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New Joseph Forum no.1
Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
DEED (Diburi Ephratim-Ephraimite Discussions)
June 8 2009, 15 Sivan 5769
1. Who Really Are Ephraimites? Towards a definition?
2. Positive Aspects of Ephraimites
3. Negative or Questionable Elements amongst the Ephraimites
4. Ephraimite Criticizism of Judah and Brit-Am
5. A Poem: Judah says not "No"!


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1. Who Really Are Ephraimites? Towards a definition?
From the beginning there were those in the west who believed the Lost Ten Tribes were to be found amongst western peoples. Books and pamphlets were written and various organizations existed. In Britain these converged to become British Israel.
Originally pro-Jewish or at least neutral from ca the 1920s sinister Jew-hating influences began their infiltration of British Israel with the eventual infection afflicting a significant proportion but never all the body.  The same applies to the USA with the diseased anti-Jewish pagan Canaanite type elements converging into Christian Identity and related excrescence.
On the other hand groups such as those of Herbert W. Armstrong were basically (despite exceptions in the beginning) pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. Herbert W. Armstrong did a very great work in spreading the message not only amongst his own people but throughout the world. Towards the end of his life and after it his church split up into numerous sub-groups most of whom continued to spread the Lost Tribes message. Steven Collins, the United Church of God, and related bodies came out of this school.

[There were also the Mormons and company some of whom always interpreted their own beliefs along Brit-Am type lines
while others did not.]

Then came the Ephraimite Movement. This is part of a general phenomenon amongst Christians of returning to their "Hebrew Roots".  The Ephraimite Movement is part of the "Hebrew Roots" Returning and is characterized by the addition of a belief in the Israelite ancestry of its membership. We are not sure whether or not this can be linked directly to offshoots of Armstrong. It seems to be an independent though parallel later development.
It includes such personalities as Eddie Chumney, Angus and Batya Wootten, Moseh Koniuuchevsky, Ephraim Frank and numerous others. Formal membership in its different groups appears to be quite elastic and there is a great deal of overlapping. This element seems to have first adopted the term "Ephraimite" which is often now applied to all those who in general hold Lost Ten Tribes beliefs. We however in this article will retain the term "Ephraimite" for this groups while retaining the appellation "Joe" for non-Jewish believers that the The Tribes are in the west in general.

[In the past we too used the terms "Ephraimite" and "Joe" as interchangeable.]

The "Ephraimites" were attacked in an article by one of their former members who claimed to be preparing a "report" about them for a member of the Jerusalem City Council. This "report" contained unfair and inaccurate statements and also unfavorable references to Brit-Am.
We replied to it:

Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism
Against Ephraimites and Reflections
We have in fact quite a few articles about Ephraim, some of them may be accessed from:

[In addition to the Ephraimites-proper there is an intermediate level of that includes fellow travellers who intermix Jewish and non-Jewish themes. These include such groupings and personalities as John Hulley, Professor Tabor, United Israel, Dell Griffin, etc.
These may also be classifiable as "Ephraimites".]

And then there is Brit-Am.
Brit-Am is a small group but it has made a strong impression.
The History of Brit-Am

Brit-Am emphasizes knowledge and the exchange of information. Brit-Am works for the reconciliation between Joseph and Judah.
Brit-Am has also influenced the Ephraimite movement as well as that of "Joes" in general.
All Ephraimite assemblages anywhere in the world today have received input from Brit-Am. Very few of them acknowledge this.
They may not always be aware of it. Many items of information that have since become common knowledge were first revealed by Brit-Am.
Many Ephraimites were attracted to Brit-Am but others were not.

2. Positive Aspects of Ephraimites
Together with the rest of the Joes Ephraimites comprise the spearhead of Israelite Redemption.
They are good people in a good cause.
Brit-Am is in need of them to help spread the Brit-Am Message.
Ephraimites are in general aware of the truth concerning their Israelite ancestry and that of Western Peoples in general.
They are genuine believers in Scripture who endeavor to fulfill the will of the Almighty and lead good lives.
Ephraimites usually have a positive attitude towards Jews and towards the State of Israel.

3. Negative or Questionable Elements amongst the Ephraimites:
There are Ephraimites who will emphasize to Jews in the most exaggerated and even obsequious manner how much they love and admire them. Some of them are genuine in these sentiments while others apparently are merely being "all things to all men" and may not be so genuine as all that.
The Ephraimite Movement is a large and growing one with no real centralization.
Every Ephraimite is a world to their self and each one can claim to have their own individual appreciation of  Ephraimite understanding. It is difficult to generalize.

Despite all the positive things about Ephraimites  there exist certain recurring phenomena of a questionable nature.

A resentment against Judah.
There are those who dislike the Jews because the Jews are not prepared to accept their version of Christianity and are not prepared to accept them as Israelite equals with all the rights to become citizens in the Land of Israel that Jews have.
The fact that most Jews have never heard of them and know nothing about the Lost Tribes being in the west does not make much difference in their eyes. They actually resent claims by Brit-Am that a spreading of the relevant information and subsequent dialogue should have first priority.

There are also Ephraimites who claim they want to come to the Land of Israel NOW and that Judah is impeding them. This claim in itself could be understandable but the way it is expressed tends to suggest a deliberate anti-Jewish basis.

Rejection of Rabbinical Authority.
Most Ephraimites are also Fundamentalist Christians who try and keep the law according to their understanding.
They often believe in returning to their Hebrew Roots meaning adopting and adapting Biblical and Jewish practices.
They however sometimes reject rabbinical explanations and prefer their own inventions or those of the anti-Jewish Karaite group.

Many Ephraimites also support Conspiracy Theories that are in fact anti-Jewish and anti-American.

There are also a growing number of Ephraimites who want to see other peoples from Asian countries etc included in the Lost Ten Tribes definition.  It is not certain to what degree many of them really belief in the Biblically based traditional view that sees the Lost Ten Tribes
in western areas.

4. Ephraimite Criticizism of Judah and Brit-Am
We were sent an article along with a letter.
[For the time being we will not post the letter nor the article though the authors may well want us to do so. The letter and article may be published if there is demand for it and if this thread develops and necessitates it]
In the article Ephraim (i.e. the Ten Tribes?) are called upon on the one hand to discard whatever anti-Jewish hangups they may have and reach out to Judah.
On the other hand Judah is asked to accept Ephraim and even accused of prejudice against Ephraim:
Judah is described as displaying "arrogant pride and self-righteousness" towards Ephraim.

We replied to the letter:
Judah does not reject you!  Judah simply does not know who you are!
Not only that but the impression is sometimes given that you do not really want Judah to know!
Why else is so little emphasis placed on getting this message out at all?
You seem to prefer "Ephraimites" being able to identify themselves by their own inner spontaneous enlightenment.
You are not interested in objective Biblical and Historical Proofs that can be contested and tested.
You are looking to be rejected in advance and that is one of the reasons you are not supporting Brit-Am.

In reply:
The person concerned described their own activities apparently considering the spread of Christian beliefs alongside the concept of Ephraim to be one and the same.
"Great respect and love for our older brother Judah" were emphasized.
Like many Ephraimites the possibility of some Jewish ancestry in the genealogy of the writer was also mentioned.
It was admitted that for many Ephraimites, especially the women, "Divine Inspiration" confirming Israelite Origins has priority over rational evidence.
[Fair enough but how do you expect those who are not similarly inspired concerning yourself to react?]

It was also said concerning Yair Davidiy that,
##we feel you have a hidden agenda to hammer [the Christian Messiah] out of us##
This is not true.
We do not believe in Christianity but we believe it is part of the Divine Plan and a tool whereby Divine Providence prepares the Ten Tribes for their return. It is a positive and necessary characteristic.
Not only that but we have nothing with which to replace it.
Judah does not really want converts at present for historical reasons and also because many converts are not genuine. Converts are not encouraged. Even if they were this is not a field for which we are qualified or interested in.
In other words we are not against Christianity for Ephraimites but rather view it favorably.
On the other hand we are also aware that some Ephraimites have a hidden agenda and want to convert Jews to Christianity or at least draw them closer to it.
This is forbidden:

We encourage on the whole "Joes" to stay where they are and to work for the good of themselves and their families and our peoples from where they are. Coming to Israel at this stage without converting to Judaism in our opinion is impractical.
There are some who have done it and succeeded but they are exceptions.
Most Ephraimites who do come to Israel end up at some stage considering conversion to Judaism or later regret not having done so.
In other words those "Ephraimite" enthusiasts who keep insisting on their right to come to Israel now are the ones whose motives should be questioned.

It should be noted that Yair Davidiy being Jewish and having Jews play a prominent role in the Brit-Am Movement should be considered a positive situation for the Ephrtaimite Cause.  Ephraimite leaders in private correspondence and personal communications in the past with Yair and with Avraham Feld have expressed relief that we are Orthodox Jews and not Christian ones.

The letter complained that Jews do not want to hear about the Christain Messiah.
This is true. It is against the Jewish Faith.

Then the person complained that the Brit-Am Movement shuts out considerations of the Ten Tribes origins of Burmese, Japanese, and others.

In reply we can only say that this is what Brit-Am is.
We do not believe the Lost Ten Tribes are today to be found amongst Eastern Peoples.

Afghans and Pathans

Other Claims to be Israelites

The Japanese are not Hebrews!

Who is Israel? The Burmese or  "Danny Boy"?

From the above we see the following problem that disrupts the harmony between Judah and Joseph:
A lack of reality on the part of some Ephraimites. The Brit-Am Message really can help you but it must be considered from a Biblical perspective.

The Brit-Am Message is not denominational though we refer to Biblical and to a limited degree Rabbinical sources where pertinent. We also use secular academic studies and findings from any field that has some relevance to the subject.

We say:
The Lost Ten Tribes as recognizable entities are to be found amongst Western Peoples.
Not ALL the inhabitants of the places in question are descended from Israel. Many of them are but how many and exactly who is not known. Nor can it be known.
In other words it is a question of probable ancestry.
The Probability itself needs to be confirmed and strengthened by publicizing known findings alongside more research.
The  Probability needs to become more widely known and accepted.
After that it remains a Probability and at the individual level will continue to do so indefinitely.

There is also the problem of religious differences and historical experiences.

Joes and Ephraimites will not be able to enter the State of Israel as equal citizens with the Jews.
This will change in the Messianic Era but not now.

#1. What is the Brit-Am position on Ephraimites Coming to dwell in the Land of Israel at Present?

At present Judah by ingathering part of the Exiles and building up the
Land is engaged in a sacred task and is preparing the way for all of Israel.  Judah should be encouraged and supported not needlessly criticized.

Joes and Ephraimites could (as certain Prophecies indicate) work to liberate, rehabilitate, and settle other areas of the Land of Israel according to its Biblical definitions. These other areas include Cyprus, Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and parts of Egypt, Saudia, Persian Gulf area, Iraq, and Turkey.

Joes and Ephraimites should take the Brit-Am message (and that of other researchers who work along the same lines if it is found that these works in some cases are easier to relate to) and use it in order to help themselves and their Israelite brothers along the following lines:

Intensifying Biblical Consciousness.
Patriotism for their own localities and calling on them to repent or at least improve what they have.
Increased support for the State of Israel.
Sympathy for the Jewish people.
Know who Judah is and know who you are.
Do not look for the negative or make attempts in directions doomed to frustration.

5. A Poem: Judah says not "No"!

Judah says not "No"!
He just does not know
Who you are
Think of it Joe
Are you on par?
To make it show?
Are you aware?
That it is not fair
To complain
of pain
That no-one knows of
Or can do anything for
And you do not share
Or seek to prove
Your Ancestry?
And of those (such as us)
who do
work for you
You make no fuss
and fail to send
the modest stipend
needed to continue
and move on through
With our daily due.



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