The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
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Israelite Military Might
Personnel on Active Service.Active Troops by Country.
Military Budget by Country.
International Ranking: Different Opinions Concerning InterNational Comparisons.
Military Budget by Country not Counting the USA.
Some Selected Quotations of Reasonably Informed Opinion Mainly Concerning Israeli Air Power.


The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series: Previous Articles

Israelite Military Might
Personnel on Active Service.
The USA is the foremost military power in the world today. In some respects the USA excells all other military powers in the world put together. In other ways however it does not.
China has more personnel on active service than the USA as shown in the graph below:
Active Troops by Country

Source of Graph

In the graph Germany is in place no.9, France no.10, UK no.11, Netherlands no.14, Belgium no.16, Sweden no.18,followed by Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland. Switzerland, Luxembourg. It may be worth noting that even traditionally neutral and pacifist-inclined Israelite nations, when account is taken of their population levels, have a relatively large number of troops permanently on the ready by international standards.

Israelite Military Might
Military Budget
The USA spends more on its military than any other nation.
The USA spends more than the rest of the world put together.
Military Budget by Country

Source of Graph

In the graph France is in place no.4, UK no.5, Germany no.6, Netherlands no.12, Sweden no.13, followed by other Israelite nations not so far down the list.

International Ranking: Different Opinions Concerning InterNational Comparisons Strength in Numbers
The user should note that nuclear capability is not taken into account.
1 U.S.A.
2 China
3 Russia
4 India
5 U.K.
6 France

7 Germany
8 Brazil
9 Japan
10 Turkey
11 Israel
12 South Korea
13 Italy
14 Indonesia
15 Pakistan
16 Taiwan
17 Egypt
18 Iran
19 Mexico
20 North Korea
21 Sweden
22 Greece
23 Canada
24 Saudi Arabia
25 Ukraine
26 Australia
27 Spain
28 Thailand
29 Denmark
30 Poland

Israel finally gets a proper placement on this year's list - just out of the top ten - sporting a strong land army with equally strong training, modern equipment and recent combat experience.

Brit-Am Comment:
Israelite Nations in above list give three out of the top ten places and seven out of the top 30.

Even so Israelite Nations as a whole still dominate.

The State of Israel probably should be higher on the list.

The Israeli military is relatively small compared to countries like China or the United States, but it is comprised of very well trained men and women who are equipped with some of the most advanced weapons built. While they could not defeat a country like the U.S., China, or Russia in open war, they have shown repeatedly throughout history that they can more than hold their own against multiple strong adversaries.

Top Ten Most Powerful Countries
Which country on the planet has the most powerful armed forces? It's not a matter of numbers, although that's a major factor. It's more a matter of other things that are not often discussed.

By size (number of troops), the top ten nations looks like this;

United States
Korea, North
Korea, South

Top Ten By Combat Power

United States
Korea, South
Korea, North
United Kingdom
The most unusual entry here is Israel. But this is because Israel is one of the few nations to have a reserve army that can be mobilized for action more quickly than most countries can get their active duties into shape for combat. The mobilized Israeli armed forces number over half a million troops. In addition, the Israelis have world class equipment and weapons, as well as exceptional intangibles. The downsize of this is that mobilizing its armed forces also cripples the Israeli economy. Under these conditions, Israel must conduct a war that ends within a few months. After that, supplying the armed forces becomes difficult and actual combat power begins to decline.

The other nations in the top ten have large armed forces that are well equipped and trained, at least compared to most nations farther down on the list. Britain's armed forces, like Israel's, are better equipped, trained and more experienced than most. Turkey benefits from having a strong military tradition and excellent leadership at the small unit level, as well as good combat training.

Overall, the U.S. combat power is about three times that of second place China, and ten times that of tenth place Pakistan.

UBER 1337 Poster
Rep: 32
America = Best equipped Air Force
Germany = Best equipped Army
Sweden = Best equipped Navy
Britain = Best trained everything, particularly
China = So much larger than everyone else, it's completely irrelevant how good their aggressors are.


Brit-Am Commentary:

The above remarks etc are taken from various web sites.

Opinions vary.

The State of Israel is often underrated. The State of Israel has innovative techniques and upgraded equipment often

possessing features that no-one else has. Israel has a nuclear arsenal. The Israeli Air Force dues to its high proportion of pilots per plane and maintenance personnel can probably keep a place in the air for three times as long as anyone else.
Israel is probably the world leader in unmanned aircraft (drones) and has satellite and rocket capabilities along with advanced computer expertise and other specialities not all of which have necessarily been made public.

War however is full of surprises and one never really can tell anything for certain.

Statistically one may say that Brit-Am Israelite Nations taken together could well comprise the major military power in the world today.

Israelite Military Might
Comparative Military Budgets apart from the USA.
Military Budget by Country not Counting the USA.

Source of Graph

In the graph the USA is not considered since it overwhelms all the rest of the world put together.
Concerning other nations (without the uSA) France is in place no.3, UK no.4, Germany no.5, Netherlands no.10, Sweden no.11, Norway no.15, Belgium no.16, Denmark no.18, Switzerland no.19, Finland no.20, Irleand no.22, Luxembourg no.23.
Some Selected Quotations of Reasonably Informed Opinion Mainly Concerning Israeli Air Power.
Source: Armed Forces of the World
Data current to 2002-2008
The charts shows key data on most of the world's nations as of mid-2008.

One very important things to keep in mind is that a small number of nations possess the majority of the worlds economic power and population. Just eight nations (U.S., China, Japan, Germany, France, India, Britain and Russia) possess two thirds of the world's economic activity (GDP), 51 percent of the population and 31 percent of the real estate. This small group of nations, out of some 200 on the planet, also possess nearly all nuclear weapons. Very few nations have armed forces that can do much more than fight internal foes, or neighbors.

Source Who has the best air force in the world?
In: Military Terms [Edit categories]
1. USA
2. Russia
3. China
4. UK
5. France

6. India
7. Germany
8. Pakistan
9. Israel
10. Greece

This list is comprised from data comparing not only manpower, but the budget size and mobility of the Air force. It also doesn't favour countries like Israel as, although they do have highly trained pilots and a reasonable amount of aircraft, it is an example of a country that has built an unsustainable armed force (due to its relatively small economy) so could not withstand a war over 4 months at a time and its military strength is as a result of its generous share of its governments budget spending in comparison to other countries. Also countries like Israel and India may have landed higher in the table if they could compete with the USA, UK or France on Weapons and Aircraft technology development as these are the countries which develop and create the Aircraft where as Israel and India buys its defense capitol from the USA and UK second hand. The Greek Air-Force is also very well-known for its extensively highly-trained pilots. Don't forget that their best squad beat America's best squad with an incredible 17-3 at NATO's biggest airforce exercise "Red Flag" which took place at Nellis Airbase of Nevada in 2007.

Source: Subject: Does Israel have the best Air Force?
Worf_Israel    8/17/2003 7:15:10 AM

By what im told it is said Israel has the best trained air force in the world (i find it to be very true). it has been proven that the Israeli air force has taken on incredible odds when it comes to air force battle for example: when Israel attack the Iraq's nuclear facility, Israel sent 5 F-15 fighters to destroy the nuclear lab facility - after the f-15 cross to Iraq's air space 25 MG-22/23 (cant remember the MG number) were sent to destroy the F-15. NOT ONLY did the israel complete their mission they destroyed all 25 enemy aircraft without losing one of their own. even today it is CLEAR FACT that most US Air Force Tactics are tactics that were shown by the Israel - even today Israel has joined training with the USA (they don't talk about it) and the Israel pilots teach American pilots.(note:if you didn't know Israel and the UK has more joined training with the USA then any other country)

RE: Does Israel have the best Air Force? Couac_Attack   11/9/2003 5:33:15 AM
Without question the
USAF is the best AF in the world; however, in many specific areas the Israeli AF is number one. In every published account of mock air to air combat between the IAF vs USAF or USN Israel seriously dominates. This is simply a function of pilot training as the Israeli pilots fly more than anyone else. As far as equipment is concerned the US has the best overall but again in many areas Israeli avionics are better. The avionics industry in Israel is not only world class but is a huge export industry and *much* of it is found in US and NATO ac. Normally with another name by a partner nation company. The current Israeli AWACS system is in many ways superior to US systems- phased array radar vs mechanically scanned. Finally, Israel orders US aircraft but with much of it's own avionics. Some US stuff is better but much of the Israeli electronics is actually superior. Israel has a superior short range AAM and how good it's BVR missile is compared to AMRAAM is not available. Plane for plane and man for man they are as good or better than anyone but the IAF is not the USAF- nobody else is even close.

Source: Re: IDF/AF 2nd Best Air force in the World
No Offence.

But nobody has the matching equipment.

Over 340 F16 fighters
thats the biggest fleet outside of USA.

tHEY ALSO HAVE World class force multiplers like Phalcon/hawk Awacs

refullers and Arrow & green pine ABM system.

not even the
british or the french have a ABM system yet...

india has recently launched a dedicated military satalite for the israeli military.

all this for nation of 7 million. people

Source: Re: IDF/AF 2nd Best Air force in the World
There is no question that Israel has an excellent air force with awesome fire power. They have developed amazing indigenous technology considering the size of there country. But i still wont call them the second best air force in the world. I believe that Russia still has a better air force and China is fast catching up. In case of the French and British Air Force, they have the technology that is superior to Israel but they are not adding huge number of fighter aircrafts to there inventory because they are not threatened by any neighbouring country.

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