Brit-Am Now no. 1207
14 Av 5768 15 August 2008
1. Askar: Tubal also in Tobolsk
2. Menachem Mendl haLevi (Hark): Jews and the Tribes 3. John Adam: Saladin and the Kurds
4. John Wharton: The Name Israel is Appropriate!
5. Malcolm Osborne: The Almighty Keeps HIS Covenant



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1. Askar: Tubal also in Tobolsk
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1206
#2. Georgia and Gog and Magog

I know another version of Tubal, which is the Russian city Tobolsk, where weapons are produced.

2. Menachem Mendl haLevi (Hark): Jews and the Tribes
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1205

#3. Nathan Proud: Carthage and Thoughts on Abortion

The State of Israel is not called Judea since not all of today's Jews are descendants of that tribe. I, for one, am a Levite. Also the tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Menasseh) merged with the dominant tribe of Judah as did many of the other tribes especially Benjamin. And the Jews of Ethiopia, India, etc are thought to be descendants of other tribes. The tribes of Israel are not so "lost" as so often stated. "Jew" became the commonly used title for all of the children of Israel.  The children of the "lost tribes" did not suffer from mass amnesia--Jews (aka Israel) have always (for the past 4,000 years) remembered our history. Even the converso Jews (marranos) from the Spanish inquisition did not suffer from mass amnesia. Many conversos fled to Turkey, Syria, Morrocco and Tunisia and kept alive who they were. In fact, I know many descendants of the inquisition (primarily from Turkey and Syria). Those who settled in Turkey thought that anyone who spoke Spanish was Jewish (aka Ladino--the "Sephardic equivalent to Ashkenazic Yiddish").
Yet sadly there are many descendants of Jews living in Latin America who realize thanks to the internet of their Jewish origins. However, they realize that there may be only on great great great great great Jewish grandparent. Many are now studying Judaism and Jewish history and are converting to Judaism.
ABOUT ABORTION--the torah does not consider the fetus to be a living person. However, abortion should not be a method of birth control and a male seed is not supposed to be wasted--but it is not as frowned upon in the Jewish world as in the Christian world.
BUT, let's not forget the value that Jews place on human life and even the human body even after death. Israel traded 10 living murderers for 2 dead Jewish bodies so that they can have a decent burial. The Arabs were cheering the release of murders and the whole state of Israel was in mourning for our 2 Kedoshim (soldiers). We still hope (all of the Jewish people) for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. Even in our shul in America, Gilad' s name is mentioned for his safe return during the torah reading on Shabbat.
Jews also are not allowed to mark our bodies with tattoos and body piercings as stated in our torah. So Christians should never ever question Jewish values when it comes to human life. Our values come from our torah which comes from Hashem--and perhaps Christians should focus on more issues concerning human life and values and stop focusing primarily on abortion.
Respectfully to all of G-d's children and all of His creation.
Menachem Mendl haLevi
And one more thought regarding the "lost" tribes:
In 586 BCE when the first Beit HaMikdash was destroyed many Jews escaped to Persia (Iran). King Cyrus of Persia encouraged the Jews to go back to their homeland to rebuild the Temple and many did. Many other Jews, however, remained in Persia and most lived there until 1979. Are the Jews of Persia only from the tribes of Levi and Judah? Weren't the other tribes living in Israel/Judea in 586 BCE?  Couldnt many of the Persian Jews have been members of the other 10 tribes? And perhaps many of the Jews leaving Persia to rebuild our country and our Temple assimilated with the dominant tribe of Judah upon their return thereby losing their former tribal identity?
Just a thought.

Brit-Am Reply:
Menachem Mendl haLevi (sometimes referred to as "Hark") has written to us several times in the past.
What he says now he has said before and we have answered him.
He does not believe in the Lost Ten tribes and if he would believe he would prefer to look for them
in Asian countries.
We have answered his claims in direct answers to him, in articles on our site, and in books.

3. John Adam: Saladin and the Kurds
Dear Yair,
I find the reference to Maimonides particularly interesting since he was the personal physician to Saladin. This seems to me to have been a huge opportunity to stop the Arabs and the Islamic religion of Satan.

Saladin was a Kurd and did not appear to have a great love for Arabs. Brit-Am does mention Jewish Kurds and the possibility that the Kurds may have some exposure to the lost tribes, . Even today the Kurds are the only large Islamic group that has ever conducted themselves in a way acceptable to Christians and Jews. Do you think this is only a coincidence?

Converting the Kurds to Judeo Christianity might still be possible. If that happened the Persians and Egyptians might be convinced into following them. None of these people have any use for the Arabs. They have not forgotten the rape and plunder of their civilizations. The lies about Islam maintaining civilization and technology for the World are a bad joke and a successful Arab PR campaign. The Arab Islamic conquests destroyed most of the wonders of the Ancient World to use the rubble to build Mosques and Arab Palaces. They used polished limestone and granite from the pyramids because they could not produce these building materials.  The monumental architecture of Egypt and Persia did not just fall apart due to time and neglect.

The August National Geographic article on Iran clearly indicates that they have not forgotten. Israel has some influence in Georgian and the Caucasus area. They might want to start making friends with the Kurds.
Love your neighbor,
John Adam

4. John Wharton: The Name Israel is Appropriate!
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1205

Should Israel be called Judah?

On the question in Britam Now 1225 as to whether or not the name should be changed from Israel to Judah, I agree that Israel is the proper name for the country. Many from the other tribes will eventually return as the prophets say they will. Then the name would need to be changed from Judah to Israel to reflect the full name of all of the tribes together there.
As it is the country exists now, as it should be, and is ready for the return of the other tribes as you teach Yair, in your BRITAM books, and articles.

5. Malcolm Osborne: The Almighty Keeps HIS Covenant
Shalom Yair

I wish with your permission, to respond from a different angle to 
"Hark's" inquiry :
Brit-Am Now no. 1203
# 2. Is Brit-Am Contributing to Jewish Assimilation?
For a start I cannot agree that focusing on the "remnant of Israel"  -
The Jewish People presumably - as he suggests, will leave Anyone better off.
To my mind, the whole exercise that you are engaged in Yair, is Pointless - IF G-d is not a Covenant Keeping G-d and because of this, has the future of the 'Lost Tribes'  in mind too. 

If He is not and therefore does not, would not all of the Jewish Peoples' work and suffering will have been for nothing.  And if this is so, is not the world thus doomed?  A matter which far outweighs that of assimilation!

The Noahide Laws have their value, nevertheless, I do not see them as the means by which His... "Salvation may be unto the end of the earth."
- Isaiah 49: 6.
Malcolm -


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