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24 November 2011, 27 Cheshvan 5772.

1. Question about Groups of Joes (Ephraimites) Buying Land in Samaria.


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Brian . wrote:
Since I see questions and answers:  Is it possible to purchase land in Samaria?  Who owns it now?  Are parcels of land owned by individuals, i.e. "Palestinians", and/ or Israelis?  Can these parcels be bought and sold? 
I would like to see a movement of Joes making the return.  It seems that though the Israeli Government would reflect the typical Jewish supersessionist (all the tribes are included under the rubric "The Jewish People"), would it not make sense to them that Joes with our 2nd Amendment ideas take up the hills overlooking the lowlands, rather than "Palestinians"?  Torah Observant Messianic Joes looking down on California on the Med. or Muslims with rockets?

Brit-Am Reply:

Supersessionism (also called fulfillment theology or replacement theology) is a Christian interpretation of New Testament claims, viewing God's relationship with Christians as being either the "replacement" or "fulfillment" or "completion" of the promise made to the Jews (or Israelites) and Jewish proselytes. ... the contentious element of supersessionism is the idea that the New Covenant with the Christians and the Christian Church replaces, fulfills or completes the Mosaic Covenant (or Torah) with the Israelites and B'nei Noah.

Supercession is what the Christians do to Jews. You claim that Jews do that to Joes!
This attitude of yours could be considered offensive by Jews. It is typical of the in-your-face, supercilious, superfluous, stance of certain Ephraimites who seem to seek out reasons to be resentful of the Jewish People.
The Jews have enough enemies and anything that even suggests becoming an excuse for new reasons or excuses for enmity by Gentiles is liable to be rejected, with contempt, immediately.

In fact your attitude is that of an Ephraimite and not that of someone who is concerned with their physical descent from Israel.
Ephraimites are in effect Jewish wannabees!
See our article:
Offshoots of Judaism
Ephraimites usually believe they are Israel because their leaders or their emotions told them they were!
[After that they wish to turn their back on their fellow TT Israelites and attach themselves by force to Judah whether Judah accepts them or not!]
You have no proof that you as an individual are of Israelite Descent.
Brit-Am says that certain ethnic groups historically were either Israelites or were sufficiently dominated by Israelites as to be considered Israelite on the whole for Biblical and Historical purposes.
This does not mean that as an individual anyone can definitely say they are such.
See our article:
The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites

Why should the Jews?

You are insinuating that for some reason the Jews have demoted the Ten Tribes in order to supercede them.
It is not that simple.
They do not know the Ten Tribes exist!
Not only that but from a religious point of view they do not!
It is as if they are in state of limbo.
The TTs worshipped idolatry. They were exiled. They intermixed with pagans. For their own sakes and for the sake of the Jews the Ten Tribes were declared to be Gentiles i.e. from a religious point of view, non-existent. God said HE had divorced them and that they were not HIS people.
In the future the Ten Tribes will re-emerge from their state of limbo, from being set aside wherever they were, and will have their Israelite Identity confirmed. This will be concomitant with their re-acceptance by the God of Israel. Judah will play a key role in this process.
[Brit-Am believes it may be playing a preparatory role by preparing both Judah and Joseph in the necessary direction!]
All the time that the Ten Tribes were in limbo they will have been fulfilling an aspect of their Israelite National Destiny, evolving upwards, and dragging the rest of humanity up with them.

You refer to Torah Observant Messianic Joes.
You apparently mean Ephraimite Americans who declare themselves Israelites without being able to prove it on the individual level but rely on their inner wishes or what they tell each other.
They observe those aspects of the Torah most convenient to them and in ways that meet their fancy: One day this way, the next day another.
They also worship the Christian Messiah and consider him to be part of God.
This religious question will be resolved in Messianic Times and Brit-Am does not want to deal with it.

Some of the Religious Jews might countenance Ephraimites setting up communities but the Rabbis would be against it due to fear of missionary activity.
The Arabs would be violently against it.
The Americans also would oppose it.
The International Community would make a scandal out of it.

An Alternative in Gilead?
Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria are also part of the Promised Land.
The Jews in Israel would probably be delighted if these areas were controlled by the USA or UK and colonies of Ephraimites established along border areas as buffers.
Why not go in that direction?

Michah 7:14 and Zechariah 10:10 in fact that something along those lines indeed will happen!

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