"Brit-Am Now"-722
1. What real Evidence is there for Brit-Am and related claims?
(A brief article of possible importance)
2. Pictures of Dolmens in Jordan
3. Isaiah chapters 45 -50 Summarized

1. What real Evidence is there for Brit-Am and related claims?
a. Introduction
Quite a few letters etc have been sent recently concerning Brit-Am
and the attitude of others in Judah and elsewhere towards "Ephraimites".
A point that many seem to forget is that claims to Israelite ancestry
by "Ephraimites" are not considered as self-obvious
as one may think.
This is important.
Who are you?
What makes you any different from anybody else?
How convincing is the evidence?
An attempt at objective appraisal:
This article speaks from the perspective from Judah but a good proportion
of "Ephraim" is not going to be convinced unless they realize it through the
Bible or Judah takes the lead.
Both Judaism and Christianity emphasize the importance of belief over origin.
Both religions derive their faith from the Bible.
The Bible in effect also emphasize belief and correct action over everything else.
The Bible however concentrates on the Israelite peoples
and gives the message that these peoples have a special purpose.
Biblical ancestry therefore plays an important role
though no-one is saying that it is more important than good intention
and just deeds.
Brit-Am makes claims concerning ancestry.
The Brit-Am criteria (now numbering 10) remain the best available standard
on this issue:
Summarized below. For a little more detail go to the URL above.
The Criteria
Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture.

Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.

Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths of migration. See Jeremiah 31:21.

Judah: Affinity with the Jews: This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others. This holds true even though Prophecy (Isaiah 11:13) also indicates that a certain degree of tension would always exist almost to the end betweeen "Ephraim" and Judah.

Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty, cf. Deuteronomy 4:6.

Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in potential, see Deuteronomy 33:29.

Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.
Abraham was blessed to become a great and mighty nation that his descendants might do "justice and judgement" see Genesis 18:19.

Israelite Self-Identification
Israelite Identification, means that in some way a significant (more often in quality rather than in numbers) portion of the peoples concerned at some stage or other to a degree are known to have identified themselves as Hebraic.
This holds in many cases but not in all of them.

Family Connection: The identified group should have proven "ethnic" links to at least one of the other identified groups so that the proofs of one may be applied to the other.

Tribal Affiliation: The Exiled Israelites were destined to settle in groups retaining much of their original Tribal cohesion or later through some kind of "homing" instinct members of the same Tribe tended to converge together. See Isaiah 11:12 and the Midrash. We should therefore be able to at least tentatively identify specific national groups with specific Israelite Tribes and show how the Tribal Characteristics came through.

b. What Evidence is there? -In Practical Terms in the Eyes of Others
(1) Biblical; Taking the Bible literally along with historical facts of recent times
the proofs are convincing though getting someone else to seriously consider
them may be another story.
(2) Rabbinical Proofs: Consists of some evidence in its own right along
with confirmation that the Biblical Evidence mentioned above has been applied in a legitimate manner.
Also provides philosophical outlooks consistent with said interpretations.
Brit-Am Biblical Codes proof is also legitimate especially when presented
alongside more conventional considerations.
(3) Historical Proofs: Includes Archaeology, Linguistics, etc. Does not fit entirely with conventional
understanding but at least shows how even in a conventional framework the possibility at least exists.
(4) DNA "Scientific" Evidence.  Does not agree with Brit-Am scenarios.
Brit-Am has its own explanations and its own proposals as to how DNA in fact does support
or at least not contradict Brit-Am beliefs but at the moment these are not widely accepted.
(5) Other considerations. Anti-semitism, support for Israel, empathy for others ,etc See our 10 Brit-Am Criteria above.
These are important. They are not liable to entirely convince others in themselves but they can create a positive attitude and/or mitigate any hostility that may exist. On the other hand not all these points work in our favor
UNLESS we take an overall view, e.g. anti-Semitism in "Israelite" nations does exist and is a problem.
It is not always a simple matter to convince others in a brief encounter that on the whole our
"Brit-Am" nations have usually been better for Judah than anybody else.

In other words the main things we have going for us are (1) Biblical Proofs
and (2) Rabbinical Support.
The other points are also very important and need strengthening.
Some "Ephraimites" have the attitude that they do not really need Brit-Am.
They may have known of this truth before they even heard of Brit-Am.
Also the basic evidence is contained in Scripture
which is open to all and the monopoly of nobody.
If Divine Providence so wills these almost self-evident truths can be imparted
without Brit-Am or anybody else.
This is only partly correct.
We feel we have "upgraded" the whole scenario and are still doing do.
Somebody is needed.
At present we do not see an alternative to Brit-Am.
In the same way as in private life and in business one does (or should do)
as well as one can to succeed so too in this case.
Brit-Am may not offer a satisfactory solution but
we can get the ball rolling
both efficiently and respectably
with your help.
We see the three Rs of Brit-Am as a first and indispensable step.

2. Pictures of Dolmens in Jordan
From: Mariam Hotel <>
Subject: Dolmens near Madaba


Today I was reading your web site and I would like to show you some of the dolmens I had taken photos for them during my visit in the 14th of May 2006.
See dolmens at at Megalithic Structer page.

Best Regards,

Charl Twal

Brit-Am Comment:
See pictures of dolmens
The pictures are worth viewing.
Madaba is near Mt Nebo in the territory of Reuben:


Dolmens been found in many Mediterranean area, Ireland,
Wales, Scotland, and Kafkaz in Russia including thousands in Jordan.

Photos taken by Charl Al Twal during his visit to Medeba in 14th of May 2006.
See also:

3. Isaiah chapters 45 -50
God calls to his "anointed" Cyrus (45:1) [see the Brit-Am Commentary in full. This verse is not addressed primarily to Cyrus but to the Ten Tribes in Exile.]. God will prepare the way before him and give him the treasures of darkness and riches of secret places (45:2-3). Jacob is the servant of God. He is called "Jacob" (Yank, Union Jack, Jock) even though he is not aware of its meaning (45:4). The God of Israel  looked after Jacob even though Jacob did not know him (45:5). He shall rebuilt the city and release the Captives who belong to the Almighty (45:13). Produce reaching Mitsrayim (Egypt), tall men of Saba in Africa shall fall after the Chosen and belong to them. They will acknowledge that God is with them (45:14).
An identifying sign of Israel in Exile was that they should rule Egypt, most of Africa, and India as the British did (45:1-4,14). So too in the future Joseph will be instrumental in the Restoration of Judah (45:13). That which comes to Egypt [via the Suez  Canal], the trade of India [Cush], and of the Sabeans [of Black Africa], shall come over [the sea] unto you. They will be yours, in chains they will come unto you.
This was fulfilled by the British and Americans (45:14).
They were also the one who eventually stopped the international slave trade and abolished it all over the world.
 The God of Israel hides Himself (45:15 See our commentary and the book "Ephraim" for more details on these matters).  They who make idols shall be ashamed but Israel will be saved (45:16-17). Israel was called to come out of the nations, not worship the wood of an idol nor pray to a god that cannot save (45:20). True Prophecy is to be found only in the Israelite Bible besides whom there can be none other (45:21). God is calling to Israel to return and worship HIM (45:22).
God hides HIMSELF amongst His people including the Lost Tribes of Israel (45:15). God has not made Himself unavailable to the seed of Jacob, just the opposite (45:19). They who are escaped from  among the nations are to assemble together and reject their idolatrous beliefs (45:20). God is calling to Israel to return and worship HIM (45:22). By returning to God all the Seed of Israel shall be justified and find glory (45:25).
Isaiah describes the destruction of Babylon (46:1). God is not a mortal and not subject to mortal restraints. He can help us always. He has no limitations. He can make up for the limitations we have or acquire (46:4). Money can be important yet it is only a means. Like strength, youth, and life itself, it should be seen only as a means to fulfill the tasks God through life places upon us (46:6). Isaiah (chapter 46) spoke of the fall of the gods of Babylon. Chapter 47 speaks of the fall of the people. God was angry at Judah his people. The Babylonians took advantage and did not show them what mercy they could have done therefore they will be punished (47:6). All your scientists will not help you, Babylon (47:13). The present State of Israel which is however primarily comprised of Judah is condemned (48:1-2). Judah will be punished but not completely. God will have mercy on Judah for the sake of His Name that is called upon Judah (48:3-11). Both Jacob (the Lost Ten Tribes) and Israel (usually the Ten Tribes but when juxtaposed with Jacob meaning Judah) are called upon to acknowledge the Almighty (48:12). Babylon will be punished (48:14) but before then may yet cause harm to Israel (48:20). The Isles are called upon to listen to God (49:1). Israel is the servant of God (49:3). Israel will raise up the Tribes of Jacob and restore the preserved of Israel, to be an enlightening influence on the Gentiles unto the geographical extremities of the earth (49:6). God calls to the Jews who were despised ands says HE will save them (49:7). The Ten Tribes will be made into a Brit-Am or covenant of peoples. They will settle and civilize wasted heritages (49:8) and free the prisoners while converging together along their paths of migration (49:9). Judah will be consoled (49:13-16). Much of the troubles of Judah were cause by her own wayward sons (49:17). Judah will be compensated greatly (49:18-20). When the Lost Ten Tribes return Judah will be reticent about receiving them.  the Jews will ask where were all those now identified as Israel when the Jews needed help and were alone? According to the Midrash (Pesikta Rabati 32;10) this reaction of the Jews will indeed take place WHEN THEY SEE THE THREE EXILES OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES RETURNING! (49:21). Judah will be elevated and her former oppressors will come bowing down to her (49:22-26).
Judah has not been disowned.  Judah was not divorced and is still obligated by the Law. Jeremiah spoke of the Lost Ten Tribes being divorced (Jeremiah 3:8). Even so in the Last Days God will say that HE never really divorced either Judah or Israel. They always belong to the Almighty and each in their own way had their task to fulfill (50:1). In the same way that God punishes or afflicts so too can He bestow blessings.  Do good and ultimately good will come unto you some how or other. The good will come in the form you yourself would prefer if you knew all the options and were aware of all your culpability (50:2). Judah was forced to become passive and bear affliction in Exile (50:6). In the end, the justification for Judah comes from God (50:8).