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Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields.

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Brit-Am Now no. 1874: Ten Tribes Studies.
10 May 2012, 18 Iyar 5772
1. Question Concerning Family Ancestry.
2. New Article. Slow-Down Planet? Is the Year Now longer?
A New Research Breakthrough Thanks to Velikovsky??? Or A Wild Goose Chase? by Yair  Davidiy.
3. Upgraded Article. Is the USA Ephraim or Manasseh?


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1. Question Concerning Family Ancestry.
DORIS  wrote:
Dear Friends,

How do I begin to trace my family lineage and find out if we are connected to one of the lost tribes, particularly Judah? I am African American but my mother's great grandfather was a Caucasion man that married his house maid. My mother was born in Pantherburn or Fuskgee, Mississippi in 1930. Her great grandfather's name was John ... and he was a doctor.

Thank you,

Brit-Am Reply:
Individual family names may be traced from genealogical studies. These days there are numerous web sites as well as e-mail discussion lists etc that often are able to help to some degree in these matters. If you have funds there are also professionals who may provide results.
DNA tests may also be helpful in confirming results or for possible informational leads.

As for individual Tribal identifications see our writings especially the book "The Tribes".
No-one, or nearly no-one, can know for certain what Tribe they belong to but a high degree of probability in a specific direction may be approached.

There is also the need for local Patriotism i.e. an identification with whatever predominantly Israelite group one happens to dwell amongst.

God bless you

2. New Article.
Slow-Down Planet? Is the Year Now longer?
A New Research Breakthrough Thanks to Velikovsky???
Or A Wild Goose Chase? by Yair  Davidiy.

There is a trail recognized by Archaeology of Megalithic Monuments stretching from the Land of Israel to the West.
Jeremiah tells us to use the existence of the Megalithic Monument Trail as Proof to Bring the Ten Tribes Home!

Jeremiah 31:21
"Set yourself up stone monuments [menhirs, dolmens] and high heaps of stones [cairns] [i.e. Megalithic monuments!]. Set your heart towards the prepared way: The way in which you went. Turn back o virgin of Israel, return unto these cities of yours."

We have however proof that these Monuments were constructed in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages and date from after the Ten Tribes were exiled!
Present-day dating methods are mistaken.

Megalithic Monuments according to very very many researchers were aligned according to astronomical phenomenon.

There are those who quote the Bible as indicating that there was once a 360-day year.

Velikovsky says that:

In the middle of the eighth century the calendar then in use became obsolete. From the year -747 until the last of the catastrophes on the twenty-third of March, -687, the solar and lunar movements changed repeatedly, necessitating adjustments of the calendar. Reforms undertaken during this time soon became obsolete in their turn, and were replaced by new ones; only after the last catastrophe of -687, when the present world order was established, did the calendar become permanent. #

Velikovsky said that in about 700 BCE there occurred a change in the length of year
from 360 days to the present 365.

If this is true and the megalithic monuments were indeed exactly astronomically aligned then in most cases they COULD NOT have been erected before 700 BCE!

It may be that the explanations and astronomical theories of Velikovsky but that fact-wise concerning the change in length of year he was correct. That is all we need.

At this state in our journey we are not about to learn new sciences and delve into ancient records of astronomical phenomena that few can understand and that are difficult to explain.
Chances are however that others have already done part of this work and more will be done in future for other reasons. We shall keep our eyes open and if there is truth in this direction, God willing, it shall be made known to us.

3. Upgraded Article.
Is the USA Ephraim or Manasseh?
by Yair Davidiy

Our understanding is that the Tribe of Ephraim is the dominant Israelite Tribal Group amongst Britain and her offshoots.
The national character of the USA was determined by Manasseh and Manasseh is still in many ways predominant in America. It may be that numerically more descendants of Ephraim than Manasseh are to be found in the USA. Nevertheless, as far as Tribal Characteristics are concered the USA is to be attributed to Manasseh.
There are those who say the exact opposite and allocate the USA to Ephraim and Britain to Manasseh.
They are mistaken.
The article below considers the claims made concerning the USA being Ephraim and replies to them, point by point.

Seven Main Points
The USA is Manasseh for the following Seven Main Reasons:

1. Tribal Demography.
Peoples from areas historically attributable to clans from Manasseh in the British Isles and Europe tended to migrate to the USA.

2. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!
As explain above re the Blessings of Jacob and the explanations of the Rabbinical Commentators Bnei Yissachar and the Malbim.

3. Manasseh Represents Responsible Representation.
The name Manasseh in Hebrew implies responsibly and representation and these are the main principles of the American Constitution.

4. America is Named after Machir first-born son of Manasseh.
America is a Medieval Latinized version of the name Machir and Ha-Machiri or People of Machir. See above.

5. The Principle of Capitalism is Encapsulated in the name Machir.
Machir in Hebrew means Sell, Price, or Captitalism.

6. Yank meaning Jacob means American!
Yank is another way of pronouncing Jack which is short for Jacob who was later renamed Israel.

7. The Presidential System.
Leaders from Manasseh in the Bible had attributes and empowerment similar to that of Presidents.
This was in contradistinction to the other Kings of Israel.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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