. The Great Tartan Disputation. Rounds Four and Five. TG Makes a Come-Back!

The Great Tartan Disputation. TG Makes a Come-Back! Rounds Four and Five.

We are continuing our Disputation with TG. Below are Rounds Four and Five.
The Points of contention concern the subject matter of our article Joseph and the Scottish Tartan.
Round Four is Below.
Round Five is Below that.

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TG Makes a Come-Back!

Round Four

TG said:
Yair, I just about pointed your nose to the true meaning of the term Ktonet Passim , and you, instead of THINKING, and putting your preconceptions aside chose to attack me.

Brit-Am Replies:
You are so obnoxious that I had no choice, TG.

TG said:
Rashi was making a very profound and deep statement when he said what he said,
Brit-Am Replies:
More mysticism?

TG said:
but assumed two things...the reader was thinking, and was knowledgeable in Talmud. You are neither.
NO other sources are required.
I am not going to tell you the answer.
I'm done with this subject, and will pick another when I have the time and inclination :)
By the way, I'd be most interested to find out which academics write to you, and what they write about :)
Brit-Am Replies:
Why would that interest you TG?
They ask questions, TG. The same as you do.
If you had to write something serious about
cotonet pasim you would use the sources we gave you and propose something similar to what we said.

TG said:
And, how dare you claim to use Hebrew sources after that decision to use NKJV?
Brit-Am Replies:
The NKJV is an English translation, TG, for English-speakers.

Round Five

TG said:
you think I'm obnoxious, because I know I'm right :)
Brit-Am Replies:
What exactly are you right about, TG?
Do you yourself know?

TG said:
There is NO mysticism in the Torah

Brit-Am Replies:
There is mysticism in the Torah but that is not what we are discussing.
Nothing you said was Torah but there certainly was something very mysterious about what you meant to say.

TG said:
I bet the academics that write tell you what a joke your entire theory is....but, you made it sound like you are respectful :)
Brit-Am Replies:
Respectful or not, TG, we provide knowledge.

TG wrote:

I know what ktonet passim means, and it has nothing to do with tartans.

Brit-Am Replies:
TG if you know so much why do you not reveal it?

TG said:
 However, I am not going to reveal it to you because you do not have yirat Shamayim [the Fear of Heaven].
Brit-Am Replies:
Sorry TG. We are not all at your level.
TG said:
People who think there is mysticism in the Torah are deluded due to faulty learning, and usually not really learning Torah at all. They usually seek short-cuts to 'spirituality' that are not there.
Brit-Am Replies:
We know there is mysticism in the Torah but we did not refer to it.
You are the one who keeps making mystical statements speaking of deeper meanings etc.
The Sages advised against making references to matter that one cannot explain.

TG said:
You do not provide knowledge. You provide some people, yourself included, with what they want to hear.
Brit-Am Replies:
That is open to debate.
We give what exists. Some people want to hear the truth and that is what we give them.

TG said:
What happened is that you stumbled onto something, but then went off the derekh [pathway] following pronouncements by Christians that are completely baseless, either in Torah, secular evidence, or even simple logic. And, after all these years, decades, you have so convinced yourself that you are right, that you are incapable of questioning your 'research', as you would had you received any education that involved basic research methodologies. Worst of all, you are not open to criticism, and show no critical thinking.
Brit-Am Replies:
What "pronouncements by Christians" are you referring to? There is no such thing. Even if there was (but there is not) such a phenomenon that in itself would not necessarily make it wrong.
TG said:
This is why you think I'm obnoxious. I have tried to tell you this in the strongest terms I thought appropriate, but you ignored me, and instead attacked and insulted me in public.

Brit-Am Replies:
I think you are obnoxious, TG, because you are offensive, insulting, and criminally irresponsible in your statements.
We may have insulted you in public as you claim but only under your pseudonym. TG is not your real name and not even the actual initials of your name.
You, on the other hand, said worse things about our humble poor benighted selves and we published them.

TG said:
Have you ever considered the damage you may have done with your 'revelations'?
Brit-Am Replies:
Brit-Am has done much good in many, many ways.

TG said:
Lets assume for a minute that you are completely right. What is your purpose? How does it reflect what HaShem wants?
Brit-Am Replies:
First of all it is the truth.
There is great value in publishing the truth.
This truth affects a great many people who deserve to know it.

You asked,
# How does it reflect what HaShem wants? #
How does anyone really know what is wanted?
One does what one can according to the insights that have been given.
The Almighty reveals HIMSELF in the Bible. HE wants the good of the Israelite Nation meaning both Judah and the Ten Tribes of Israel.
 The Ten Tribes of Israel will return and be redeemed.
This is the will of God.
The knowledge as to who the Ten Tribes really are may be a preliminary step in this direction.

Continued in Round Six.

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Joseph and the Scottish Tartan

Detailed List of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. The Term.
3. Tartan Type Patterns and the Area of Ancient Israel
4. David Rohl, Joseph, and Tartan Cloak.
5. Scottish Tartan and the Temple Garments.
6. Tartan in Ancient Times.
7. Tartan from the British Isles in Masada, of Judah.
8. Tartan in Scotland
9. Tartan in Ireland
10. Tartan in Ulster
Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
The Great Tartan Disputation.
Discussion and Queries.


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