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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings:
"Brit-Am Now" nos 1001 onwards

"Brit-Am Now"-1001
1. David Jackson: Congratulations on reaching the "1000" milestone
and recommendation of "Biblical Truth" 2. New Article:
"The USA in Iraq:
Has the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes Began?"
3. Highlights of Ezekiel

"Brit-Am Now"-1002
1. Question on Ezekiel 11:18, Whose idols will be put away??
2. Encouragement of Brit-Am from Carol
3. Brit-Am Questionnaire
Answers to Questions nos. 11 &12

"Brit-Am Now"-1003
1. Reminder of the latest Features on the Brit-Am Site
2. Brit-Am to Speak on Artuz-7 with interviewer Tamar Yonah
3. Terebinth Tree at Fault?
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg:
The Return of Ephraim - A Different Scenario?
5. Brit-Am Questionnaire
Answers to Questions B. 1, 2, 3, 4

"Brit-Am Now"-1004
1. Question on the expression "House of Israel".
2. Why Not Just Leave it All?
3. Why worry about research?
4. Walt Baucum: Need to Put Away Pagan Symbols
5. Yair Davidiy to Speak on Arutz-7

"Brit-Am Now"-1005
1. URL with Yiddish Music from a Brit-Am Supporter
2. Craig Blackwood: Ephraim or Manasseh, National Qualities Important
3. Clarification on Malbim, Ezekiel 11:18
4. Denmark in Biblical Codes
5. Under the Terebinth Tree
6. Janice: The Ezekiel question.
7. Janice: Thanks to the Prayers of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1006
1. Hear Brit-Am on Arutz-7 2. "Israel" vrs "Judah" Clarified Again
3. Michelle B: Need to Put away worldly things and InterMixture of Israel
4. Psalms 7 on BAMBI
5. Yair Davidiy to Speak Again on Arutz-7

"Brit-Am Now"-1007
1. Articles on Criteria
2. Cam Rea: Simeon in Assyrian Captivity
3. Cam Rea: Interview

"Brit-Am Now"-1008
1. Question Concerning the Interview on Arutz-7
2. Galileo Galilei: Discovering Truths
3. Jim Wright: "more than a pile of statues"

"Brit-Am Now"-1009
1. Brit-Am Questionaire-Survey
Answers to B. Qs 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
2. Question on Individual Family Origins from Israel
3. Cad Expunged from Brit-Am List
4. Compliment on Interview
5. Why the Lost Tribes are not OBLIGATED under the Law today. General Outline
6. Why the Lost Tribes are not OBLIGATED under the Law today.
a. Renewal of the Covenant Possibly a Precedent for Re-Acceptance of the Lost Tribes?
7. Brit-Am Has some effect

"Brit-Am Now"-1011
1. Craig Blackwood: Encouragement for Yair
2. Nathan Proud: "Israelite-Descended Nations" and the UN
3. Avraham ben Gad: The Lesson of Jewish History
4. Question on African Masai, Tutsi, and Yibir
5. Should Joseph Keep the Law? Extensive Article
Letters and Replies
6. Brit-Am on Arutz-7 Today, Sunday
7. The End Times: Food for Thought

"Brit-Am Now"-1012
1. Brit-Am on Arutz-7,
The Latest Interview
2. Cam Rea: Pleased with Interview
3. Israelites in Finland? - Need Translator
4. Ruchamah: Pleased with Brit-Am Answer
5. Eirik Stokke: The Maccabees and the Wild Hunt of Odin?

"Brit-Am Now"-1013
1. Wales, Israelites, Gomer, and the Jews
2. Harry Gaul: Loved you on Tamar's show
3. Question on a literal understanding of the Midrash and Keeping the Commandments
4. Question on the Khazars, Ancient Israelites, and DNA
5. Finland a Lost Tribe of Israel?

"Brit-Am Now"-1014
1. John Adam, Chaim Weizmann, and Restorationism
2. Question on King David and the Future Messiah
3. Esau the Red

"Brit-Am Now"-1015
1. John Adam: More about Chaim Weizmann
2. Answer to a Son of Satan Adherent
3. The Book of Jeremiah and the Lost Ten Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-1016
1. The Order of Return in Ezekiel
2. Thomas Gray: Suggestions for Diminishing Petroleum Dependence
3. Reply to "the dark and light mixed"

"Brit-Am Now"-1017
1. Why is "Samaria" More Representative of Manasseh?
2. Tony Ellsworth: Similarities of Thanksgiving & Jewish Fall Feasts
3. Janice: "warned not to argue on the way"
4. Is Brit-Am Prejudiced Against Christians?
5. Books Recently Acquired

"Brit-Am Now"-1018
1. Keeping the Law: Why the Sudden Ruckus?
2. The Assyrian and Israelite Origin of the Northern Europeans and Americans
by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis -Extracts
3. The Northern Peoples: A Dutch Version

"Brit-Am Now"-1019
1. Archaeology: Example of a false Alarm and Narrow Escape from a Minor Embarrassment
2. Jack Flaws: "The Law Debate"
3. Larry: "take the knowledge given and learn from it"
4. Derryl Bishop: "agree to disagree"
5. Kevin Opp: "Lets center on what we can a agree with"
6. BAMBI -Psalm 8

"Brit-Am Now"-1020
1. Tessa: Ephraimites - a Mixed Bunch?
2. New Rune-Stone found in Denmark
3. Steve Mathe: "We can start only from where we wake up!"
4. Predicted Number of Israelites
5. Articles of Interest Liable to be overlooked
(a) Bagpipes in the Bible
(b) The Angel of Israel
and Joseph: Is it MICHAEL?
6. Cannot Afford Membership and e-mail list?
7. Question existing Membership and Brit-Am Registration Certificate

"Brit-Am Now"-1021
1. Larry: Correct Pronunciation of Runic Script
2. David Tempelhoff : Observations and Questions on Iraq
3. Brit-Am on Ezekiel Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1022
1. Compliments from Eli
2. New Article
"Answer to an Anti-Identity Polemic"
3. The Identity of Elam
4. Question on the Table of Nations (Genesis 10)
5. Nancy: Keeping the Law according to the Rabbis?

"Brit-Am Now"-1023
2. Ezekiel: Chapter Headings
3. The Hebrew Roots of English?

"Brit-Am Now"-1024
1. Important New Brit-Am DNA Article:
2. Stephen J Spykerman: English Related to Hebrew
3. An Alternate Scenario: Scotch equal Jacob, Washington is Jerusalem"

"Brit-Am Now"-1025
1. Steven Collins on the Tamar Yonah Show!
2. All Brit-Am TRUTH issue no.10 sent out
3. Brit-Am Membership Registration

"Brit-Am Now"-1026
1. Orjan Svensson: Swedish Words from Hebrew
2. Cam Rea: Hope to hear both Yair Davidiy and Steven Collins
3. Numerous Questions Answered in Brit-Am Article

"Brit-Am Now"-1027
1. Brit-Am Will Reply to Critics
2. Question on Prophecy and the Destruction of the Second Temple
3. Anti- (Negative-type) Identity URL from a Positive Christian Perspective

"Brit-Am Now"-1028
1. New Article: Prophetic Outlines of Biblical Books. Main Brit-Am Scripture Points
2. Michael Johnson: Possible Ancient Scandinavian Identifications
3. The Breastplate and Tribal Precious Stones in the Temple Service

"Brit-Am Now"-1029
1. Isaiah Highlights
2. Question on Ephraimite Black Hebrews, a 400 year Servitude, and the Future
3. Bad "Identity" Thugs are here to Stay! Brit-Am is Your Only Answer!
4. John Adam: What if Ireland was Tarshish?
5. Recent Research Achievements of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-1030
1. Orjan Svensson: Remarks on Scandinavian Origin Legends
2. Mark: "heard very colorful stories"
3. Isaiah Summarized, chapter by chapter

"Brit-Am Now"-1031
1. Commentary to Isaiah Being Updated
2. Thomas: Remark on "Choseness" and the US is Babylon?
3. Answers to Questions on Isaiah

"Brit-Am Now"-1032
1. Interesting Pictures of Khazar Warriors 600s-700s CE
2. Thomas Gray: Israel is special
3. In Many Waters (Numbers 24:7)
4. Questions on an "Expose" of Brit-Am and the USA still being Manasseh
5. Stephen J Spykerman: THE URIM AND THUMMIM ?Will it be used again?

"Brit-Am Now"-1033
1. George Washington and Hanukkah
2. Encouragement from Scandinavia
3. David Jackson: Millions from Manasseh who DO back Israel!

"Brit-Am Now"-1034
1. Max Rambow: George Washington story may be fiction!
2. Tartan Garments at Masada?
3. Ruchamah: Baptists Predominant in Torah-Honoring?
4. Encouragement and Urim and Thummim
5. Inverness: Zionism and a Message of Support

"Brit-Am Now"-1035
1. Comments on Baptists and Torah-Learning
2. Francis Hynds: The Ulster Tartan
3. Question Concerning Brit-Am and the Mormons

"Brit-Am Now"-1036
1. Cherie Koch: "a lot of Israelite descendants in its membership"
2. Shaun Hansen: "14 million (not billion)"
3. Rachael: Coming out of Hiding
4. Brit-Am Annual Membership Certificate
5. New Book by Craig White (a Brit-Am Recommendation)
6. The Book by Craig White - What is it?
7. The Arnold and Fribet Roth (Keren Malki) Item - a Personal Note

"Brit-Am Now"-1037
1. Israel, the USA, and UK, "A Band of Brothers"?
2. Question About the Psalms and Prophecy
3. Lasse Martinsen: Jeremiah 50 & 51

"Brit-Am Now"-1038
1. Joseph and the Law: A Challenge to Ephraimites
2. Question on what should be done to further Reconciliation.
3. What Do Ephraimites mean when they say they keep the Law?

"Brit-Am Now"-1039
1. Daniel Duffield: "unlease the spirit of Joseph"
2. Identity Traitors Harass Brit-Am and Besmirch all Israelites
3. Michelle: "reason for not doing all the oral law"

"Brit-Am Now"-1040
1. Tessa: "Ezekiel held two different sticks"
2. Michelle B.: "not the exact completion of the task"
3. Inverness: "the focus is still right there"
4. David Miller: "our obligation"
5. Paula: Ephraimites, the Law, and the Land of Israel
6. Charles Stalsworth: Biblical Parallels
7. Nancy: Looking for Source on Joseph and the Oral Law

"Brit-Am Now"-1041
1. New Article on the Characteristics of Joseph
2. Nancy: Setting the Record Straight
3. Cam Rea: Inscription of Tiglathpileser
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "we would all belong to Judah's stick"
5. Thomas Gray: Today there are no Urim and Thummim
6. Ephraimite Complaints from Leah Todd and Brit-Am Replies
Brit-Am Reply:
(a) Regarding the Land of Israel and Judah
(b) Regarding the Birthright of Ephraim.
(c) The attitude of Judah
7. Aragon: "I would do my best to keep it"

"Brit-Am Now"-1042
1. New ArticleWorth Reading
2. Brit-Am Answers to Criticisms Only Under Certain Conditions
a. Most Criticisms Already Answered
b. Articles, etc Need URLs
c. A Minimum Degree of Courtesy is Required.
d. Brit-Am is not to be Associated with Bad People
e. Brit-Am Will Not Relate to Queries Not Directly Addressed to us!
f. Brit-Am Welcomes Questions and Debate
3. Is Ephraim Speaking to the Wall? Brit-Am replies.
4. Carol: Nothing Outside the Bible is Acceptable
5. Brit-Am, Oral Law, and an Intermediate Conclusion.

"Brit-Am Now"-1043
1. Timothy F Murray:
we are on good ground
2. Lee Kelley:
Different Tasks of Judah and Joseph Predicted
3. The "Ephraimite Replacement Doctrine"

"Brit-Am Now"-1044
1. Notsrim-Christians-Calling from the Mount [Country] of Ephraim?
2. Tessa: Reconciliation
3. Two Houses and Cleaving to Judah or Joseph

"Brit-Am Now"-1045
1. Bob Kennedy: Ephraimite Different from Christian
2. Appreciation
3. New Upgraded Brit-Am Commentary to Isaiah with Feature Articles!

"Brit-Am Now"-1046
1. Additional Feature Articles
2. Message from Gavin Finley
3. New Feature: Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There"

"Brit-Am Now"-1047
1. Query and Blessing
2. Scottish Declaration
3. Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There"

"Brit-Am Now"-1048
1. Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Hosea
2. Biblical and Other criticisms of Brit-Am
3. Franz Kobler Continued: Bensalem [New Britain] and the Elizabethan Era

"Brit-Am Now"-1049
1. Kobler Continued - More Available, Extracts.
2. Question on Gomer and Israel: Shem or Japhet?
3. Thumbnail Brit-Am Video Clips Now Online

"Brit-Am Now"-1050
1. Gavin Finley with Yair Davidiy: Online Brit-Am Videos
2. Kobler Continued
3. Question on "Friends" Sometimes Becoming A Mixed Blessing
4. Letter From Gavin Finley Producer of the Video Clips
5. Yair Davidiy on the Video Clips

"Brit-Am Now"-1051
1.Kobler Continued
2. Video Clips
3. Brit-Am Commentary to Hosea 2 Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1052
1. 2 week offer: "Achim Acharim" for free within State of Israel!
2. Kobler Continued: American Participation
3. Kobler Continued: The Arousal of Ephraim

"Brit-Am Now"-1053
1. Kobler Continued
2. Steven Collins: Ancient Scythian city found
3. Question on Israel in the "Wilderness" in the Latter Times

"Brit-Am Now"-1054
1. Opinions Concerning the " Wilderness":
(a) Thomas Gray: "a physical wilderness"
(b) Charlotte Mecklenburg: "Israel as a collective body of people are being tested"
2. Brit-Am Commentary to Hosiah 3 Upgraded
The Present Situation Described
3. Kobler Continued: The First American Zionist Consul

"Brit-Am Now"-1055
1. Jews of Worms in Germany from Tribe of Benjamin!
2. Cherie Koch: Shall we pass under the rod?
3. George Bush (1844) Ancestor of two presidents and Early American Restorationist-Zionist

"Brit-Am Now"-1056
1. Kobler Continued: "Britons, let us at least be true"
2. Kobler: Early British Israelism was pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist!
3. The Wilderness: Physical or Spiritual?
(a) Timothy F Murray:
"physical wilderness gave way to the spiritual"
(b) Walt Baucum: a physical wilderness
(c) Malcolm Osborne: Covenants?

"Brit-Am Now"-1057
1. Question on Converting to Judaism
2. Kobler: Famous British Writers become Restorationists
3. Question on Spanish Jewish Ancestry

"Brit-Am Now"-1058
1. Kobler Continued
2. Hosiah 4 Upgraded
3. Question on Israelite (Viking-Scottish) Ancestry and DNA
4. Question on Rabbi Avichail etc.
5. How can I know for sure?

"Brit-Am Now"-1059
1. Rabbi Avichail Lecture on Web
2. Kobler continued Part Five
3. Question on African-Hispanic "Identity" groups
4. Thomas Gray: US "going into hard times"
5. Answers to Questions from a Convert to "Reform" Judaism

"Brit-Am Now"-1060
1. Kobler: Complete Book Now Online
2. United Israel World Union
3. Hosea 5 Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1061
1. Michelle Bowie: "a heart thing first and foremost"
2. Give "Role to Rule" a Chance!
3. Hosea 6 Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1062
1. Michelle Bowie: "we must go forth and bring knowledge"
2. New Article: Rabbi Nathan and the Twelve Tribes
3. Removed

"Brit-Am Now"-1063
1. Hosea 7 Upgraded
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "an actual, natural people"
3. Malcolm Osborne: "a heart thing first and foremost"
5. Apparent Brit-Am "uncertainty" a Source of Strength!

"Brit-Am Now"-1064
1. Leota Kleewein: On the Right Track
2. Questions on Ezekiel, the borders and "Resident Aliens"
3. Comments on Brit-Am Articles

"Brit-Am Now"-1065
1. Michelle Bowie: "the inner heart desire"
2. 2-Samuel 20-1 Brit-Am is on the Right Track!
3. Reactions to 2-Samuel 20-1 Brit-Am is on the Right Track!
(a) Tommy: "a strong rebellion against Rabbinic Authority"
(b) Was I Intended?
(c) Lee Kelley: What about Judah?
(d) Cam Rea: "just a matter of time now till uniting"

"Brit-Am Now"-1066
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Faith versus facts?
2. Hosea 8 Updated
3. Ruchamah: Ephraimite Opposition to Rebuilding the Temple?
4. Tessa: A Fresh Perspective on Joes and Rabbinical Judaism
5. Blessing of the Twelve Tribes - Interesting Source: Ginzberg

"Brit-Am Now"-1067
1. Hosea ch.9 Upgraded and New Article on Mohammed in the Bible
2. Removed
3. Tessa: Rebuilding the Temple

"Brit-Am Now"-1068
1. Fundamentalists In Favor of the Temple
2. Michael Johnson: Descendants of David and Zadok
3. Question on Mohammed and Kedar
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Why we need a Temple
5. Odds and Ends

"Brit-Am Now"-1069
1. Ex-Nazi Affirms: Brit-Am is doing some good
2. Questions and Remarks Concerning Stonehenge, National Symbols, Irish and Hebrew mysticism, and the Hebrew Roots of Irish and Falmenco Dancing
3. Rev David Lindblad: Observations of Interest on Isaiah 41
4. Climate Change in Ancient Scythia?
5. Need for Brit-Am Chat Room?
6. Thomas Gray: More on the Third Temple
7. Walt Baucum: Temple not by Human Agency?
8. Another Question on Keeping the Law and the Lost Ten Tribes
9. Yair Davidiy: On Ephraimites Keeping the Law, Personal Observations

"Brit-Am Now"-1070
1. Pattie: A Branch of David
2. Constance: "the good boundaries"
3. Aram Paquin: French-Canadian Quadrilles and Hebrew Dance
4. Dr. Richard Griffith: V is for Victory!
5: Francis Hynds: Ulster, Eire, and Dancing

"Brit-Am Now"-1071
1. Adam: "Hebrew and Irish culture and Dancing"
2. Hosea chapter 10 Upgraded
3. Scythian Arrowheads of Israelite Origin?

"Brit-Am Now"-1072
1. Susan Herrman: Interesting Articles on Scythian Art and its Phoenician-Assyrian Sources
2. New Article on the Scythians by Cam Rea
3. Kjetil: Hebrew Word for Dance found in Norwegian?
4. Answer to Questions on the "Sanhedrin" Letter, the USA as "Meshech & Tubal", Brit-Am and Lost Israelites
(a) Is the Letter genuine? Complete text of the Letter.
(b) News Articles about the Letter
(c) Brit-Am Commentary on the Letter
(d) Brit-Am Comment on the "Sanhedrin"
(e) Some Orthodox Rabbis and their attitude to Brit-Am
5. Brit-Am in Need of Funds Again

"Brit-Am Now"-1073
1."Sanhedrin" Letter is Unfortunately Genuine!
2. Reaction to "Sanhedrin" Letter
3. Brit-Am Apologies to "Watchgirl"
4. What Should be Your Reaction to the "Letter"?
5. Hosea chapter 11 Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1074
1. Tessa: translations of Hosea 11:12 Contradict Each other!
2. Vicky Converse: Rabbi Richman Explains and Brit-Am Comment
3. In Defence of Rabbi Richman
4. Ephraimites Take Notice: Your identity is in the balance!

"Brit-Am Now"-1075
1. The "Meshech and Tubal" Scroll fiasco: Assessment
2. Hosea 12 Upgraded
3. ROB SAUTON FLEET : "show support for Israel"

"Brit-Am Now"-1076
1. Nickie: In Support of Israel
2. Paula: "We need to know who we are"
3. David McLeod: Other Issues are also Important
4. Answer to Question on the Jews of Israel being "Chosen" Yet Needing US Protection?
5. List of 110 Biblical Proofs with Links to Explanations

"Brit-Am Now"-1077
1. Questions who is Ephraim? Los Angeles... "Lost Anglos"!
2. The Position of Rabbi Richman
3.Michelle B.: How could it be only minority?
4. Why Cannot Israel Ignore the USA and Go It Alone?
5. Hosea 13 Brit-Am Commentary Upgraded

"Brit-Am Now"-1078
1. ROB SAUTON FLEET: Reflections on the Brit-Am Situation
2. David Miller "Ends of the Earth" in Egyptian Terminology
3. Was Adam Celtic?
4. Question from Someone of Irish Jewish-Identifying Descent
5. Question on the Milesians of Ireland and the Judaic Line of Zerah
6. Tessa: "True Ephraim"?
7.Brian Patmore: "all Israel will have to join together"

"Brit-Am Now"-1079
1. David Tempelhoff: Islam, Iraq, and the Assassins
2. Ancient History: New Article by Cam Rea
3. Britain and the Codes: Brit-Am Reservations

"Brit-Am Now"-1080
1. Brian Patmore: Reflections on the O'Neil line and Zerah of Judah
2. Dennis McGinlay: Jeremiah and the Daughter of the King
3. Important New Article: Dell Griffin Refuted!
Brit-Am is the One Organization that Tells it as it is!
4. ROB SAUTON FLEET: Ancestors
5. Top 30 Countries Interested in Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-1081
1. Procedural Matters. Letters to Brit-Am Might be Published! Sources.
2. Did Some of the Scythians Worship Joseph?
3. Hosea 14 Upgraded
4. Some Highlights of the Book of Hosea
5. Christians Offended? Brit-Am Clarification

"Brit-Am Now"-1082
1. D.H.Lawrence and American National Character
2. The Book of Hosea and Scotland?
3. Dave Browning: "The Children of Joseph"
4. Brit-Am Does More than Anyone Else!
5. Question on the term "Caucasian"

"Brit-Am Now"-1083
1. New Zealand Branch of Brit-Am Forming
2. Becoming a Part of the Messiah Son of Joseph Movement
3. The Book of Hosea
Highlights and Chapter Summaries

"Brit-Am Now"-1084
1. Thomas Malloy: No Fan of DHL!
2. Lion and Eagle Symbols in Tabernacle.
3. Napoleon, France, and Biblical Precedent

"Brit-Am Now"-1085
1. Ishmael and Edom to Unite?
2. Symbolism: Interesting Explanation of the Dollar Bill
3. REFORM Judaism Rabbi Makes Clarification

"Brit-Am Now"-1086
1. Tessa: Roman Empire Offshoots?
2. John Wharton: Thought some DHL observations interesting
3. Pleased with 'Role To Rule'
4. Brian Patmore: "European Edomite Ruling class"
5. Is Brit-Am too Confrontational?

"Brit-Am Now"-1087
1. Deborah Cigary: Ephraim is Returning
2. Mark Robinson: Arab means Mixed!
3. Thank you
4. Rabbinical Commentators: Both Christianity and Islam from Rome
5. Brit-Am Policy on Holy Names
6. BAMAD made easier
7. Reorganization of Brit-Am: The STATE OF ISRAEL

"Brit-Am Now"-1088
1. Michelle Bowie: Ephraim Returns Again
2. Holy Names
(a) Thomas Gray: Doctinal Obligation
(b) Michelle: Judah Forbidden?
3. Freda Music: The Dollar Bill

"Brit-Am Now"-1089
1. David McLeod: the "Rock of Israel"
2. Meeting Yair Davidiy in Israel
3. The Sacred Names Discussion Continued on Bambino

"Brit-Am Now"-1090
1. History of Phoenicia by George Rawlinson
2. New Article. Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism against Ephraimites
3. Checks to Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-1091
1. ROB SAUTON FLEET: Thanks to Brit-Am
2. Brit-Am Website Appreciated
3. Brian Patmore: Reflections on the Return of Ephraim
4. The Blessings to Joseph and Judah
5. More on Tomar Devorah
Biblical Proofs Only an Introduction

"Brit-Am Now"-1092
1. New Entries to "Brit-Am and Judah" Article
2. Claim that Ephraimites are Discriminated Against and Brit-Am Reply
3. Book of Daniel: Christianity and Islam from Rome
4. Opinion that the Lost Ten Tribes are the Ashkenazic Jews?
5. Symbolism: Different Decorations Based on the Star of David

"Brit-Am Now"-1093
1. British Empire compared to other Empires
2. The Source of Ephraimite Confusion: Subconscious Anti-Semitism?
3. Joan Griffith: Coming to America for Freedom of Religion
4. Japanese-Israelite Claims
5. The Ephraimite Movement and Brit-Am: Mistaken Identity?
6. Dave Browning: "Easier become a Chinaman"
7. The Bark of Hark on a Lark
8. Constance: Clarification
9. Biblical Laws on the Web

"Brit-Am Now"-1094
1. Robert Kennedy: Unity of Judah and Ephraim Obligatory
2. Quotation: Intuition
3. Question Concerning Captive Jews

"Brit-Am Now"-1095
1. Question on Brooks and the Khazars with Brit-Am Reply
2. The Eagle and the Lion in Tabernacle National Israelite Symbolism
3. Jill Johnston: The Picts

"Brit-Am Now"-1096
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Ephraim Still in the Wilderness
2. Craig Blackwood: When Ephraim joins Judah
3. Dave Browning: Ephraim Needs to Take the Initiative and Free the Arab-Occupied Sections of Israel
4. Joan Griffith: "even for Jews it is becoming more difficult"
5. Larry: Why Bother to Answer?

"Brit-Am Now"-1097
1. Meeting with a Rabbi and Questions
2. Meeting with a Christian Evangelist and Questions
3. Question to the List: Why is "Ephraim" not Listening?

"Brit-Am Now"-1098
1. David Crawford: Encouragement
2. Timothy F Murray: The time is not yet come
3. Dave Browning: found...only by those who sought them
4. Dorothy Daigle: no desire to join with ...just to convert
5. Tessa: The journey home is not for the faint-hearted
6. Charlotte Mecklenburg: whether they want to go there or not
7. Sue: easier to stay with what they know

"Brit-Am Now"-1099
1. Constance: encouraged, affirmed and confirmed
2. Sandie B: that wonderful gleam of light
3. Answer from Norway
4. "Ephraimites" publicize Burmese-Indians claimants rather than Brit-Am!
5. Dell Griffin Refuted Again!

"Brit-Am Now"-1100
1. Brit-Am Supporter Fired from his job!
2. Paul D Pruitt: Buying a solution to the Middle East Crisis?
3. Statistics: Some Brit-Am Achievements

"Brit-Am Now"-1101
1. The DG Saga Continued: Reactions and Answers
2. Moses destroys the tablets of the Law
3. Jackie Bourque: the REAL MESSIANIC SPIRIT

"Brit-Am Now"-1102
1. Irish Beer Drinking Habits of Middle East Origin?
2. Robert Brenner: Many of us ARE LISTENING
3. Map of "Bronze Age" Links between Britain and Israel

"Brit-Am Now"-1103
1. Question on DNA and the First Man
2. Questions about TRIBAL ATTRIBUTES
3. Constance Fischer: King Hezekiah and Reconciliation

"Brit-Am Now"-1104
1. Brit-Am Phone numbers
2. Webshots of Ireland
3. Jill Johnston: Where is Ephraim?
5. Cam Rea: Cimmerian Names with Biblical Connotations

"Brit-Am Now"-1105
1. Timothy F Murray: "Bible and Sword".
2. Joan Griffith: Persecution Revisited
3. Janice: We are all in transition
4. Bellicose Brit-Am
5. Brit-Am and Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1106
1. Question on Terminology: What Does "Ephraimite" Mean?
2. Reactions to "Counting Brit-Am Blessings"
(a) Chele Sansoucy: great message
(b) Timothy F Murray: "great to hear the positive now and then"
(c) Diane Herndon: "Something one would want to be a part of!"
3. For the Record: Counting Brit-Am Blessings

"Brit-Am Now"-1107
1. Question on why Brit-Am seems to say "Stop!"
2. Returning to the Land
3. Why Brit-Am IS NOT in favor of Large Numbers of Ephraimites Requesting to Return to the Land of Israel at Present
4. Brian Patmore: Israel is from the Euphrates to the Nile
5. The Inspirational Approach versus that of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-1108
1. Brit-Am is "A New Discovery"
2. Question on Realizing Identity through Revelation
3. "The Land of Israel" by Yehonatan Davidiy

"Brit-Am Now"-1109
1. Margie: All Jews are Israel, but not all Israel are Jews
2. 100 pieces of silver for the Land of Israel? (That's all?)
3. The Attitude of Judah Towards the Land

"Brit-Am Now"-1110
1. Didrik Simundsson: Benjamin in Iceland?
2. Thor Heyerdahl and the Lost Ten Tribes
(a) Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and author.
(b) The Azerbaijan Connection
Challenging Euro-Centric Theories of Migration
by Dr. Thor Heyerdahl
(c) Brit-Am Note: Azerbaijan and the Lost Ten Tribes
3. Brit-Am Ephraimite Appeal to US Government and other Western Powers
4. US Government Appeasing Our Enemies?
5. Derryl Bishop: The Almighty is like a Master Chess Player
6. Michelle Bowie: In Support of both Margie and Angus
7. An Example of Brit-Am List Co-operation: What Brit-Am Says

"Brit-Am Now"-1111
1. Queries on lefthandedness, the Tribe of Benjamin, and being certain of Israelite Origin
2. Question on Ephraimite Enclaves
3. Were the Fomorians of Ireland Phoenicians?

"Brit-Am Now"-1112
1. More Brit-Am Video Clips on the Web!
2. "What we did was truly historic"
Letter From Gavin Finley on the Video Clips
3. Didrik Samundsson: Iceland Not from Dan?
4. Brit-Am NOT against Angus and MIA 100 shekel offer
5. Blessing from Kathy

"Brit-Am Now"-1113
1. Bob Kennedy: Worldwide Awakening of the House of Israel
2. List of the Latest Clips with description by Gavin Finley MD
3. How the Clips were Taped and Other Matters

"Brit-Am Now"-1114
1. Joseph Must Come to Terms With Being Joseph
2. Pleased with Video Clips
3. First Arab Palestinian Squatters were settled in place of Deported Ephraimites!

"Brit-Am Now"-1115
1. Disraeli on the Irish: Please Take in Good Humor
2. Thomas Gray: Another Warning Sign
3. Interesting History of the Peoples of Scotland
4. The Biblical Borders of Israel Discussed
5. Brit-Am Megalithic Research To Date

"Brit-Am Now"-1116
1. "How much will it cost the average Ephraimite to live in the land of Israel?"
2. The Ephraimite Religious Conundrum. Let Joseph acknowledge who he is!
3. Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.

"Brit-Am Now"-1117
1. Question on Possible Judah-Joseph Fiction
2. Didrik Saemundsson: More on Iceland and Benjamin
3. Jill Johnston : Angus has not changed!
4. Captain Ian McRae : Navigating The Volga
5. Avraham ben Gad : Ephraim should get busy being Ephraim

"Brit-Am Now"-1118
1. The Subbotniki Information Exchange
2. New Article: George Washington's Inauguration & America's Israelite Destiny
3. The Brit-Am Message to Joseph
4. Ephraimites Already in Israel
5. The State of Israel Should be Termed the State of Judah!

"Brit-Am Now"-1119
1. President Harry Truman, the State of Israel, and the "Jewish State".
2. Non-Jewish Immigrants to Israel and Conversions
3. Bob Kennedy: Blessings on Judah and the Ten Tribes
4. Sailor to recreate Phoenicians' epic African voyage
5. The Jews are Judah and the State of Israel is the State of Judah!

"Brit-Am Now"-1120
1. Paul Andree: Another Scripture
2. New Article:
The Divine Promises to David:
Were they Unconditional?
3. Questions on Scripture and the Destined Location of descendants of David and the Ten Tribes
(a) Where is the Appointed Place?
(b) Multitudes Descended from Levi and David and will they all return to the Land of Israel?
(c) Will the Ten Tribes all return to the Land of Israel or have they ALREADY Received their Inheritance?
4. Yet Another Question on Tea Tephi?
5. Our Looming Destiny?

"Brit-Am Now"-1121
1. Tessa: British Royalty is far from an unbroken genetic line
2. Shaun Hansen: The USA is fulfilling a divine mission
3. Anonymous: "things that are thrown out by Brit-Am"
4. The Scroll, Popular inaccuracies, and Brit-Am Apology on Behalf of Judah
5. "Origin" in French now available in Book Form
6. Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols
7. Brian Patmore: Thoughts on Prophecy and the Need for Patience

"Brit-Am Now"-1122
1. Russ Curenton: The Line of David
2. Israeli "Brit-Am Now" Subscriber Publishes Book about Star of David
3. Interesting Stained Glass Window
4. US Pressure and Arab Demographics
5. The Hero and Heroine of the Song of Solomon Identified.

"Brit-Am Now"-1123
1. David Jackson: Arab States 500 times larger than Israel
2. Dave Browning: "the Jews are only 2/12ths"
3. Max Rambow: Israel's best interest
4. Pastor John Hagee Speaks in Jerusalem, Binyamin Netanyahu and Brit-Am Reflections.
5. Remark Concerning Israelite racial Mixing and Brit-Am Comment

"Brit-Am Now"-1124
1. Henry Rhea: Racial Prejudice Forbidden
2. Brit-Am and Socializing
3. Fred Hendrickson: Was North America promised to Abraham?

"Brit-Am Now"-1125
1. Dorothy Daigle: More Against Prejudice
2. Russ Curenton: Racial Differences
3. Brit-Am Opinion: Interacial Marriage etc- A thought
4. Diane Herndon: Pastor Hagee
5. Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, and all the others.
6. What Does the Midrash say About the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, etc?
7. How can Pastor Hagee use Brit-Am Information?

"Brit-Am Now"-1126
1. The Main Concern of Brit-Am is You!
2. Tessa in New Zealand:
More Thoughts on Racial Considerations
3. Brit-Am Clarifications Concerning Race and the Bible etc
The Biblical Attitude
The Term "Mamzer" (Bastard)
Personal Experience and Attitude of Yair Davidiy.

"Brit-Am Now"-1127
1. Robert Kennedy: I miss my father's son
2. Henry Rea: "Some good comments on race"
3. Canaanites, Africans, Sabaeans, Cush, etc Discussed

"Brit-Am Now"-1128
1. Be a Partner with Brit-Am
2. 20 Dollars a Day Keeps Conspiracy Away
3. Reply to Claim that Criticism of "Israel" is not "Jew-Hatred"

"Brit-Am Now"-1129
1. Edward Bradbrooke: Canaan, the Bible, and Geography
2. Sharon: Christians Condemnatory of Israel
3. Jyhshua Somerville: All Israelite nations are Culpable

"Brit-Am Now"-1130
1. Great New Article
2. Question on Pre-Assyrian Exile Migrations to Europe?
3. Brian Patmore : The Edward Bradbrooke Question no.1
4. Henry Rhea: The Edward Bradbrooke Question no.2
5. Brit-Am Reply: The Edward Bradbrooke Question no.3
6. Was Elvis Jewish?
7. Dave Browning: Race - Not the People, but the System

"Brit-Am Now"-1131
1. The Purpose of Brit-Am and "Brit-Am Now"
2. Discussion of Racial Issues
3. Didrik Saemundsson: Tanais or Troy?

"Brit-Am Now"-1132
1. Dave Browning: The Cause of Jew Hatred
2. Answer to Questions on Direct Male Line Geneaology and "Double Standard"
3. Brit-Am Challenges to Ephraimites
(1) Why do you not support Brit-Am?
(2) Why do you reject Rabbinical Interpretations even when they are consistent with the Bible?
(3) Why do you not spread the message?

"Brit-Am Now"-1133
1. Answer in Reply to Brit-Am's Challenges to Ephraimites:
The Rabbis and the Talmud
2. Question on Male Lineage and the daughters of Zelophehad
3. Brit-Am and the Khazars

"Brit-Am Now"-1134
1. "Ephraimites" not Serious
2. Why Write about the Khazars?
3. The Feudalizing Agenda of Racialist Anti-Semites

"Brit-Am Now"-1135
1. Thomas Malloy: Thoughts about Edom
2. 16th Century German Reports "Plot" for Swedish Ten Tribes (?) to Conquer Holy Land
3. Brit-Am Updates.

"Brit-Am Now"-1136
1. Symbols: Yellow Star of David Exhibit
2. Finding the Ten Lost Tribes:
Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs in Preparation
3. Constance Fischer: Brit-Am Talk Appreciated

"Brit-Am Now"-1137
1. Brit-Am Secular Proof List
Mythology: Isles of the Blessed
2. Brian Patmore: Note on Edom Followed by Brit-Am Comment
3. Michelle Bowie: More Comments on Edom

"Brit-Am Now"-1138
1. Paul Andree: References upon Edom
2. Edward Bradbrooke: Edom in China?
3. Evelyn Carpenter: Excited About New List of Secular Proofs
4. Dempsey Bruton: Looking forward to your "Proof List"
5. How Does Brit-Am Reply to Ephraimites who Wish to Settle in Israel?

"Brit-Am Now"-1139
1. Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs.
Mythology: Friso, Bruno, and Saxo.
2. Brian Patmore: Edom is a menace in any guise
3. Edomites Intermixed with Joseph!

"Brit-Am Now"-1140
1. Did Brit-Am In the Past Believe in Ephraimite Settlement?
2. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Mythology: Dan became the Danes of Denmark
3. Tessa in New Zealand: Identifying Edomites

"Brit-Am Now"-1141
1. Shaun Hansen: Need for Ephraim and Judah to Unite
2. Brian Patmore: King Milesius
3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Proofs in Simplified Outline: Mythology
4. Discussion Concerning "Brit-Am" with Leading Rabbi;
What Should Brit-Am Expect from Judah?
5. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "What Still Needs to be Done?"
and Brit-Am Reply

"Brit-Am Now"-1142
1. Wikipedia Article on British Israelism
and Comparison with Brit-Am
2. Ancestry of US Populations
3. Tom: "the choice to stand with Judah"

"Brit-Am Now"-1143
1. List of Secular Proofs:
Mythology: Dan in Ireland and Wales
2. List of Secular Proofs:
Archaeology: Simple Outlined Headings
3. Question on Tribal Standards, Order of Marching in the Wilderness, and Modern Parallels
4. Scottish-Irish "Mac" in Surnames - Is it Hebrew?
5. Judah and Joseph Returning to the Land

"Brit-Am Now"-1144
1. Brit-Am Appeal: Proposed Visit by Yair Davidiy to USA
2. Steven Collins and Yair Davidiy to Conduct Joint Seminar?
3. Answer to Question on Different Ten Lost Tribes Explanations
4. Suggestion to Modify Brit-Am "Statement of Principle"
5. Thanks to Joan Griffith and Others for Advice
6. Comparison of Brit-Am and British Israel re Mythology: Being Fair
7. British "Celts": Brit-Am Historical Researches Confirmed

"Brit-Am Now"-1145
1. Brit-Am Identity Information from Finland
2. The Steven Collins-Brit-Am Joint Symposium Tentatively Planned for Second Trip
4. Jodie Baker: Biblical and Israeli Place-Names in America
5. List of Secular Proofs: Rabbinical Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-1146
1. More From Finland
2. Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs: Linguistics
3. Mythology: Irish Ancestors included Israelites.

"Brit-Am Now"-1147
1. Impressed with URLS on Brit-Am Site
2. Brit-Am Commentary to Proverbs 9:12-18
3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs: Israelite Tribal Names

"Brit-Am Now"-1148
1. Amerindians From Israel? New Evidence?
2. Encouragement
3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs: National Characteristics

"Brit-Am Now"-1149
1. Claim that the Amerindians and Chinese are Canaanites and Brit-Am Reply
2. David Browning: The Hebrew "Matteh" and its European Derivatives
3. Brit-Am Secular Proofs:
Israelite Consciousness and Biblical Place Names in the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-1150
1. The Origins of Non-Israelite Peoples
2. Brit-Am Call of the Wild
3. The Oral Law is Needed Just to Read Scripture!!
4. Finland and Brit-Am Identity: Notes by Ope Tuslapsi with a few Brit-Am Remarks
(1) Preliminary Information collated by Brit-Am
(ii) Brit-Am Preamble to article by Ope Tuslapsi:
(iii) Jaami's sons of Simeon? by Ope Tuslapsi
5. Brief Extracts from Wikipedia Article on Finland
6. The Sixth Sense, Inspiration, and Brit-Am
7. Critic of Brit-Am Looks Forward to Our Possible trip to the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-1151
1. Thomas Jefferson searched for Lost Tribes Amongst Amerindians?
2. Query on Issachar
3. Michelle B: Judah "the lion and the pears"
4. Proverbs 10:1-4
5. Secular Evidence: Ethnic Affiliations with Other Entities for whom proof exists.

"Brit-Am Now"-1152
1. Orjan Svensson: The Swedes are and were a Sea-Faring People
2. The USA and Joseph vis a vis Judah Reflected in the Speech of President Bush
3. Secular Evidence: Physical Similarities

"Brit-Am Now"-1153
1. The Brit-Am Hebrew-language work "Achim Acharim"
2. A Description of "Achim Acharim" as Translated from the back cover of the work.
3. "Returning to Israel" and Damage to Brit-Am
4. Geoffrey Cooper: KNOW or NO?
5. New Article by Cam Rea:

"Brit-Am Now"-1154
1. Steven Collins: Persian Kings Were Gentile Non-Israelites
2. Sandie B: Likes the sound of Achim Acharim
3. David Tempelhoff : Unifying Isreal and Judah
4. Agatha: Bringing His people back from exile
5. Question on Scattered Israelites Elsewhere in Europe and Central Asia

"Brit-Am Now"-1155
1. Cam Rea:
The Early Median and Persian kings were indeed Israelite
2. Bob and Jacquie: Thanks to Steven Collins
3. Mark Robinson: The Arabs Are in the Feet of Iron and Clay!
4. Brit-Am Rose Articles Redone
5. Proverbs 10:5-7

"Brit-Am Now"-1156
1. David Jackson: Picture of a Cherokee Ancestor
2. Brian Patmore: Are the USAA and Australia etc "Staging Areas"?
3. Dennis McGinlay: United Europe is the Danger!
4. Michelle Bowie: "All we have to do is read scripture"
5. "really enjoy your emails"

"Brit-Am Now"-1157
1. Bo Ingvar Ronn: More On Swedes and the Sea
2. Brian Patmore: Edom is mixed up with different peoples
3. Craig Blackwood: the image in Daniel are all Edomite empires
4. Steven Collins: Israel and Judah will be reunited
5. The Brit-Am Take on Recent Issues: Medes, Israelites, and Feet of the Statue
(a) The Medes and Israel
(b) The feet of Mixed Clay and Iron
6. Scotland: Romans and a link to Egypt - but Scots came from Ireland
7. New Web Site of Orjan Svensson

"Brit-Am Now"-1158
1. Query on Circumcision
2. Daniel Chapter Eleven
3. Thomas Malloy: Iron and Clay = Reinforced Concrete?
4. Paul D Pruitt: Assyrians = SS Arians?
5. Brian Patmore: Edom + Arab = Palestinian
6. Cam Rea: Media was not totally Israelite.
7. Queries from Jamaica about Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-1159
1. Ope Tuslapsi: Zebulon of Finland (as well as Issachar?)
2. Viking Blood Courses Through Veins Of Many A Northwest Englander
3. What Does Brit-Am Want?

"Brit-Am Now"-1160
1. So I am an what?
2. Brit-Am Works for Reconciliation but do Ephraimites Reject Us?
3. Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

"Brit-Am Now"-1161
1. Questions on Megaliths and the East and the Seven Laws
2. Judah May be More Open to Us Than we Realize!
3. Nathan Proud:
Nahum 2:1-2 and the Identity of the Lost Israelites
4. Daniel - Chapter Headings to the Brit-Am Commentary
5. Edward Bradbrooke: Edom is Eastern China?
6. Swedish Article on the Khazars translated
7. Reactions to "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"
(a) Bob Kennedy:
"insulting and has no bearing on the return of Ephraimite"
(b) Constance Fischer:
"siding with the abuser when they question this"
(c) Tessa: "I visited Auschwitz"
(d) Michelle Bowie: "there is no doubt"
8. Richard Griffiths: Thanks
9. Projected Trip - A Potential Blessing

"Brit-Am Now"-1162
1. Witness to Holocaust Effects
2. Conspiracy Quacks and Holocaust Denial
3. Why is the Holocaust Pertinent to Brit-Am studies?
4. Dr. Eugene Narrett: New Identifying Evidence from English Literature
5. A New Ephraimite Forum

"Brit-Am Now"-1163
1. Steven Collins: The Holocaust is Pertinent
2. Tartessus-Tarshish and the Philistines
3. New Series of Articles: Brit-Am Refutes its Critics.
4. New Article: The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia: Reply to Criticism
5. Paul: Re The Holocaust- IT WAS JUST A QUESTION

"Brit-Am Now"-1164
1. Brit-Am Premium: New Site Under Construction
2. Brit-Am Replies to Identity Conspiracy Monger
3.Michelle Bowie: Father is watching
4. Brit-Am Refutes its Critics. Updated
5. New Article Expanded:
The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Phoenicians in New Guinea!

"Brit-Am Now"-1165
1. Didrik Samundsson: Scandinavian Odin Named after the Hebrew Adon [Lord]?
2. Dr. Richard Griffith: King David & The Minstrel Boy
3. Carol: Brit-Am Commentary on Psalms Appreciated
4. David Jackson: No Conspiracy but "a coordinated effort"
5. Tarshish sounds very similiar to places in Scotland

"Brit-Am Now"-1166
1. Proverbs 10:8-9 and Sundry Observations
The Wise Do What they Must in a straightforward manner.
The deceptive will be revealed.
Sephardic Jews in Tudor England.
The Hebrew Origin of Some English Words.
2. New Evidence: Middle East Females in Ancient Scandinavia?
3. Avraham ben Gad: Hebrew Origin of the Mennonites

"Brit-Am Now"-1167
1. "reconciliation is not as monumental a task as we might think"
2. English King Traced His Ancestry to the Kings of Judah
3. Letter Concerning the Noachide Movement and Brit-Am Reply
4. A Criticism of the Noachide Movement from the Brit-Am Perspective.
5. The Oral Law and Israelite Descent
6. What National and Religious Entities Comprise Brit-Am Sympathizers?
Are they all Ephraimites?
7. Contemporary Mythologies: Fairies, UFOs, Illuminati

"Brit-Am Now"-1168
1. Question on Ethiopian Jews and the Tribe of Dan
2. Leah: Reactions to Brit-Am Comments on Noachide Movement
3. The Brit-Am Web Site: Favorites Artcles and Search Strings
4. Prophetic Outlines of Biblical Books
5. Single-horned 'Unicorn' deer found in Italy
6. Questions from a Red-Haired Identifier with Esau
7. Question on DNA Tests and Identifying with Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1169
1. Jewish Tartan in Scotland
2. Alister Lowe: Biblical Codes and New Result for Australia
3. Cecil Davis: Red Hair No Problem
4. Is the Stone of Scone a Duplicate?
5. Joseph F Dumond: As Yair said "make it your strength"!

"Brit-Am Now"-1170
1. Holocaust Denial and RedHead Persecution:
Are We Too Gullible?
2. The Revision of the Chronology of Ancient History and Brit-Am
3. URL about the Khazars Shows their Israelite Origins According to the Sources.

"Brit-Am Now"-1171
1. Cecil Davis: Red Hair in the Family - A Blessing
2. New Book by Cam Rea
3. Did "The Sacaea" (Saturnalia) Celebrate an Overthrow of Israelites?
(a) The Scythians gain control of the Assyrian Empire and then lose it through a Drunken feast
(b) The Account of Strabo and the Sacaea Festival
(c) Herodotus versus Strabo?
(d) Nature of the Sacaea
(e) Babylonian Involvement

"Brit-Am Now"-1172
1. Cam Rea, " The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity"
Correct Book Link
2. Jewish History of Armenia: Lost Tribes and Khazars
3. Michelle Bowie: Keeping the Law and Being in the Land of Israel
4. Malcolm Crawford: Persia (Elam) and the Throne of David followed by Brit-Am Comment
Was the Imminent demise of Iran Predicted?
5. New Article by Cam Rea
"Assyria's invasion of Media, a Short Introduction"

"Brit-Am Now"-1173
1. How Others See US
2.Appreciation of Brit-Am, Different Religious Views, and Recognition of Divine Help
3. Gina Payne: The Noahide Movement and Brit-Am Beliefs
4. Jodie: Biblical Place Names in the USA
5. Why Brit-Am Needs and Deserves Your Support

"Brit-Am Now"-1174
1. Tommy: "I will gather all nations against Israel."
2. George Helon: BRIT-AM Online Blessings
3. Brian Patmore: Biblical Names and Bagdad in Tasmania!
4. Rob Jones: Proposed Brit-Am Seminar in Florida, USA
5. Brit-Am Book in French Published:
Origine: Le peuplement de l'Europe
6. Why People Do Not Support Brit-Am?
7. The Khazars, Scotts, and Picts, and the Hebrew Name

"Brit-Am Now"-1175
1. Cecilia Vail Hampton: A Foothold in Cyberspace...
2. Need for "upfront" information and Brit-Am Reply
3. Scotland: "The Picts - that they were one of the lost tribes of Israel"

"Brit-Am Now"-1176
1. Question on the Commentary of Abarbanel and the identification of England with "Zerefath" (Obadiah 1:20) of the Lost Ten Tribes.
2. New Brit-Am Book on the Khazars
3. Please keep us informed of your plans to come to the US
4. Tarshish in Britain?
5. Hard Times for us all?
6. Historical Prejudice Against Red-Heads
7. Brit-Am Comment on Tribal Jealousy?
Reuben versus Judah?

"Brit-Am Now"-1177
1. Brit-Am Secular Proofs: Mythology
Irish Ancestors included Israelites.
Stone of Scone is stone upon which Jacob slept and remained with his descendants.
2. Celtic-Hebrew Language Similarities
3. S: "I AM a REDHEAD!"

"Brit-Am Now"-1178
1. Jerusalem Post Backs Ten Lost Tribes Search in India
(Rejects Brit-Am Explanations)
(1) Inaccuracies in the JP Article
(2) What Brit-Am Could do to Rectify the Media over-exposure of an "Eastern Solution" to identifying the Lost Ten Tribes.
2. Robert Leslie: A Comment Concerning Scotland

"Brit-Am Now"-1179
1. Jon Tillotson:
Question on Transfer of Arabs and Brit-Am Reply
2. Avraham ben Gad:
First "Recognition", then "let the Almighty look after the reconciliation"!
3. Khazar History in Pictures-Interesting Maps

"Brit-Am Now"-1180 Contents:
1. Instinctive Israelite Identification in American Music
2.Was Asgard (legendary home of the Scandinavian heroes) in Khazaria?
3. New Brit-Am Books in Preparation

"Brit-Am Now"-1181
1. George Helon: "By the Rivers of Babylon"
2. Was Asgard Identical to Troy or Somewhere Else?
3. Secular Proofs: Mythology- Saturn and Britain

"Brit-Am Now"-1182
1. New Article:
"Zionism from a Brit-Am Perspective"
2. Judah Needs the Return of Joseph
3. Is Canada Tarshish?

"Brit-Am Now"-1183
1. Ephraimites involved with Archaeological Site in Israel
2. Cam Rea: Book Selling Well
3. Didrik Saemundsson:
Disappointed with Brit-Am reaction and checks steadfastness of identification of Benjamin

"Brit-Am Now"-1184
1. Tribal Identifications that are ALMOST CERTAIN AND THOSE THAT ARE LESS SO
2. Brian Patmore: Hungarians, Huns, and Sumerians
3. In Praise of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1185
1. Basic Optional designs for Cover of new book
Pre-publication offer.
2. Book Links Irish to Arabs and North Africans
3. Are Some Israelites More "Chosen" than others?

"Brit-Am Now"-1186
1. Ray Fulford: Northern Italy and Israel
2. Identity Nuts Protest Brit-Am "Prejudice", Big Noses, and German Israelites?
3. Why are Normans from the Tribe of Benjamin?
4. Blessings on Condition or Unconditional?
5. Reactions to the Covers

"Brit-Am Now"-1187
1. Arthur Koestler: The Thirteenth Tribe - Online
2. Extracts from Snorri: Odin and Company from Troy?
3. Robert Leslie: MBJ, and Elijah, Scotland and Colonial America
4. The Stone of Israel is it also that of Daniel?
5. Point of Interest: Khazar Monarchs from House of Jesse?
Book Orders

"Brit-Am Now"-1188
1. Why are the Lost Ten Tribes Considered "Lost"?
The Bible says so!
2. Hebrew and English: The verbal form "achanging"
3. Manasseh, Family Values, and Family Consicousness

"Brit-Am Now"-1189
1. Dave Browning: Britain and the Land of Canaan
2. n lorenz: The Messiah comes from Ephraim-Shiloh?
3. Orders: Make Sure You Send Your Address

"Brit-Am Now"-1190
1. Joan Griffith:
The Land of Israel and a Story Written by Isaac Bashevitz Singer
2. Jonathan Tillotson:
Should Britain Stay United? and Other Questions
3. Question on Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Religion, and US Support

"Brit-Am Now"-1191
1. Proposed Book Cover for "Khazars": New Version
2. Hans: "Khazars didn't speak Hebrew"?
3. Entries from Brit-Am Supporters on "Zionism

"Brit-Am Now"-1192
1. Owen Murphy: The Book-Cover for "Khazars"
2. Zionism: More Valuable Entries of Interest
3. Brit-Am Replies to identity delusions
(1) Rechabites
(2) Cain and Kenite?
(3) Other Copies of the Torah?
(4) Re-unification
(5) Show Some Love?

"Brit-Am Now"-1193
1. Dave Browning:
"Identity" racism and anti-semitism:
"a disease of intellect"
2. Reactions to the "Khazars " Cover
3. Question on Tribal Identities
and Inner Ethnic Tensions in the British Isles

"Brit-Am Now"-1194
1. Askarbek Mambetaliev: The Khazars and Turkish Groups
2. Bob Davis: Crusaders from Ten Tribes Lost Opportunity by Rejecting Judah?
3. Thomas Gray: The Fantasy of Evolution Leads to Racism!
4. "Khazars". The Book Cover: Criticisms and Kudos
(a) Would Prefer alternative symbols
(b) "not up to your usual standards"
(c) Priscilla Reid:
Hearty Agreement with Dave Browning and Kudos to Estelle
5. Zionism: More Brit-Am Sources and Answers to Queries

"Brit-Am Now"-1195
1. Maximus Taylor:
Question on British Immigrants to the USA and Brit-Am Reply
2. John E. Adam: Arab support for the Nazis
3. Dave Browning:
Dal Reada (West Scotland) and the Hebrew word "dal"

"Brit-Am Now"-1196
1. Paul Bailey: Hans from Germany and conspiracy theories
2. Question on the Quorum of Ten Tribes
3. URLs and Notes on the Khazars

"Brit-Am Now"-1197
1. More answers to claims against "Zionism"
2. "Khazars. Israelite Tribes in Exile"
Compliment on Cover
3. Special Feature: The War of the Word

"Brit-Am Now"-1198
1. Ben Zentgraf : "Stop Calling them Palestinians"
2. Dafydd Cotter:
Interesting article re. the Khazars from a USA Christian perspective...
3. A Warning from the Past (Numbers 33:53-56)

"Brit-Am Now"-1199
1. Jonathan Tillotson: In Defence of Open Discussion
2. Interesting Article related to Scythians and Goths etc.
3. Tess Agrees with Ben Zentgraf

"Brit-Am Now"-1200
1. Notes on The Ephraimite-Judah Crisis etc
2. Irish-Hebrew: Same words and Same Meanings
3. Adiabene


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