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Ephraimite Forum

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Ephraimite Forum no.130
1. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Shomron (Samaria) Israel - the Promised Land.
2. Abraham Feld (KHT) YouTubeVideo Clip.
Abraham's Blessing on Mt. Kabir.
3. What are the differences between Kol HaTor and Brit-Am?
Personality Differences.
Beliefs and Emphasis:
Proof of Ancestry.
Helping and Healing the Home base.
Coming to Israel.

Ephraimite Forum no.129
1. Rav Avraham Greenbaum- "Ephraim, Where are you?" Brit-Am Description and Commentary.
2. Queries Concerning Brit-Am and Ephraimites.
(1) Who are the Ephraimites and
(2) How is Brit-Am different from them?
(3) Why is Brit-Am not Accepted by them?
3. Meetings with Ephraimites and Others in Jerusalem.
4. Jay: Brian Needed a Real Estate Agent not Brit-Am!
5. Bill Rasmussen: Remarks on Messianic Anti-Ten Tribes Article.

Ephraimite Forum no.128
1. Question about Groups of Joes (Ephraimites) Buying Land in Samaria.

Ephraimite Forum no.127
1. Some Hard Facts for Ephraimites.
(a) Do Not Expect Rabbinical Recognition.
(b) Do Not Expect to be Accepted in Israel.
(c) Do not Buy Land or Houses in Israel.