Will the real Ephraim please stand up
Identifying Ephraim & Manasseh

William F. Dankenbring  expresses some very interesting viewpoints on the subject of identifying Jacob's grandsons; Ephraim and Manasseh. If you have anything to add (that has not already been pointed out), please send your comments to:  Brit-Am Israel at: britam@netvision.net.il

For the aricle on Who is Ephriam written by: William F. Dankenbring

Yair Davidiy's reponse to 'Will the real Ephraim please stand up'

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United States of America = Ephraim or Manesseh
The following letter is from William F. Dankenbring, who believes the United States is Ephraim. Yair Davidy however, believes United States to be Manasseh - please read Yair's response here.

....."As you know, I believe the USA is Ephraim, predominantly, and England/Canada represent Manasseh. I also believe Australia is "mixed," with Ephraimites there too. (Dell Griffiths) brought forth some very good information on the "bow" of Joseph -- and then tying it in with the English "long-bow" of history, the Western gunslingers (Cold 45, "Peacemaker," etc) might also have mentioned the various guns invented and used in World War I and II, the machine gun and variations. Guns have a fascinating history in the US. Of course, the modern version of the "bow" of Joseph would include cruise missiles, ICBMs, and rockets. To illustrate some of the major reasons I believe the USA is predominantly Ephraim,
I am putting an article at the end of this e-mail. But in brief, consider:
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