiles ) will also come back when the shofar sounds. I believe in the Ezekiel 37:15-28 where both sticks are made one and am so glad living in this day and time. As pressure mounts on the current state of Israel , and how countries are trying to pressure Iran and Israel and Oil being the factor etc ...... its interesting that God is gathering the Remnant in these last days. Thank you for the good work you do and educating people about how this will happen. We will meet soon.
S. Jonathan

Brit-Am Reply:
Brit-Am finds the Ten Tribes today primarily amongst certain western peoples.
There are those OTHERS today who say that they who believe in a certain religious message are all descended from Israelites.
There are also those who claim the Ten Tribes are in the east.
We disagree with these approaches though in individual cases some non-Israelites will be accepted amongst those Israelite Tribes they dwell amongst (Ezekiel 47:22).
We certainly do not see a mass exodus of people from the east to Israel as pertaining to the Ten Tribes.
In fact we tend to discourage emphasis on such movement altogether, in any direction.
First and foremost the actual physical fact of identity and descent must be established, made known, and accepted.
Nevertheless we wish you well,
May the God of Israel guide and bless you
Yair Davidiy

PS. We do not decide anything for anybody in these matters.
We do however have an opinion that is informed and is in key with Judah, Joseph, and ongoing reality.
Joseph wants to be informed.
Joseph wants to know who he is.
But he also wants to be convinced and not just be let know.

3. Oliver B: The Celts of Ireland and Historical Incongruencies.

Dear Yair,
The Britam site is interesting. But... I found myself thinking... what about the story of the Celtic migration, as laid down in the Annals of the Four Masters, and repeated in other sources? Perhaps the Celts and Hebrews were fellow travelers in Egypt once upon a time, but from what I've read, peoples were in the British Isles by the time of Abraham, which would certainly predate the exile of the ten tribes.
Thanks for posting the interesting clips --...
Best regards.

Brit-Am Reply:

The Four Masters say that the ancestors of the Hiberi-Milesians who conquered Ireland were in Egypt at the same time as the Hebrews.
A close analysis shows that they are actually identified as part of the Children of Israel BUT the authors were afraid to say so expressly!
The book "How the Irish Saved Civilization" by Thomas Cahill (1995) shows that Irish scholars especially Churchmen kept the legacy of Western Civilization alive.
They were familiar with Greek and Latin Literature not all of which is still extant in our time. They also received Irish traditions that in many cases have proven themselves to be historically correct.
There were also ongoing contacts with the Middle East region. Monks from Egypt and North Africa may have settled in Ireland.  All these differing elements had to be reconciled, synthesized, and presented in a format consistent with Roman Catholic needs. We too can now use what they wrote but have to sift out what is sort out from what is not.

Archaeology indicates that the Milesians were not in Ireland before ca. 300 BCE and possibly much much later.
This also conforms to DNA findings.
Before that they were either in Gaul or Spain or possibly both.

Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Originof Celtic Races


In fact ALL the early dates concerning archaeology in the British Isles with the Megalithic monuments etc should be brought down drastically.
Before ca. 600 BCE there was almost nothing there!
The Ten Tribes were exiled in the period ca. 700 BCE.
They began to move westward almost at once and the first waves reached Britain, Ireland, and the west not long afterwards.

BUT if you do not agree with our alternative historical scenario and still
want to accept conventional historical descriptions despite our alternative more credible explanations
you will still come up with the fact that:

It is agree by all that:
The British Isles received incursions from Europe of elements bearing Celtic Culture at a late date after ca. 500 to 300 BCE.

We do not say that all they who settled in Britain and the west were of Israelite Descent.
What matters for us is the fact that the Ten Tribes as recognizable bodies DID reach those areas.
It was there that they gave expression to their Hebraic Destiny as prophesied in the Bible.
It is there and amongst their subsequent overseas offshoots that they are to be found today.

Exactly what percentage of the peoples in these areas today really are of Israelite Descent is another problem.
What we are most concerned to prove is that the Ten Tribes are in those areas and that is where the Bible places them.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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