Biblical Names-  South Dakota

List of Names Whose Biblical Origin was confirmed by Moshe Davis:
Lake Sinai, Brookings
Lebanon, Potter
Salem, Mt Cook
Sinai, Brookings
Names of Biblical Origin NOT confirmed by Moshe Davis:
Tribal Associations of Above Names for South Dakota:
Lake Sinai, All Israel
Lebanon, Asher, Manasseh, Ephraim
[Explanation: the area of Lebanon was mainly given to the Tribe of Asher
(e.g. Joshua 19:29), though Manasseh may have had an influence in the area
as indicated by ancient inscriptions of surrounding nations. In the future
Lebanon will belong to "Ephraim" (Zechariah 10:10) though in this case by
the term "Ephraim" all the Ten Tribes may be intended.] The names Alban
(Scotland), and "Albion" (England) may also be derived from terms for
Salem, = Jerusalem: All Israel
Sinai, All Israel
Isabel: A Phoenician queen (wife of King Ahab) of Northern Israel. Isabel
came from Tyre which was in the territory of Asher.
Tabor: Naphtali
Conclusion:  Based on names studied only: General association with Northern
Israel. No clear Tribal affiliation but possible predominance of Asher..
State Motto: "Under God the people rule" reminiscent of Manasseh.

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