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The First Book of Kings
Chapter One

Abishag and David
Adonijah Attempts a Coup
Nathan to the Rescue and the Coronation of Solomon

Chapter Two
The Deathbed Injunctions of David to Solomon.
The Divine Promises to David: Were they Unconditional?
The Need for Public Example
Respecting Our Ancestors Through Righteous Living
The Jewish City of Hebron
Adonijah Tries to take Abishag and is Executed for Treason.
Solomon exiles Abiathar the Priest, executes Joab and replaces him with Benaiah, and puts Shimei son of Gera to death.

Chapter Three
The Daughter of Pharoah is Wed to Solomon: Batya and Mered
Did Neal Marry Scotta Daughter of Pharoah?
The Egyptian Wife of Solomon
Some Ancient depictions of Egyptian Women
High Places and the Tabernacle at Gibeon
God Appears to Solomon in a Dream
The Judgement of Solomon

Chapter Four
The Royal Administrators of Solomon
The Redivision of Tribal Israel by Solomon
The Inclusion or Exclusion of Judah in the Redivision?
The Extent of Solomon's Kingdom
Provisions for Solomon's Court
Running the Kingdom
The Wisdom of Solomon and his Communication with the Creation

Chapter Five
Hiram and Solomon Make Contact
The Discretion of Solomon
Cedars of Lebanon
Divisions of Labor

Chapter Six
The Temple of Solomon with Illustrations

Chapter Seven
The Palace of Solomon and the Temple Utensils

Chapter Eight
The Dedication of the Temple and the Prayer of Solomon

Chapter Nine
A Divine Promise Concerning the Temple
Maritime Enterprises The Builiding of Fortress Cities and a Selection of Maps
Where was Ophir?

Chapter Ten
The Queen of Sheba and Solomon

Chapter Eleven
The Foreign Women of Solomon. Division Pre-Ordained, Jeroboam is Chosen to head the Northern Tribes

Chapter Twelve
The Division of the Israelite Nation into Two Separate Kingdoms.

Chapter Thirteen
The Prophet from Judah and the False Prophet of Ephraim

Chapter Fourteen
Death of Jeroboam, Prophecy of Exile, Rehoboam and Shishak

Chapter Fifteen
Reigns of Ahiyah of Judah, Nadab and Baasha of Israel

Chapter Sixteen
Kings of Israel: Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Ahab

Chapter Seventeen
Elijah and the Ravens, The Self-Replenishing Food Supply and Revival of the Dead

Chapter Eighteen
Elijah on Mount Carmel

Chapter Nineteen
Elijah on Mount Sinai. Elishah is Chosen

Chapter Twenty
Ahab, King of Israel, at War with Aram

Chapter Twenty-One
Ahab and the Vineyard of Naboth

Chapter Twenty-Two
Ahab and Jehoshaphat versus Aram