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12 July 2012, 22 Tammuz 5772.

1. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Shomron (Samaria) Israel - the Promised Land.
2. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Abraham's Blessing on Mt. Kabir.
3. What are the differences between Kol HaTor and Brit-Am?
Personality Differences.
Beliefs and Emphasis:
Proof of Ancestry.
Helping and Healing the Home base.
Coming to Israel.


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1. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Shomron (Samaria) Israel - the Promised Land.

Brit-Am Note:
Rabbi Avraham Feld at present has NO connection to Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations whatsoever!
He did have in the past but our pathways parted for the better outcome of all concerned.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.

Feld linked up with someone called Ovadyah and they have the Kol HaTor website.

They have produced the two video clips below which may be worth viewing.

Shomron (Samaria) Israel - the Promised Land - birthpangs of Armageddon, Gog & Magog War.wmv
14 minutes.
Rabbi Avraham Feld, founder of Kol HaTor Vision, presents another talk in this series on the greatest Bible Prophecy - namely, the Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel. This will entail the re-identifying of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, after their exile of 2800 years from the Land and their Return to the Promised Land according to the main theme of Biblical Prophecy - which will lead to a process of reconciliation with the Tribe of Judah (the Jews) and establishing Peace where spiritual strife has reigned for nearly 3000 years. Their re-identification amongst the nations is a current world phenomenon, inspiring millions of devout Bible believers all over the world to return to their ancient Hebrew Roots and Torah Culture. The Kol Hator Vision publishes information, news, views and knowledge about this Greatest Event of all time and recommends guidelines for peaceful reconciliation. Visit the KOL HA'TOR Web Site at for further information.

2. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Abraham's Blessing on Mt. Kabir.

11 minutes.
Mt. Kabir in Shomron (Samaria) Israel, is the Mt. where God confirmed Abraham's Blessing of a future generation of Kings and nations, in the very Land that Abraham could observe from this mountain top. This Blessing entailed the establishment of the ultimate Kingdom of the God of Israel, which in turn entails the re-identification of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, their Return to the Land of Israel and their reconciliation with the Banner Tribe of Judah (the Jews) in the End Time, when the Messiah, David the ruling King, would establish God's Universal Rule over the nations. This Reconciliation (the Redemption which Bible searching souls are seeking) fundamentally requires their Return to, and their subjection to God's Torah principles as maintained by Judah throughout the centuries of 10-Israel's exile and their estrangement from the One True Biblical Faith. This video reveals the Divine Intent behind this Blessing of Abraham: i.e. to establish a Nation which would enjoy the Divine Blessings and serve as a Light unto the Nations. You may well qualify for this esteemed and blessed Calling - as this video will point out clearly to you, together with the requirements for your compliance.

3. What are the differences between Kol HaTor and Brit-Am?

Rabbi Avraham Feld was once associated with Brit-Am.
The association ended some time ago.
Since then Feld joined up with Ovadyah to create KHT (Kol ha-Tor).
According to a letter we once received from Ovadyah, KHT was created to fill a vacuum it was felt Brit-Am had left open.
Ephraimites wanted to return NOW to the land of Israel. Brit-Am in general was discouraging them from doing so.
Ephraimites wanted to feel obligated by the Law but Brit-Am was saying that no clear-cut obligation was at present incumbent upon them.
KHT was to come along and say: Come to Israel and keep the commandments with our guidance. They have had some success.
They have articles on their web-site that have had some influence.

The differences between us may not be that great but they exist.
There is room for both of us if we both grow outwards.
Recently they have sent out messages calling for reconciliation and unity.

Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations is however headed in a different direction. We may be struggling to keep our heads above water but nevertheless we keep developing.

The article below clarifies what we consider to be the main distinctions between Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations and Kol HaTor.

Personality Differences amongst Leaders and Supporters.

There is some overlap.
The KHT duo are a different type of people. They appeal to a different type of audience even though there is much overlap between our supporters. We both supplement as well as rival each other to some degree.
RE different types of audience e.g. I bet we get more visitors from Saudi Arabia than they do!
[The Saudis however have not yet sent us any offerings. I guess we may keep on waiting! Maybe somebody should drop them a note?]
We also get some Ultra-Orthodox and others, alongside mainstream viewers.
There may be people who come to us and who would not go to them, and vice-versa.
There are those who ideologically are closer to them but feel more at home with us and I assume the opposite may also hold,
i.e. those who agree with us more but prefer them.

Beliefs and Emphasis:

Proof of Ancestry.

Brit-Am emphasizes PROVING  who the Ten Tribes are and spreading knowledge of this proof.
KHT agrees on the whole with Brit-Am as to who the Ten Tribes are but if asked for proof seem to refer their questioners to works by Brit-Am or others.
They seem to take the whole matter of ancestry as something that is self-evident. Jews and others will not be convinced by this.
They also recognize (unlike Brit-Am) other candidates as possibly  descended from the Ten Tribes though they emphasize the West.
Brit-Am identifies ONLY peoples of Western origin as descendants of Israel in the full-scale Tribal physical sense.
Brit-Am encourages the search for Tribal Identity.

Helping and Healing the Home Base.

Brit-Am says that Proof of Ancestry should be propagated and the Ten Tribes encouraged to spread the message and Biblical Consciousness where they are.
KHT does not seem to relate to such matters.


Ovadyah has been quoted  in a posting to his e-mail list as encouraging believers in the Christian Messiah to retain their belief in secret and to convert to Judaism.
Rabbi Feld promotes the Noachide laws as a first step after which he advocates a gradual growing process culminating in Judaism.
Brit-Am is not against this BUT experience as well as Biblical Passages indicate that it may not be the way to go. So we do not go there.
Instead we emphasize learning in Biblical and Secular Proofs of ancestry as well as increasing Biblical Consciousness as much as possible.
The differences however are not that clearly defined. We too, have helped and encouraged others and treat each case on its own merits.
The present observations are GENERAL ones. Exceptions may exist.

Coming to Israel.

KHT has found favorite with some Ephraimites. KHT seems to encourage people to want to come to Israel with the intention of settling, now!
We think this is mistaken even though it may be popular.  The Israeli Government and Rabbinical Establishment are against it and perhaps rightfully so, at this stage.
There are exceptions but on the whole non-Jewish descendants of Israel should first try to find their place amongst their homeland people and to work amongst them.
Brit-Am may have lost much support due to its position on this matter but it is what we perceive as the truth.
We emphasize that the Ten Tribes will return as a Tribal Group. At least a portion of them will settle at first in  Lebanon and Syria, and Jordan.
In the meantime they should intensify their Biblical Consciousness and seek to spread awareness of Hebrew Ancestry amongst their fellows.
Some of them may be able to realize their Israelite Roots by becoming Jewish. 
This is not the answer for most of them. There are exceptions.
The Brit-Am Biblical Studies are part of our contribution towards enhancing Biblical Knowledge.

More Ten Tribes Patriotism is required alongside more Jewish pride amongst Jews.  Judah and Joseph should help themselves as well as each other. Let us get together,  Judah and Joseph.

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