Statistics: Brit-Am Nations and CleanTech Innovation

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The Cleantech Countries Innovation Index the 2011 Table
Israelite Countries are colored yellow.
Countries in which Edom is dominant are colored pink.
Country and Rank:
Denmark 1
Israel 2
Sweden 3
Finland 4

Germany 6
Canada 7
South Korea 8
Ireland 9
UK 10
Norway 11
India 12
China 13
Netherlands 14
Switzerland 15
Australia 16

Austria 17
Belgium 18
France 19

Japan 20
Spain 21
Hungary 22
Czech Republic 23
Portugal 24
Brazil 25
Argentina 26
Italy 27

South Africa 28
Slovenia 29
Poland 30
Indonesia 31
Mexico 32
Bulgaria 33
Romania 34
Greece 35
Turkey 36
Saudi Arabia 37
Russia 38

Comments: Denmark and Israel top the list, followed by Sweden, Finland, and the USA.
8 out of the top 10 countries are Israelite.
16 out of the top 20 countries are Israelites.

The degree of CleanTech Innovative proficiency may be considered indicative of an innovative national characteristic, esteem for scientific inquiry i.e. knowledge of the truth, and concern for others through environmental consciousness.
These are all Israelite Characteristics.
It is therefore natural that Israelite Nations on a world wide scale of comparison should be dominant in this field.

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