Cush and the Rest

  Egypt, Africa, and India 


Biblical Locations
of the Lost Ten Tribes

  Scriptural Proof 

 The Joseph Aspect 

  by Yair Davidiy 

 Biblical Evidence: The Joseph Aspect

Egypt, Africa, and India

These proofs are listed together since they are recalled in the same passage in Isaiah and historically connected. For more details (than those given below) please see our book, Joseph.
For a shorter explanation see the Brit-Am Commentary to Isaiah 45.

Egypt shall be subjected to Israel. The Suez Canal will be under Israelite control

Israel will rule over a large part of Africa and cause slaves from Africa to be carried over in chains to Israelite lands

Israel will rule India and benefit from trade with India.

Israel Will Rule over Egypt, Africa, and India

Egypt shall be subjected to Israel. Cush (translated as Ethiopia but also applicable according to the Aramaic translation and related tradition to India and its neighborhood. Black Africa (Seba) will be yours.

The Ten Northern Tribes were exiled by the Assyrians. Later, the Babylonians under Nebuchadnessar, conquered Judah and Jerusalem and exiled the Jews to Babylon. Cyrus, the king of Persia, conquered Babylon and allowed the Jews of Judah to return.  Isaiah (44:28) mentioned the name of Cyrus even though he prophesied close to 200 years before his time. The Prophecies of Isaiah concerning Cyrus on the whole fit the Persian king of that name though here and there they divert from him on some important points. These prophecies also tend to go off on a tangent, speak of Cyrus and then in the same breath speak about the future of Israel. The Rabbis interpreted the prophecies about Cyrus to pertain to a future Messianic being of whom the Persian King Cyrus was a kind of partial prototype. President Truman who assisted the Jews in creating the present State of Israel once declared to a visiting delegation, 'I am Cyrus'. This interpretation fits the message of Scripture. Isaiah begins by speaking about Cyrus and then he addresses himself to Israel. He (45:14) predicts that whatever passes via (Hebrew "yigia" translated as labor but also meaning "come unto, arrive at") Egypt, and the merchandise of Cush (India not in this case "Ethiopia" as translated in the King James), shall be yours and the tall Sabaean African Negroes will pass over unto you in chains. In the end they will acknowledge that God is with you. There is no other. Previously, Isaiah (43:3) predicted that Cush (India) and Seba, (Black Africa), would be subjected to Israel. Isaiah (43:3 and 45:14 and the verses around them) predicted that the Lost Ten Tribes would rule over India, Egypt and much of Negro Africa. The trade with India would be theirs, the recompense arriving (via the Suez Canal) at Egypt would be theirs, and they would transport Negroes, (many of whom were large-bodied), across the seas in chains. The whole passage ends on the point that in the Last Days they will return to worship the True God. We identify the Lost Ten Tribes headed by Britain and America as Israel. If we consider Britain and North America as one Anglo-Saxon entity then the Prophecy indicates that the Lost Ten Tribes are amongst them. The British ruled India and economically they gained very much from trade with her. They ruled Egypt and controlled the Suez Canal linking the Mediterranean Sea with the East. They also controlled much of Africa. Negro Slaves in chains were sent by them, and others acting on their behalf, across the Sea to North America and to the West Indies. Isaiah (43:5-6) said that the exiles would be ingathered from the east and west, north, and south, and from the ends of the earth. Only the English-speaking nations have fulfilled these prophecies as they were written. Only they received the Promises.



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