Biblical Names-19: Pennsylvania

(a) List of Names whose Biblical Origin was confirmed by Moshe Davis:
Ararat, Susquehanna
Bethel, Allegheny
Bethlehem, Northampton
Canan, Wayne
Damascus, Wayne
Ephrata, Lancaster
Goshen Heights, Chester
Hebron, Potter
Jericho Mt, Bucks
Jericho Creek, Bucks
Lebanon, Lebanon
Mt. carmel, Northumberland
Mt. Nebo, Lancaster
New salem, Fayette
Nineveh, Greene
Sharon, Mercer
Zion, Lucerne

Tribal Associations of Above Names for Pennsylvania

Ararat- general. Gad and half-Manasseh (whosre territories reached far to the north)?
Bethel- Ephraim
Bethlehem - Judah
Canan - General, Manasseh
Damascus- Manasseh
Ephrata - Judah
Goshen Heights - Judah
Hebron, - Judah
Jericho Mt, Benyamin
Jericho Creek, Benyamin
Lebanon, Asher, Ephraim
Mt. Carmel, Asher
Mt. Nebo, Reuben
New Salem, = Jerusalem, Judah, all Israel
Nineveh, -all Northern Israel
Sharon, -Mansseh
Zion, Judah, all Israel
Pennsylvania: Additional Names (Biblical names chosen regardless of reason)

Lebanon County -Asher, Ephraim
Albion= Lebanon, - Asher, Ephraim
Mount Lebanon -Asher, Ephraim
Nazareth - Issachar ?
New Bethelehem - Judah
New Salem =Jerusalem, - Judah, all Israel
New Salem (Delmont) =Jerusalem, - Judah, all Israel
Sharon Hill -Manasseh
Temple =Jerusalem, - Judah, all Israel
Conclusion:  Based on names studied only:

A lot of Judah, Ephraim, Asher, and Manasseh are all well represented.
No-one tribe out of the above-mentioned could really be consdiered as dominant.

According to the TIME Almanac the name Pennsylvania means, "Pen's Woodland" named in honor of Admiral Sir William Penn, father of William Penn.

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