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Topics discussed on the present site include The Lost Ten Tribes and everything about them.

Brit-Am Contemporary Newsletters
The Newsletter "Brit-Am Now" is sent out by e-mail subscription as well as being posted to the Web-Site. All the other newsletters are posted to the website with news of new issues and the contents of each new issue being given at the bottom of the relevent "Brit-Am Now" posting.

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Presently Extant Newsletters:

Brit-Am Now
Updates concerning the Brit-Am Movement, Lost Ten Tribes Information, Web Site Features, Discussions, Correspondence

Jerusalem News: Archive Contents
News articles concerning the State of Israel, the Jewish People, and the Western World

Biblical Studies, Research Findings, General Queries on Scriptural Matters

Brit-Am Megalithic Bulletin Update
New Findings and Researches on the Megalithic Monuments referred to in Jeremiah 31 as indications of Israelite Migratory Paths

Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
Anthropological and DNA Findings of General Interest, Criticisms and Faults in Contemporary DNA Theory

Brit-Am Research Sources
A collection of informational leads for further study.

Brit-Am Tribal Researches

Notes and information Concerning Individual Israelite Tribes.

Brit-Am Historical Reports
Archaeology, Holocaust, Chronology, Ancient History, General History, New Findings

Ephraimite Forum
Archaeology, History, General Features
It was discontinued but replaced with the New Joseph Forum (NJF) and Brit-am Historical Reports (BHR).
It was later renewed as a continuation of NJF:
Ephraimite Forum no.127 Onwards

The Hussein Obama Pages
Information concerning, criticism of, poetry and cartoons about President Barak Hussein Obama with the main emphasis being on his attitude and policy towards the State of Israel.

New Joseph Forum
Discussions with "Joes" and "Ephraimites" (non-Jewish believers in their Israelite Ancestry) concerning the implications of Brit-Am beliefs at the practical often private individual level, e.g. coming to Israel, keeping the Torah, etc.
NJF was discontinued and has been amalgamated with Ephraimite Forum no.127 Onwards

Telling it Like it is. Discussion of Ephraimite Questions
Discusses Controversial Issues and Exposes Nefarious Aspects and Delinquent Tendencies of Other Groups that Oppose Brit-Am.

Tribal Reports
Individual Western Nations are populated by a predominant element whose ancestry may be traced back to Specific Israelite Tribes. This Newsletter deals with information and discussion concerning the specific nations.

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rose Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Revelation -Publicizing the Results of our Research.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.