"Brit-Am Now"-691
1. Angleterre- Clarification
2. Why do you belief the Finnish are descended from Israelites?
3. Pesach

1. Angleterre- Clarification
re "Brit-Am Now"-690
item 1. Ends of the World
Our last note on this  subject  was not understood properly.
"Angleterre" is the French word for "England"
and it means "Angle-terre" or "Land of the Angles"
just like England (Engl-land).
Angleterre was also interpreted to mean "End of the Earth"
by people who considered it to be an "End of the Earth"
(geographical extremity measured from the Land of Israel)
mentioned by the Bible.
This re-interpretation of the name was never claimed to actually prove anything
in itself. It was just a curiosity but has some importance since the people who
made this re-interpretation are important.  In a general discussion of the "ends of the
earth" and what they refer to the point
was considered worth mentioning.
Biblical Proof: # 1 - Ends of the Earth

2. Why do you belief the Finnish are descended from Israelites?
Answer: The Finnish people fulfill the Criteria we established for determining Israel Origin.
We identify the Finnish people with elements from the Tribes of Issachar, Gad and Simeon but Issachar is predominant. We do not say that all the Finns are Israelites but that Israelites are amongst them to a significant degree.
Sources indicate that Issachar will play a key role in the return of the Tribes.

The Finns are substantially from Israel according to our Criteria:

(1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture.
The Finnish have a high standard of living and relatively speaking always have had on a comparative per capita basis.
This includes both physical conditions, education, and civil liberties.

(2. Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.
Finland is at one of the ends of the Earth or geographical extremities as measured from the Land of Israel.  It is north of Land of Israel, it is a light to the Nations through its example similarly to the rest of Scandinavia.
Finland is identifiable with Issachar and meets the characteristics of Issachar.

(3. Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths of migration. See Jeremiah 31:21.
Our historical researches traced the Finnish people to areas of Scythia wherein we believe Israelite Tribes to have sojourned.

(4. Judah: Affinity with the Jews : Finland until recently was pro-Israel. There was little anti-Semitism in Finland though some did exist. The Finnish people protected nearly all of the Jews in Finland in World War 2 from the Nazis even though the Germans were physically present in Finland and their allies against the Russians who were attempting to take Finland over.
The Jewish community is accepted, a known phenomenon exists whereby Finns convert to Orthodox Judaism and marry Jews.

(5. Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty, cf. Deuteronomy 4:6. Finland possesses these qualities.

(6. Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in potential, see Deuteronomy 33:29. Finland in its wars against Russia proved itself to possess this quality.

(7. Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.
Abraham was blessed to become a great and mighty nation that his descendants might do "justice and judgement" see Genesis 18:19.
Finland gives the impression of being an egalitarian nation ion which the well-being and basic rights of each citizen are cared for.

(8. Israelite Self-Identification
Israelite Identification, means that in some way a significant (more often in quality rather than in numbers) portion of the peoples concerned at some stage or other to a degree are known to have identified themselves as Hebraic.

The Finnish of Finland believed themselves descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.
The earliest Histories of Finland say that they descend from Israel.

 (9. Family Connection: The identified group should have proven "ethnic" links to at least one of the other identified groups so that the proofs of one may be applied to the other.
There was a link to the Khazars.  Racially the Finnish are similar to the rest of Scandinavia especially Sweden and what applies to Sweden applies to Finland. Thus, we have the historical justification.

(10. Tribal Affiliation: The Exiled Israelites were destined to settle in groups retaining much of their original Tribal cohesion or later through some kind of "homing" instinct members of the same Tribe tended to converge together. See Isaiah 11:12 and the Midrash.
Finland possesses the qualities of Issachar to a great degree and our studies indicate that Issachar did settle in Finland.

3. Pesach
The Holiday of Pesach (Passover) begins tomorrow. For the next  8 days or so
we should be doing little work. A few posts may still be sent out but these will
probably consist mainly of news items and the remarks of others.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of