The DNA War Against Brit-Am.
Nazi Vermin Attack Brit-Am DNA Explanation.

The Article by Martin Lightfoot.
"The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue" by Martin Lightfoot.
The Evil Pair.
The Background.
The Criticism.
Reply to Criticisms.
Yair Davidiy Called Nasty Names by Nasty Nazi Nasties!
The Haplogroups I and J and R Compared to each Other.
Appendix: The Y DNA Haplogroups and Some Ethnic Associations.


The DNA War Against Brit-Am
Nazi Vermin Attack British-Israel Adoption of Brit-Am DNA Explanation

DNA markers analyzing the movements of peoples concentrate on DNA from either the Y Chromosome  that is transmitted only by males or on the mtDNA that passes from mother to mother along the female line.
Brit-Am Disagrees with Conventional DNA Theory though basically we accept their Findings at the practical level.
Concerning the YDNA markers Conventional: DNA Theory says that the first man came from somewhere like Africa. As man increased and multiplied they say his DNA grew more complicated like branches of a tree. The first man had a YDNA pattern analogous to a twig. Later the outline of the twig remained but branch-like extensions were added to it and extensions to the extensions. We thus have a basic simple pattern progressing to one addition to two additions to three additions etc. Each addition receives a new definition and defines a different type. The complicated type has additions that the more simplified types below him do not have as well as having everything they have.
The Conventional Explanations say that first there were the African Bushmen with A, then came more complicated extensions such as I and J. Finally we reached the most complicated like R and N. Within R we will find everything that I and J has as well as whatever A has. R just has extra.
That is the Conventional Explanation.

On the other hand, Brit-Am says that it is more logical and scientific to assume that R (or something like it) came first and its offspring simply discarded extraneous "information" according to environmental need.  Thus R, by dropping some of its branches, becomes I and J. By losing some more it devolves to A., etc. This is consistent with scientific observations were nearly all mutations result in loss of information and not in its addition.
More Mutations are observed in Africa. The differences in DNA from one African village to another are greater than those in the whole of Europe. The more mutations that take place, the more information that is lost. Consequently one would expect to find the simplest DNA i.e. DNA that has lost the most information, in Africa. And this is what we find! Our explanation is also consistent with scientific principles in which we assume the simplest explanation to be the more acceptable one.

The Article by Martin Lightfoot
Martin Lightfoot in the British Israel magazine
"The Covenant Nations" volume 1, number 9, 2010
authored an article "The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue" in which he incorporated the Brit-Am DNA explanation.

Below is the article as posted on the web followed by more information, commentary and discussion:

The British-Israel-World Federation
Patron: The Rt Hon The Viscount Allenby of Megiddo

The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue
Martin Lightfoot

Martin Lightfoot is to chair a working party to address the claim that there is an inconsistency of modern genetic findings with British-Israel teaching.
Preliminary discussion has already taken place with other identity organizations and we are grateful to Yair Davidiy for his input.

The large variety of haplogroup markers in the Middle East as illustrated in JD McDonalds 2005 research map

( corroborates the biblical account of Assyrian invasions that removed almost the entire population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and a very large proportion of the Kingdom of Judah replacing them with various peoples from a whole range of conquered provinces (II Kings 17:24).

The shape of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's "Y" chromosome is not known. Was it an "R" group, i.e. that of Western Europeans many of whom according to Milton (History Of Britain - 1670 Book 3   Para. 41-43) and Turner (The History of the Anglo Saxons, 1852 - Vol.1 p.82) are known to have migrated particularly from the Black Sea region of the Middle East?

" Y-DNA Haplogroup R is perhaps the most prominent Y-DNA lineage on Earth today. It is the pre-eminent Y haplogroup in Europe, the U.S. and India",

The promise to Ephraim and Manasseh the birthright tribes of Israel is:
"he (Manasseh) also shall be great: but truly his younger brother (Ephraim) ? shall become a multitude of nations.
(Genesis 48:19).

The haplogroups "J1 & J2" largely associated with Jews could have developed from R1b simply by loss of the extra DNA information that distinguishes J from R. Furthermore, the Jews who are largely from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (Ezra 1:5) have been separated for some 3,000 years from the Ten Tribes.

The length of separation together with inevitable foreign infusion on both sides, environmental influences, genetic drift, etc, is more than enough to explain any differences that may exist between the two bodies.

Moreover, some combination can occur between the Y and X chromosomes.

The Stanford School of Medicine ( suggests that the "Y" chromosome not only recombines with up to 5% of the "X", it also recombines with its own "Y" duplicate DNA.

The male DNA (Y chromosome) of Jews is close to that of groups who have dwelt in the Middle East for an extended period such as the Kurds, Turks, Armenians and to a lesser degree Arabs. This however should be explained by geographical provenance. The Jews were in the Middle East for much longer than the Tribes deported into Assyria who then embarked on migration routes away from the Middle East.

There is a need to evidence that the progression from one haplogroup to another is most likely to have gone from a "developed" haplogroup (such as R or N) by losing DNA information. This does accord with decades of scientific research into both observed and artificially induced mutations which demonstrates that mutations involve a loss of DNA information.

Finally, Israel identity researchers have continually contended that the Anglo Saxon / Cymri-Celtic / Norman peoples are largely of common stock. This is now demonstrated by current haplogroup data as seen on JD McDonalds (2005) research map.

The Evil Pair
This article by Martin Lightfoot was attacked by traitors to the USA associated with Nazis.
One calls himself William Finck, the other Clifton Emahiser .
They are open and unabashed concerning their nefarious designs and sinister intentions.
This is where they bring up the DNA question:

Topic: The British Israel World Federation (BIWF), the Jews, Judah, and DNA.
In the left hand side column is a link to what they call:
The Mein Kampf Project
They use the Nazi Swastika and promote Mein Kampf written by Hilter on his web-site.
They are obsessed with Jews and dedicate themselves to either spreading propaganda against the Jews or promoting notions in favor of the German Nazis.

The Background
The British and American peoples fought against the German Nazis in World War-2.
The Nazis exterminated one-third of the Jewish People. Relations of Yair Davidiy in Germany and France were put to death for being Jewish. The Nazis slaughtered tens of millions of others as well as occasioning the War that killed hundreds of millions of people and resulted in oppression and great misery to humanity.
The Nazis also fought against Israelite Peoples conquering Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France and severely oppressing the inhabitants of those countries.
French, Dutch, and Belgian males were employed as slave labor. Among other matters the Germans were dissatisfied with what they considered to be lack of Aryan characteristics in the Dutch. They had plans to transport them to the east. Towards the end of the war they deprived the Netherlands citizenry of all basic necessities and if it were not for an allied airlift at the last minute the whole population would have died of famine.
During World War-2 the Germans at one stage fancied they would conquer the British Isles and rule over them. Plans were drawn up in accordance. It was intended to move the male population to the Continent as slave labor while bringing in SS personnel to fertilize the females who would be left.
This is just a sample of what Nazism was and intended.
Are we to treat such aberrations of humanity with understanding and forgiveness?
Should we enter into dialogue with those who wish to revive them? Should we bring them back from the shit-holes of history they at present defile?
It is worth reminding ourselves of a darker period in the history of our peoples, racial theories, and Israelite Identity doctrines in general.
The American and British peoples fought against Nazism. They saved the world and it really was their finest hour.
Most believers in British Israel were and are patriotically British. Many of them are old enough to have fought on behalf of their countries against the German menace. Others had parents and family who did so.
Nevertheless, there exists a small minority of British Israel associated people who are not in this category. These are in effect pro-Nazi.
In the USA (more than in Britain) the Jew-hating Nazi influence has made itself felt more.
Because of them many of those who otherwise might be interested in the Israelite Identity message shy away from it.
Before World War-2 there were some nationalist and racial theorists etc who had been influenced by Nazi propaganda and by the general atmosphere that led up to it. The writings of this minority defiled the Identity message in general even though the writers themselves at that stage were not necessarily aware of the import their words might have. After Britain entered into War against the Axis patriotism in nearly every instance in the British Isles won through. In the USA it was a different story. There existed in the USA a powerful pro-Nazi lobby that up until the declaration of War against Japan was very vigorous. Henry Ford had been one of their backers. They had influenced "Identity" writers in North America and after the war their influence remained. They also gave rise in many instances to Conspiracy Theories and to Jew-bating racial doctrines. They are still active. It is worth noting that NOWADAYS a portion of the extremist Churches and Identity groups continue to spread their poisonous diatribes against the Jewish People and the State of Israel. This seems to be their motivating factor for existence. The Jew-haters pollute us. Just as excrement pollutes and needs to be safely disposed of so too on occasion do we have to answer the Jew-haters.

Historically beginning from the 1880s precursors of British Israel in Britain began to identify inhabitants of the British Isles with the Lost Ten Tribes. Similar identifications had been made before then in Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. Most British Israel writers regarded the Germans as non-Israelite Assyrians. A few German scholars however claimed that they too descended from Israel but the idea never took off in Germany.
[In German eyes, as in that of "enlightened" Christianity in general, the Israelites were identified with the Old Testament which was considered primitive and barbaric as if the Almighty had compromised Himself in order to suit the low level of Hebrew capability. This attitude is similar to that of the early Gnostic heretics who considered the God of Israel to have been a cruel negative being.]
Nevertheless, in the USA the idea that the Germans were also descended from the Lost Ten Tribes did become popular especially amongst Americans of German descent. This notion was later wedded to racial theories. At present the claim in US American-German Identity circles is that the Germans are the true descendants of Judah whereas the Jews are impostors.
Most German-Americans in the USA historically were not necessarily any more anti-Jewish than the general population, even less so. There were and are however exceptions. It is curious that in the USA (but not in Germany itself) even the anti-Semites of German descent claim to be descended from Judah.

There was however at one stage an Israelite Connection to Germany. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, understands that many from the Ten Tribes at one stage were indeed in Germany. Most left in the 1700s and 1800s and migrated to North America. The Germans who remained in Germany were mostly of non-Israelite stock. We have discussed this in our work "Joseph - The Israelite Destiny of America".
Historically the Germans were dominated by elements from Edom and in the End Times Edom will war against Joseph. This is described in the Book of Obadiah, Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 34, Ezekiel ch. 25 and ch. 35 and elsewhere in Scripture.

The Criticism
Finck and Emahiser were dissatisfied with the article that Martin  Lightfoot wrote.
Amongst other things Martin Lightfoot had said:
# The haplogroups "J1 & J2" largely associated with Jews could have developed from R1b simply by loss of the extra DNA information that distinguishes J from R. ...
# Moreover, some combination can occur between the Y and X chromosomes.

Finck and Clifton E. replied to Martin Lightfoot.
Here are what we consider the highlights of their reply and the only points perhaps worth relating to:
The animal Finck said:

# Here it is revealed that Whites have basically two main Haplogroup types found in their populations, the I type and the R type.  The R type is found not only in Europe, but also in areas that Whites are known historically to have once inhabited in large numbers, such as the Caucasus and Southwest Asia, or to have made incursions into, such as South and Central Asia.

#It is also revealed that jews have basically the J haplogroup type, which they share with the arabs and which is found in many places that the arabs are known to have invaded in significant numbers during the Islamic conquests: Anatolia, the Caucasus, southern Europe, and northern Africa.

# It is wholly evident that the hard DNA evidence supports the Biblically and historically provable facts that the jews of today are not descended from Israel, but rather are mainly the descendants of the Canaanites and Edomites of the Old Testament, as are the arabs in part, and this explains why the two groups are so genetically related. The real tribe of Judah is found in the White populations of Europe along with the rest of the so-called "lost" tribes. If the BIWF would cease denying these simple Biblical and historic truths, they would no longer have to defend their faith on irrational and unscientific grounds, nor would they have need to embrace the jewish religion of evolution in order to make excuses for themselves.

Clifton Emahater also added an irrelevant tirade about Down's syndrome. He says this malfunction is caused by recombining of male Y DNA with female X DNA. Therefore they say recombining with female (X chromosome) DNA must always be malignant. Since Martin Lightfoot (in the quoted article above) mentioned Y DNA being influenced by female DNA then this was presented as a point against him!

CE said further:
 # Question: What does Martin Lightfoot mean by a "common ancestor"? If one will go to the website, one will find a lengthy presentation both in U-tube and text that this "common ancestor" first appeared in Cameroon, Africa 200,000 years ago! The Bible tells us that [the ALMIGHTY] created Adam-kind about 7,500 years ago according to Septuagint reckoning from the dust of the earth, and breathed into him the breath of life! Which are we to believe, today's Canaanite-jewish evolution or the Bible? Why is British-Israel following Yair Davidiy (an Edomite-Canaanite-jew) rather than Holy Writ?

Reply to Criticisms
In reply we are not sure what F and E are talking about and we doubt if they know either!
Martin Lightfoot  never spoke about Evolution but simply about ancestry. The Bible says that all mankind came from the first man, Adam.
Present-day races are differentiations from the primeval Adam. This is not evolution but rather the expression of existing genetic potential responding to external stimuli. DNA markers are taken from what is called "junk DNA" meaning DNA that (as it was assumed) is no longer in use and therefore less susceptible to environmental influence. In fact it is since been shown that "junk" DNA is not junk at all, does have a function, and may be influenced.

Martin Lightfoot in his original article suggested that DNA may change either through a recombination of the Y chromosome with female DNA or (as Yair Davidiy proposed) DNA information becoming "lost" which is enough to bring about a change from a more complicated DNA pattern to a simplified one e.g. the DNA haplogroup marker R becomes J.

The Nazi reply to Lightfoot consisted of:
(a) Drawing a parallel with Down's Syndrome which they claimed is caused by recombining with female DNA. Therefore they say recombining with female DNA can never occur.

(b) The Proposal of Yair Davidiy which they claimed is the same as evolution.
Yair says that DNA haplogroups at a more complicated level simply lose the extra information that make them different from groups lower down.
They therefore become (devolve or evolve?) the same as those groups lower down. This may be termed devolution as much as evolution!
YDNA Reversed.
Was the ADAM of DNA West European? Were R1 and N The Forefathers?

The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA
The Nazis compared this to Evolutionary Theory.
They asked:
#Which are we to believe, today's Canaanite-jewish evolution or the Bible? Why is British-Israel following Yair Davidiy (an Edomite-Canaanite-jew) rather than Holy Writ?#

In Answer to the Nazi-Excretement:
(a) We fail to see the logic concerning the recombination with female (chromosome X) DNA and drawing a parallel with Down's Syndrome which they claimed is caused by recombining with female DNA. Therefore they say recombining with female DNA can never occur.. .  Because a certain unfortunate result is due to inefficient combinations in one sphere does not mean that beneficial combinations cannot occur elsewhere.

(b) Haplogroup DNA markers lose information. In fact they must lose it.
If they lose the information which is all that distinguishes them from the level lower down then they can only become the same as the lower level or levels below it.
By analogy the color green results from a mixture of blue and yellow. If for some reason the blue component in a green dye is diluted then the yellow blend shows more. In fact it must do so. This is not evolution.
Blue eyes are a result of the color-triggering mechanism in the human body being turned off.
Cases are known of this change occurring not only from one generation to another but even in the same person during their lifetime!
In certain  climates this is an advantage and in others a disadvantage. Blue eyes are not inherently inferior or superior.
Because we say that under certain circumstances a population may tend to have more people with blue eyes does not mean we believe in Evolution.
The same applies to DNA changes. In fact changes in eye color must also be triggered by DNA changes.

The question should be, Are we Right? or not?
After the question as to whether we are right or wrong has been settled then the ideological implications may be considered.

Yair Davidiy Called Nasty Names by Nasty Nazi Nasties!
These nazi dogs also insulted the august personage of Yair Davidiy and had the gumption to call him "an Edomite-Canaanite-jew"!
Yair replies:
If I owned dogs then these Nazis would not be fit to sit with them. They are vile types, worse than dirt (cf. Job 30:1, 9). Whatever I may be, by calling me names they are announcing that their own inferiority is even lower than it otherwise might have been considered. The lower they describe my honorable being as being then they themselves (as obviously inferior to myself) must be belowered...down...down... down.

The Haplogroups I and J and R Compared to each Other
Furthermore the nazis said:
# Here it is revealed that Whites have basically two main Haplogroup types found in their populations, the I type and the R type.  #

The so-called "I type" is in fact a twin to the J type. The two are frequently confused with each other.
At all events it is agreed that the J is the closest group known to I. Both I and J according to conventional descriptions are a great distance away from R.

A basic type of R (close to the West European R1b type) is found amongst Black Africans. This type is distinct. It cannot be attributed to "white" R populations intermixing with Africans. It rather shows that a branch of R forefathered part of the Black Africans!
Africa and Western Europe in DNA by Cristian Sildan
Was the ADAM of DNA West European?
The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA. The Land of Israel Origins of Western Peoples

This sheds light on Q and MNOPS (close relations of R) being predominate amongst the natives of New Guinea, Melanesia, Australian Aborigines, and others.
R is described as related to Q (mixed mongoloid and non-mongoloid Asiatics) and to MNOPS meaning New Guinea natives, Melanesians, Polynesians, Amerindians etc. Through these other peoples it links back to K and to I and J.
I and J are connected.
J is linked to the Middle East. I is not from the Middle East but a branch of I could conceivably have emerged from J in Europe.
Conceptually it is not so difficult.

Europe and West Asia (including the Middle East) are dominated by Y(male-determined) haplogroups R, I, J.

R on the whole (as distinct from its branch R1b) is not from the Middle East but rather is associated with Celts, Slavs and Indian types and related (through P and Q etc) to Siberians and Asians alongside New Guinea natives etc.
There are two major branches of R: R1a (mainly Slavs, Indians, etc) and R1b (West Europeans).
A case may be made to trace  R1b independently to the Middle East but this still would not account for the closeness of R1b to R1a and all the others.

The main haplogroups of Europe are R1a, R1b, I1 in the north, I2 in the Balkans,  and J1, J2, and E3 amongst Mediterranean Peoples. This is alongside smaller proportions of other haplogroups such as G, etc.
For our present purposes we may concentrate on R, I, and J.
The female-counterparts of R, I and J are from mtDNA haplogroups HV/H/V, JT/J/T, U/K (N types).
An examination of these interelationships may yet show a closer connection between portions of R to I and J than is accepted today.

It is an open question as to what degree the initial haplogroups were determined by heredity versus environment. Similarly, how strong the asumption that all members of a specific haplogroup really are related to each other is open to question. At all events it would appear that R1b originated in the Middle East and moved to Europe.
A branch of R1 would have developed into R1b* then R1b1* in the northern part of the Middle East... It presumptively moved to northern Anatolia and across the Caucasus during the early Neolithic, where it became R1b1b. The Near Eastern leftovers evolved into R1b1a (M18), now found at low frequencies among the Lebanese and the Druze. Eupedia:

Origins, age, spread and ethnic association of European haplogroups and subclades
In Europe R1b in some areas devolved into I while in the Middle East it became J.
[ Haplogroup L may be considered as intermediate between R and J. L is found in high concentrations almost entirely in Syria or amongst the Baluchis who came from Syria.
One ballad from the Daptar Shaar ("Chronicle of Genealogies") suggests that the Baloch were Shia Muslims, who migrated from Halab (modern-day Aleppo), Syria, to Bampur in Seistan, Iran, and subsequently to Makran and other parts of Pakistani Balochistan:[15]
Baloch people
R1b originated approximately in the same area or slightly to the north. This indicates that the geographical provenance of the Middle East area may have been conducive to the changes we are speaking of.]
This is the Brit-Am DNA Scenario!
There is no way known today how DNA Explanations may be reconciled with the Lost Ten Tribes being in the west other than the Brit-Am explanation!
This does not mean we are right.
It does mean we deserve consideration.
Brit-Am does not substantiate and justify its beliefs through DNA but rather by the Bible.
Nevertheless, our guess is that ultimately the Brit-Am solution with some modification will be adopted by mainstream science.


The Y DNA Haplogroups and Some Ethnic Associations

Main Source; Wikipedia Articles.
R is in fact also a Black African haplogroup. What is considered an early form of R (close to the West European R1b type) is found throughout West Africa.
R in fact is closely related to Q. Both come from P and P from K. K gave rise to P (R and Q), NO (N and O), and M and L.
K came from F which gave rise to I and J, G and H.
It therefore follows that (according to conventional explanations) R is closer to Q, P, N, O, M, and L than it is to I and J!
Who are these groups that R is close to?

Q is found in many areas but nearly always as a minority group:
Exceptions include two primitive semi-Mongoloid people (who may once have been blond and blue-eyed) in Siberia the Selkups (~70%) and Kets (~95%).

Haplogroup Q has been detected in Yemenite Jews, Algerians, Arabians, Syrians, Lebanese, Turks, Iranians, Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Nepalese, Tibetans, Vietnamese, Balinese, Han Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese.

In addition
 Q1b M378, Found in 5% of Ashkenazi Jews and with low frequency in Pakistan among samples of Hazaras and Sindhis[9][20]
Indigenous peoples of the Americas at 9% and Na-Den speakers at a rate of 25%.[26]

Q together with R came from P.

Haplogroup P
Haplogroup P is a branch of Haplogroup MNOPS, which is a branch of Haplogroup K (M9).
This haplogroup [through its offshoots R, Q, K, etc] contains the patrilineal ancestors of most Europeans and almost all of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. It also contains approximately one third to two thirds of the males among various populations of Central Asia and Southern Asia.

P in its pure form seems to exist only in the island of Hvar off the coast of Croatia. It has been suggested that it come to Hvar with the Hunn invasions from Asia.
P gave rise to Q and R.

P is part of MNOPS

Haplogroup M. New Guinea, Indonesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

Macro-haplogroup NO.

Haplogroup N. Mainly found in Northern Asia, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Haplogroup O. Mainly found in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

Haplogroup Q. Mainly found in Northern Asia and the Americas.

Haplogroup R1a. Mainly found in Eastern Europe, South Asia and Central Asia.
Haplogroup R1b. Mainly found in Western Europe, Central Africa and Central Asia.
Haplogroup R2. Mainly found in South Asia.

Haplogroup S. New Guinea, Indonesia and Melanesia.

MNOPS is a twin to L and T and came from K.

L is 51.0% (33/65) of Syrians in Al-Raqqah, 31.0% of Eastern Syrians
The highest frequency and diversity of haplogroup L can be found in south western Balochistan province [southern Pakistan] along the Makran coast (28%) to Indus River delta.

[Note: The Baluchis have a tradition that they came from Syria and the incidence of L amongst them and also amongst Syrians may confirm it !]
L is also found in India and Pakistan and a link has been claimed between L and the original speakers of Dravidian languages.

Haplogroup T-M70 is a low frequency haplogroup that has been detected in 55.6% (10/18) of Kurru in Andhra Pradesh [South India],[2] 52.6% (10/19) of Bauris in West Bengal,[2] 50% (2/4) of Lodha in West Bengal,[2] 25% (4/16) of Chians in Chios,[3] 23.5% (4/17) of German Stilfser/Tyrolese in Stilfs,[4] 21.2% (7/33) of Somali immigrants in Yemen,[5] 17.9% (5/28) of Sicilians in Sciacca,[6] 17.6% (3/17) of Fulbe in Cameroon [i.e. Black Africans],[7] 16.7% (9/54) of Balearics in Eivissa,[8] 15.9% (3/19) of Rajus in Andhra Pradesh,[2] 15.7% (9/57) of Jews in Tras os Montes [Portugal],[9] 15.3% (2/13) of Mahli in West Bengal,[2] 12.6% (13/103) of Bakhtiaris in Izeh,[10][11] 12.5% (1/8) of Xibe/Sibo/Xibo people in Xinjiang,[12][13] 10.7% (3/28) of Gaditanos in C?iz,[14] 10.4% (21/201) of Somali immigrants to Denmark,[15] 10.3% (3/29) of southern Egyptians in the area of Luxor,[8]....According to data from commercial testing 3.9% of Italian males belonging to this haplogroup.[87] Approximately 3% of Sephardi Jews and 2% of Ashkenazi Jews belong to haplogroup T.[88]
Haplogroup IJK is a descendant branch of the macrohaplogroup F with haplogroup IJ and haplogroup K as its attested descendants.[1]

Haplogroup K or IJK
Haplogroups K1, K2, K3 and K4 are found only at low frequency in South Asia, the Malay Archipelago, Oceania, and Australia.

Haplogroup K  is also referred to as Haplogroup IJK.
It includes K and IJ.
[it is suggested that]
Haplogroup IJ derived from Haplogroup IJK in the vicinity of West Asia or the Middle East and subsequently spread throughout Western Eurasia.
I1 ... (formerly I1a) Typical of populations of Scandinavia and Northwest Europe, with a moderate distribution throughout Eastern Europe

I2a (P37.2) (formerly I1b1) Typical of the South Slavic peoples of the Balkans, especially the populations of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia ; also found with high haplotype diversity values, but lower overall frequency, among the West Slavic populations of Slovakia and the Czech Republic;

I2a2 (M26) (formerly I1b1b) Typical of the population of the so-called "archaic zone" of Sardinia; also found at low frequencies among populations of Southwest Europe, particularly in Castile, B?rn, and the Basque Country

I2b1...(formerly I1b2a - old I1c) Occurs at a moderate frequency among populations of Northwest Europe, with a peak frequency in the region of Lower Saxony in central Germany; minor offshoots appear in Moldavia and Russia (especially around Vladimir, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, and the Republic of Mordovia) ....

I2b1a (M284) (formerly I1b2a1) Generally limited to a low frequency in Great Britain

J (12f2.1, M304, S6, S34, S35)
J1 (M267) Typical of populations of the Middle East, Dagestan and Semitic-speaking populations of North Africa and East Africa

J2 (M172) Typical of populations of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Southern Europe, and the Caucasus, with a moderate distribution throughout Southwest Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, and North Africa
J2b1 (M102) Mainly found in the Balkans, Greece, and Italy (possibly from Ancient Greece-MY ASS)
[ J1 and J2 is found in about 30% of Jews and ca. 80% of Cohens.
J1 is found in about 30% of Arabs.

More information about J.

Haplogroup J1, defined by the 267 marker is most frequent in Yemen(76%)[6][7], Saudi (64%)[8] Qatar (58%)[7]. J1 is generally frequent amongst Negev Bedouins (62%[9]). It is also very common among other Arabs such as those of the Levant, i.e. Palestinian (38.4%) [10], Syria (30%), Lebanon (25%) [11], In Jewish populations, J1 constitutes 30% of the Yemenite Jews[12] 20.0% of the Ashkenazim results and 12% of the Sephardic results[10][12][13][14].

Haplogroup J1 is most frequent in Dagestan among Avars (67%), Chamalins (67%), Lezgins (58%), Dargins (58%)[15] .....J1 also may be found with high frequency in the northern parts of Sudan (J-12f2(xJ2-M172): Arabs 45%, Nubians 41%, Copts 39%, Beja 36%), and present with lower frequency in the region of Darfur (J-12f2(xJ2-M172): Masalit 6%, Fur 6%).[17] Haplogroup J1 may be found in as many as 20% of Egyptian males,[18] with the frequency of this haplogroup tending to be comparatively high in the south of the country.[19]

In general J1 has a very low frequency in Europe. However, higher frequencies has been reported in the central Adriatic regions of Italy Gargano (17.2%)[20], Pescara (15%)[20], in the Mediterranean Paola (11.1%)[20], South Sicilian Ragusa (10.7%)[21], Crete (8.3%)[22], Malta (7.8%), Cyprus (6.2%)[23], Greece (5.3%)[22].

frequencies Georgians 21%[3]-72%[4], Azeris 24%[5]-48%[4], Cypriots 37%[6], Ingush 32%[7], Yagnobis 32%[4], Iraqis 25%[8]-30%[9], Lebanese 25%[1]-30%[4], Syrians 14%[5]-29%[citation needed], Kurds 28%[10], Turks 13%[11]-40%[12], Chechens 26%[7], Balkars 24%[13], Ossetians 24%[7], Greeks 10%[14]-48%[14], Iranians 10%[7]-24%[15], Armenians 21%[4]-24%[7], Italians 9%-36%[16], Sephardic Jews 15%[10]-29%[1], Palestinians 17%[10]-25%[citation needed], Albanians 16%[13]-23.5%[12], Ashkenazi Jews 15%[17]-24%[10], Yadavas (South India) 20%[4], Tharus (Nepal) 12%-22%[18]

R (R1a and R1b)

Haplogroup R1a is typical in populations of Eastern Europe and parts of Central Europe, especially in Slavic speakers. R1a has a significant presence in Northern Europe, South and Central Asia (including Iran), Siberia, as well as India. R1a can be found in low frequencies in the Middle East, mostly in Indo-European speakers or their descendants. [5]

Haplogroup R1b predominates in Western Europe. R1b can be found at high frequency in Bashkortostan (Russia)[6]. R1b can be found at low frequency in Central Asia and in the Middle East, as well as North Africa. There is an isolated pocket of R1b in Sub Saharan Africa.[7] In Europe, R1b coincides with areas of Celtic influence.

Although it is rare in South Asia, some populations show relatively high percentages for R1b. These include Lambadi(Andhra Pradesh) showing 37%[20] , Hazara 32%[21] and Agharia(East India) at 30%[21]. Besides these, R1b has appeared in Balochi (8%), Chenchu (2%), Makrani (5%), Newars (10.6%), Pallan (3.5%), Pathan (10%), Punjabi (7.6%) and West Bengalis (6.5%).[20][21],[22]

It is also found in North Africa where its frequency surpasses 10% in some parts of Algeria.[23]

The highest levels of R1a (>50%) are found across the Eurasian Steppe: West Bengal Brahmins (72%), and Uttar Pradesh Brahmins, (67%) , the Ishkashimi (68%), the Tajik population of Khojant (64%), Kyrgyz (63.5%), Sorbs (63.39%), Poles (56.4%), Ukrainians (50%) and Russians (50%)[4][10][13][14] and in the Central India among the saharia tribe of Madhya Pradesh R1a*(22.8%) and R1a1(28.07%).[15]

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