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List of Publications and Offering Opportunities
Brit-Am works on behalf of ALL Israelites meaning both the Ten Tribes and Judah.
The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement depends on offerings and purchases of Brit-Am Publications.
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Brit Am
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Yair Davidiy
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Ephraim Ephraim- The Gentile Children of Israel" 4th edition. $25.00

 david-cover-small David and Bat Sheva. $25.00
The Tribes-image The Tribes-The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples" 4th edition. $30.00

Chosen People Chosen People The Descendants of Joseph and the Ten Tribes among English-Speaking Nations and the Jews of Judah $20.00

 esau-cover-small Esau. Edomites Today $35.00

 Edom "Edom and Germany $25.00
Ancestry Ancestry-The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races $25.00
Rule To Rule the World -How the British and Americans Proved they Descend from Joseph and the Ten Tribes of Israel $20.00
 origin-cover-small Origin - You too are from Israel! You too are the People $10.00
 biblical-truth-cover-small Joseph - The Israelite Destiny of America $15.00
 biblical-truth-cover-small Biblical Truth- The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in the West according to the Book of Genesis $15.00
 Bible Basics Bible Basics- Scripture, Israel, and the Oral Tradition $20.00
scandinavian-secrets-image  Scandinavian Secrets - The Hebrew Code of the Runes by Orjan Svensson $25.00
role-to-rule-image  Role to Rule
Temporarily Out of Print
blank-image  The Khazars. Tribe 13 - Israelite Tribes in Exile   Temporarily Out of Print 

  Achim Acherim - The Other Brothers. The Lost Ten Tribes in the West HEBREW EDITION $10.00




Brit-Am Newsletters, articles, researches, work and efforts are all published on your behalf. You are the 'Lost Ten Tribes of Israel'. Brit-Am efforts are ongoing ones. They are constant and need constant support.

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In the USA and Canada:

Brit Am
P.O.B. 223814
FL 33020


Yair Davidiy
P. O. B. 595
Jerusalem, Israel 91004


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