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1. Ends of the World
2. Tim Lick: We Are a Minority Everywhere
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1. Ends of the World
One of our Biblical Proofs is that according to the Bible the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times will be located at the "ends" or geographical extremities of the earth.
Biblical Proof
# 1 - Ends of the Earth
We said that the word for England in French "Angleterre"
means literally "end of the earth".
It was pointed out to us that in Modern French the word means
"Land of the Angles" and no more than that.
The source for the statement that "Angleterre"
means "end of the earth" is from Menasseh ben Israel (1604-1657) who certainly knew French
(as well as numerous other languages) and we doubt that he could have been mistaken.
It may be that in the French of his time or of the Provinces "angle" did mean "end".
This is something we still have to clarify but Menasseh ben Israel
in himself is a source worth taking note of.

See also: The quotation from Irene Lancaster
concerning Iben Ezra in the same article:
<<In those days 'Angleterre' was regarded as being at the 'edge of the earth', and was therefore of great interest to someone of Ibn Ezra's evangelical and messianic mentality>>.

Out of curiosity the Wikipedia Article "End of the World"
list the following places whose name means "End of the Earth":
Geographic locations:
Land's End in Britain
Finistere in Brittany
Cape Finisterre in Galicia, Spain
Montauk, a town on the eastern most end of Long Island, New York
Yamal Peninsula, in northern Russia

Half of the places belong areas of Israelite Exile or concentration.
Concerning the other half note our commentary to Isaiah:
" e.g <<But thou Israel, my servant Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend...Whom I have strengthened (taken) from the ENDS OF THE EARTH and called thee from the CHIEF [i.e. best] parts hereof>> (Isaiah 41;8-9).
i.e. they were to be in those areas that not only would be situated at the geographical extremities
BUT ALSO THEY WOULD BE IN THOSE 'ENDS' that could be considered
the best in terms of habitability.

2. Tim Lick: We Are a Minority Everywhere
From: "Tim Lick (rcn)"
Subject: Re: Attacks on Brit-Am from the Deranged


I find that attack interesting.  I'll tell you why.  I laughed when they
associated Brit-Am with a Xtian front (I'm assuming that is an acronym for
Christian).  I find that most Christians, both liberal and conservative, are
basically opposed to "lost tribes" teaching, even to the point of angry
exchange as if it's some sort of threat. Obviously, whoever this person
(group) is, does not know the majority of Christians well.  What you teach
(and myself as well) is definitely in the minority at this point in time and
any knowledgeable person will know that this teaching is not associated with
any major group, Christian or otherwise (I wish, however, that will change


3. New Entries on Web-Site

 Brit-Am Replies to Queries:

Question  8.  How can you be against Conspiracy Theories when history is full of examples of groups conspiring together?

Question 9. What is "Conspiracy" with a Capital "C"?

Brit-Am Replies to Queries:
Promises and Prophecy

Question 6.
(a) How Do We Know that Prophecies concerning the Lost Ten Tribes have not already been fulfilled?
(b) Also, How do we know that such prophecies are to be taken Literally?

4. Brit-Am National Criteria Added to.
How can one tell that the nation one belongs to is primarily of Israelite origin?

(1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture.

(2. Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.

(3. Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths of migration. See Jeremiah 31:21.

(4. Judah: Affinity with the Jews. : This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others. This holds true even though Prophecy (Isaiah 11:13) also indicates that a certain degree of tension would always exist almost to the end betweeen "Ephraim" and Judah.

(5. Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty, cf. Deuteronomy 4:6.

(6. Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in potential, see Deuteronomy 33:29.

(7. Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.
Abraham was blessed to become a great and mighty nation that his descendants might do "justice and judgement" see Genesis 18:19.

(8. Israelite Self-Identification
Israelite Identification, means that in some way a significant (more often in quality rather than in numbers) portion of the peoples concerned at some stage or other to a degree are known to have identified themselves as Hebraic.
This holds in many cases but not in all of them.

The USA had its own Israelite-identifying groups such as the early Puritans, some of the Founding Fathers, the Mormons, and numerous others, in fact within the whole structure of American religion especially of the Fundamentalist variety there have been such tendencies.
Israelite Identification is a recurring feature in American History.
Israelite Identifying groups from Europe even from such places as Germany and Russia and like-minded individuals from all over the world ALL tended to gravitate to the USA. USA support for the State of Israel also says something about an underlying realization of communality. Family Connection: The identified group will have a known and proven "ethnic" link to some degree to other of the peoples identified as "Israelite" so that the proofs for one may applied to the other and the effect becomes cumulative.

British. Anglo-Saxon legend and tradition presumed Hebrew ancestry. Puritans. Restoration Movement. Personal Identification of Leading figures. Welsh Hebrew origins known of from early times. Scottish Food taboos and traditions.

Ireland. Irish legend and tradition presupposes a significant degree of Hebrew ancestry.

The Finnish of Finland believed themselves descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Denmark Sweden and Norway had periods of identification with Israel.
Early Swedish histories (quoted in "The Tribes") spoke of Hebrew ancestry.

The Danes also had an Israelite tradition and identified strongly with Jews at time of need.
Descendants of Scandinavians in USA were prominent in Israelite Identification groupings and pro-Israel activities.

Netherlands (Holland) acceptance of Jews and identification with them.
Tradition of Israelite origin amongst the Frisians and Puritan type Hebraic movements and sympathies.

Belgium: Similar to Netherlands but moderated by Roman Catholic religion.

France: Protestant French (Huguenots) identified with Israel. Periods of identification with Jews. Feeling amongst intellectuals of Gaul having had a Semitic (Hebrew) origin. Much of French History may even be seen as a struggle between the Hebraic and the non-Hebraic elements and sentiment.

Switzerland: Hebraic Calvinists. Some very moderated Hebraic feeling throughout.

(9. Family Connection: The identified group should have proven "ethnic" links to at least one of the other identified groups so that the proofs of one may be applied to the other.

(10. Tribal Affiliation: The Exiled Israelites were destined to settle in groups retaining much of their original Tribal cohesion or later through some kind of "homing" instinct members of the same Tribe tended to converge together. See Isaiah 11:12 and the Midrash. We should therefore be able to at least tentatively identify specific national groups with specific Israelite Tribes and show how the Tribal Characteristics came through.

5. B-AMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasts Israel): New Talks Available

<http://britam.org/tape3b.html>Transcript of Lecture,
To <http://www.britam.org/Broadcasts/MessiahsonofJoseph.mp3>Hear Broadcast of Lecture, "The Two Sticks"

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