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Daniel - Chapter Headings to the Brit-Am Commentary


Daniel Chapter One:
Insistence on Eating Garden Greens.

Daniel Chapter Two:
The Great and Awesome Statue and its Prophetic Significance.

"Eurabia" in the Book of Daniel:
How Classical Commentaries Understood that an eventual union between Ishmael (Islam) and Europe would take place.
Daniel Chapter Three:
The Three Companions in the Fiery Furnace
Bag-Pipes in the Bible
Daniel Chapter Four:
Nebuchadnezzar Becomes Like a Wild Beast!

Daniel Chapter Five:
The Writing on the Wall!

Daniel Chapter Six:
Daniel in the Lions Den

Daniel Chapter Seven:
Daniel Dreams of the Ancient of Days and the
Fate of the World.
The Four Beasts in the End Times. A Suggested Solution

Daniel Chapter Eight:
Daniel Foresees Alexander the Great and the Distant Future.
Daniel and the One-Horned Goat

Antiochus and the Revolt of the Maccabees:
Article: The International Factors and Historical Processes
in the Persecution of Jews by Antiochus Epimanes

The Hasmonean/Maccabees :
Article: Historical Background

Daniel Chapter Nine:
Daniel Sets an Undeciphered Time-Table
We Must Study the Prophets

Daniel Chapter Ten:
Michael: Guardian-Angel of Israel
Even Most of the Angels Are Against Us!

Michael: Appendix to Daniel-10
The Angel of Israel and Joseph: Is it MICHAEL?
Did Moses Know?

Daniel Chapter Eleven:
History as Protoypical Prophecy
Will the Maccabees Return?

Daniel Chapter Twelve:
The Acknowedgement of Israel, the Final Redemption, and the Resurrection of the Dead which is both a concrete future event in its own right and also symbolizes the Revival of the Israelite Nation!