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The Prophet Amos predicted what would happen to the Lost Ten Tribes.
The Israelite nations of today NEED to take heed to these words!

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Commentary on the Book of Amos.
The following notes may be read on their own or considered in conjunction with the said Commentary wherein an explanation
for most of the points made will be shown.
Amos was reputedly a large scale rancher of beef as well keeping orchards of sycamore figs.
Figs were used not only for nutrition but also for medicinal and other purposes.
Amos mainly prophesied about the Northern Kingdom of Israel and spent his time there (7:12) even though his hometown was in Judah south of Jerusalem.
Amos, like the other Prophets, prophesied concerning the future but referred also to his own present time. Sometimes he used descriptions of his days to describe future events and sometimes he flitted back and forth between the two time scales. It is not always clear as to whether Amos was speaking about contemporary events or the future or using contemporary events as a prototype of the future.

Please Note that Biblical entities mentioned by Amos, such as "Damascus",could represent present-day nations in say Europe or Asia and not necessarily what we refer to as Damascus or suchlike today.

Damascus will be punished (1:3) for devastating the Israelite area of Gilead east of the Jordan River in present day Countries of Jordan and Syria. Both these areas by right belong to Israel. [Gilead can refer to the West and South of the USA, see "Joseph"] The People of Aram (translated as "Syria" 1:5) will be exiled as captives. The Philistines of Gaza (1:6) will be punished for taking Israelite captives and turning them over to Edom. The same applies to the inhabitants of Ashdod, Ashkelom, and Ekron and the rest of the Philistines (1:6) and the people of Tyre who were once in a brotherly alliance with Israel (1:9). Historically we say that the Philistines and Phoenicians (Tyre) used their ships to transport Israelite captives over the sea westward to Spain, Portugal, the British Isles, and Gaul. The verses could however also be applicable in the future. The constituent nations (Bozrah, Teman) of Edom will be severely punished (1:11) because of what they did to Israel. The Ammonites will be punished for massacring the Israelites of Gilead and ripping open pregnant Israelite women and taking Israelite territory (1:13-15). Gilead was the ancestor of Hebrew-Descendants now living in the South and especially the West of the USA. Moab will also be punished but why is not clear (2:1-2). The Jews of Judah will be punished for not learning and for not keeping the Torah (2:4). [God wants the Jews to learn the Torah like the Orthodox do. One may have claims about how they do it but they are doing what is needed of them]. The Northern Israelites (Ten Tribes) will be punished for lack of law enforcement and social injustice and exploiting the poor and vulnerable (2:6). They will also be punished for lack of family propriety and sexual immorality (2:7), and business dishonesty (2:8). God destroyed the Amorites who were tall and strong and He gave their land to Israel (2:9-10). The young people of Israel were often inspired to go in the right path but we made them turn aside (2:11-12). Knowledge of God was pushed aside by us and we hid it away as if it was something we wished to hide and loose (2:13). In the day of punishment all our military preparations will not help us. Our warriors will flee (2:14) away naked (2:16 perhaps for fear of infected or radiated garments? The God Almighty is the God of Israel and only unto us has HE made HIMSELF known: therefore HE will punish us (3:2). Special favors and protection were shown unto us and we have correspondingly extra obligations that we did not keep. Everything that will happen is written in the Bible (3:7). The Prophet calls to the non-Israelite nations to repent as well as to the Israelites ones (3:9). Violence and robbery (dishonesty) are to be condemned (3:10). Only a remnant of Israelites from "Samaria" and "Damascus" will be saved (3:12). The great houses and mansions of Northern Israel will be destroyed (3:14-15). The womenfolk of the Israelites of Bashan and Samaria with their exorbitant demands and wasteful lifestyles cause their husbands to make dishonest gains that reduce the livelihood of others who cannot afford to loose what is taken away from them (4:1). Israelites will be taken away into exile in stages: One portion will be taken overseas in different types of shipping vessel (4:2) while another will go overland to other regions (4:3). The Israelites were gong to Bethel and Gilgal and engaging in both Hebraic and Pagan practices at one and the same time (4:4-5). God had begun to punish the people yet they had not returned unto Him (4:6). The Beginning of Retribution had been by way of local disasters with one location suffering visitation and another not (4:7-11). These were all warnings and Israel must prepare to meet its God (4:12) who knows our innermost thoughts (4:13). Only a tenth of the peoples will remain (5:3). Seek God and live and not pagan syncretism (5:5). The house of Joseph is being warned (5:6). Much of your prosperity is dishonest and derived from the oppression of others and therefore you shall not long enjoy it (5:11). If you seek good and not evil you will live and God will be with you (5:14). The "Remnant of Joseph" is called upon to hate evil and love the good and establish judgment in your settlements (5:15). The End Times will bring Tribulation and should not be hoped for (5:18). [[We all have a tendency after studying the Prophets etc to WANT to see the events come to pass BUT God does not want it. If we repent and do good things can change for the better. This is what we should all strive for]].

God is not pleased with us or with the way we worship (5:21). The Israelites worshipped Siccuth (translated as "Tabernacle" 5:26), and Kiun. The Israelites were to be taken into captivity beyond Damascus (5:27) meaning to an area beyond the Euphrates River (and not the present city of Damascus in Syria which should be Israelite territory) as we have written elsewhere. Those who dwell in Zion (the present-day Israelis?) but trust in the Mountain of Samaria (6:1, i.e. the present-day USA?) are condemned. Look at the calamities that came upon other nations (6:2). Do you really think you are immune while you wallow in the good life at the expense of others and disregard the affliction of Joseph meaning all the Ten Tribes? (6:3-6). You shall go into captivity (6:5). The "Excellency of Jacob" (Union Jack=UK, Yank=USA) is abhorred (6:8). There will come a time of mass slaughter and recalling the name of the God of Israel will be forbidden (6:10). We still think we are strong because we have just defeated "walk-over" opponents (6:13). A nation will rise against us that will afflict us throughout our border (6:14). The calamity will be so great that there will be a fear that Jacob will never be able to recover (7:1-5) but God will relent and leave us something to grow from (7:3,6, 8). Amos was warned to desist from prophesying at Beth-el which was then the capital of the Northern Kingdom (7:13). Amos replied with prophesy against Northern Israel which he referred to as "Israel" and "the House of Isaac" (7:16 meaning the "Anglo-Saxons" and their kinfolk) saying they would go into captivity (7:17) amidst great slaughter (7:17). Celestial disturbances will take place (8:9). People will seek the truth and not find it (8:11-12). The idols of Samaria (the USA?), of Dan (Scandinavia?), and Beer Sheba (the Irish?) will be cast aside (8:14). Though you make shelters deep in the earth or send ships out in to space calamity will still overtake you if you do not repent (9:2). Even after being taken in to Captivity disasters will still pursue the Israelites (9:4-5). What difference is there between you and other peoples? (9:7). What makes you better than them? The House of Israel will be sifted among the nations like sand in a sieve and none will be lost (9:9). The sinners of Israel and those who claimed that nothing bad would happen if we continue to sin will be killed (9:10).

Finally The Kingdom of David will be restored (9:11). The Israelites will take possession of the rest of the world beginning with Europe (Edom 9:12). The Exiles will return (after conquering the other nations? 9:14). After this return they will never be exiled again (9:15).

For more details on the above and additional points check our Commentary to Amos. Judah emphasizes the law, Joseph should be known for social responsibility and justice. ALL the northern 10 tribes were exiled. Part of the exiles were taken away in ships and large boats directly to Spain, Gaul (France) and Britain. Most were taken to the neighborhood of Mannae where they became known as Cimmerians, Scythians, and Goths. In their place of exile they would be known as House of Ischak (Isaac) from which term came various names for the Scythians and ultimately for the Saxons in the Anglo-Saxon forces. The so-called "Celts" of Britain also had a tradition that they were descended from Isicon i.e. Isaac.

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