1.   Testimony in support of Mr. Davidiy
Betmatrho I have known Yair Davidiy for over four years now and have worked closely with him on a daily basis for over two years on Brit-Am, including both Brit-Am web sites.   I have found Yair to be a humble man of impeccable integrity, authentic character, noble intentions without malice to anyone's personal beliefs. His agenda is clear and precise, and that is solely to identify the lost tribes of Israel, which findings he shares freely with all who desires to know the truth.  I have read all his books and journals, listened to all his tapes, which collectively contain amazing results and findings on the identity of Israel's twelve tribes.  It's unbelievable that one man has come up with so much knowledge and historical content on this subject, but he has done it convincingly well.  I highly recommend his books and tapes to everyone who desires to know the identity of the Lost Tribes of Israel - which, thanks to Mr. Davidiy, we can say without any doubt that the 'lost tribes of Israel' are no longer 'lost'.
Betty Matteson Rhodes March 22, 2002
Researcher, Genealogist and Webmaster

2.  Testimony in support of Mr. Davidiy
  Sharon Lindstrom"Brit Am is very important to me (and I think to all Israelites) in that it gives meaning and substance to the tribes of
Israel. It makes it real and not just a spiritualized thing. It brings to
light the reality of the Bible and who we are as a people.
But we (within Brit Am) have differences in our beliefs in Messiah.
Yeshua-followers have their reasons -- they are very real and they have
scriptural support for their beliefs. Likewise, Judah looks to a future
Messiah who is very real and they have scriptural support for their beliefs
as well. However, there is a HUGE middle ground between them. I do not know
how to breach that middle ground without stepping on each other's toes. It seems impossible unless one bends to the other. Yet neither of us will, or should have to do that in order for our personal goals and visions of how we should be with each other come to pass. But the middle ground between Judah
and Ephraim is huge, like a giant cavern. And within it lies Messiah.  Messiah is a heated subject with us. I have seen us rise up and defend our beliefs in Him against each other. Yet I have seen you, on behalf of Brit Am and its message to Israel, manage somehow -- miraculously in my opinion -- turn us towards a common goal and inner desire to get to know
each other, and focus our minds and hearts together in a way that we don't insult and attack each other. I personally do not agree with you on some scriptural points as I am sure you do not agree with me either on some scriptural points. There is NO bridging that gap. I have learned that I will find very few, if any, Orthodox Jews who will accept Messiah as I believe, and likewise, Judah will not find many Christians who would cross the gap from what they've known and learned about Messiah.
So there it is. We have a gap. Neither of us will cross it of our own human ways and understandings. We will cross it by the power of G-d and only by His power and in His time. For now, He brings us together and He has opened ways by which we can communicate and actually find that we really care about and like each other -- that is SO miraculous! (and I DON'T really mean that in a joking way even though I am somewhat jocular in the statement). The point is -- Judah and Ephraim are the most unlikely pair one could imagine, yet when they do actually unite in a common cause they behave like brothers separated at birth. It is a very powerful thing. Men have studied brothers separated at birth for centuries yet no one has ever used Judah and Ephraim as the experiment! ... (o my, what one could LEARN! :-)
Nevertheless, all differences aside, I wanted to give you my thoughts and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and value the studies and information you share. It's very special to me and it determines much in the way of how I raise my family -- my kids have never been "better kids" since I have been studying and teaching them about the tribes. So thank you. God bless you and I hope you have a safe and happy Passover. This Seder will my second so far and I'm looking forward to it again -- I love it :-) ... what a beautiful Holy Day!"
Shalom, Sharon Lindstrom

  Judy Snyder3.  Testimony  in support of Yair Davidiy
  "As a Reform Jew when I first read about Mr. Davidi's research,
I wrote to him, "You can't be to popular....".
He informed me that the Orthadox community in Jerusalem were very open
to the words of the prophets and I think that all those that
have that feeling of being a part of Israel, but not knowing
what to do with it should be very thankful for the research
and care that Mr. Davidi has put into this work.
We here in Texas are so happy to be a part of this wonderful
"findings". "
Yudy Snyder

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