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New Zealand in Brit-Am Bible Codes

1. New Zealand and Zebulon
2. Strategic Passes
Brit-Am in general terms relates to New Zealand as part of Joseph specifically Ephraim but with Israelites from other Tribes amongst its population. A Bible Code examination on a simple level produced results that in part confirmed previous Brit-Am understanding while opening up additional possibilities. In our study of SINIM and Australia we noticed that NEW ZEALAND was also included in this concept. See "New Zealand: The QUAIL AND THE KIWI".

1. New Zealand and Zebulon

New Zealand

This matrix is from a reverse sequence of 3136. It begins from the Book of Judges 6:29 and works backwards. NEW ZEALAND has the name GIDEON at the top. Gideon was a famous hero from the Tribe of Manasseh. In Ancient Times there was a tribe named after Gideon in Lowland Scotland. After that we have the unique Hebrew expression VaYiGaZ in Numbers 11:31 VaYiGaZ [i.e. "AND BROUGHT"] SLaVIM translated as "AND BROUGHT FORTH QUAILS". The word translated as QUAILS is SLaVIM and the singular form (SLaV) is found nearby in diagonal form near the bottom of the matrix where its middle letter forms the last letter of the words "CHILDREN OF ISRAEL".
Some of our supporters in New Zealand (who all seem to be robust young WARRIOR-TYPE males) seemed a little uneasy with our associating QUAILS with their country. We pointed out that what we were looking for was a sign of identification. New Zealand is unique in the fact that its bird life found itself in an environment with few natural predators and so birds filled ecological niches normally associated with mammals and rodents. Many of these birds (around one-third of the total) did not have the ability to fly. This was a factor that distinguished New Zealand from all other lands and this is what distinguishes the "SLAVIM" ("Quail") in the desert. SLaVIM were associated in the Codes with the Land of Sinim which in turn is identified as one of the Lands from which the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel will return. See Isaiah 49:8 confirmed to be referring to the return of the Lost Ten Tribes in Numbers Rabah 1;6, Eichah Rabah 2;9, Jerusalemi Sanhedrin ch.17, L.6,29. This combination justifies our identification of the Land of Sinim (from which Israelites will return) as New Zealand as well as Australia as explained in our articles on the subject.
There is a link to the ZEBULONITES seen on the right hand side. In The Tribes we identified Holland with Zebulon but noted that the ship (the symbol of Zebulon) also appears (as one of several items) on the traditional Coat of Arms of New Zealand. New Zealand in fact is named after ZEELAND in Holland. Another link to Zebulon is found in the name ALON on the right hand side. Alon (Genesis 46:14) was one of the Tribal Clan heads of Zebulon after whom the whole clan received its name. We also note the presence of AMON and we saw their presence as well in Norway. We noted that the Moabites (found in Britain) and Amonites seem to have some so-far unexplained associated with the Lost Ten Tribes. To the left we have an expression that could be read AY- Ha-Yam meaning Isles of the Sea and associated with the Lost Ten Tribes. For some reason the combination spelling SEA (YaM) repeates itself five times over!!
On the bottom right hand side is the word ZaCaR meaning "male, man" or "memory" but when combined with "N" at the end as in this case it beomes ZiCRoN and connotes REMEMBRANCE.

2. Strategic Passes

New Zealand

This matrix is from a reverse sequence of 3890. It begins at Genesis 10:26 and works backward. The name NEW ZEALAND is intersected by the expression,
This involves one of the blessings to Israel and an identifying proof of Lost Israelite Descent.

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