"Brit-Am Now"-766
2. Received Magazine (Brit-Am TRUTH no.9) -First Impressions
3. Brit-Am on Arutz-7
4. Reactions Received by Tamar Yonah to Interview
5. "Black-Balling" of Brit-Am by Ephraimite Leaders Admitted!
6. What Does Brit-Am offer?
7.  A Regular Brit-Am Arutz-7 Radio Show?
8. Send us Your Reactions
(a) The magazine
(b) The radio interview and proposed radio show:
9. Brit-Am is Now Alone and in Need of You

New Article:

2. Received Magazine (Brit-Am TRUTH no.9) -First Impressions
From: healingforthenations <>
Subject: No.9
Yair shalom,

The arrival of the 9th issue of the Brit - Am magazine in time for an afternoon of reading on Shabbat made it a most pleasant,special Shabbat.

The Ark article was very interesting and timely. This past Thurs. evening Grant Jeffrey,a respected Christian  Bible teacher dedicated his weekly TV broadcast to the very same topic with a twist I had not heard. He seems to ascribe to the 2 Ark theory . He believes that the original is indeed in Jerusalem, having been secretly flown in from Ethiopia after the civil war there ended .

According  to him,his personal relationships with former Mossad, IDF, and gov't. officials attests to  his position. He claims that at the end of the civil war the Israeli gov't. had indeed ascertained the existance of the  real Ark in Ethiopia and made a deal with the ruling thugs to transport the Ark  back to Israel. Supposedly the now defeated regime agreed to a large sum of money to be handed to them in suitcases after which they would fly to Switzerland to deposit the cash in a Swiss bank,which,after take-off, was notified by the Israeli gov't. that the money was counterfeit. The IAF (unaware of the precious cargo's identity) flew the Ark back to Israel where it remains in an undisclosed location in Jerusalem.   What is your take on this claim?

The Dan article was informative but  a bit  of a stretch for me as it was quite lengthy.

Thank you for your flexibility (your editiorial) which reflects humility.I appreciated it  entirely.

God bless you and the Brit-Am family, Diane

3. Brit-Am on Arutz-7
Yair Davidiy with Tamar Yonah and Alexander Traiman
(12) "Brit-Am in Black and White;
Yair Davidiy speaks on Israel National Radio (Arutz-7)
with Tamar Yonah and Alexander Traiman about the
Lost Ten Tribes and why Christians Should Not Missionize Jews.
Hear Broadcast of Radio Show:
The broadcast lasts for about an hour with Yair Davidiy speaking
during the second half. In order (if you so wish) to only hear Yair Davidiy
go to the middle of the broadcast and move clip position to 24:01.
For an article on this subject see:

4. Reactions Received by Tamar Yonah to Interview
(a) "spewing nonsense"
I usually enjoy your show very much, but I think it detracts from you what you are presenting when you have people like Yair Davidi spewing nonsense.
God bless,

(b)  "all blood brothers"
Hi Tamar,

In reference to your interview with Yair of Britam, both you and Yair mistakenly refer to the other tribes of Israel as Jews, but such is not the case.
Jews are derived from the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. The other tribes never were Jews, but nonetheless they are all blood brothers.

Andy R

Contact both Brit-Am
and Tamar Yonah with your own reactions to the show:

5. "Black-Balling" of Brit-Am by Ephraimite Leaders Admitted!
"Black-Balling" means roughly to exclude from a social group, to ban, keep out.
As a result of the posting we sent out,
some people received the impression that Brit-Am was going down.
One person sent us a nasty letter to that effect, see
"Brit-Am Now"-756
# Criticism of Brit-Am and Brit-Am Replies
(a) Voice of a Quisling:
"Has Britam completed its mission?"

Perhaps we gave the wrong impression?
At all events membership of our e-mail list has gone up
and visits to our web-site (which were going down) have now increased significantly.
Financially we are still in straits but things have improved.
At present somewhat exceptional circumstances exist
and our needs have been beyond what we are used to.
Nevertheless with the help of they who believe in us we believe
things will be OK.
Brit-Am is going ahead and God willing will continue to do so.
In the same posting was a letter
saying that Ephraimite Leaders were turning against Brit-Am since they considered us
to be a front for an anti-Missionary organization,
"Brit-Am Now"-756
# Criticism of Brit-Am and Brit-Am Replies
#(b) Brit-Am too anti-Missionary?
We answered the charges in that posting.
At the time we also doubted the accuracy of the report
but apparently there was something to it.

For some time now most "Ephraimite" groups who come to Jerusalem
have not been inviting us to speak to them as they used to.
This could be explained by less groups coming and those that do come
being lead by people who are not acquainted with us.
Nevertheless a meeting with an Ephraimite leader who is in constant contact
with Ephraimites elsewhere helped clarify the situation and corresponds with an impression
received from other sources.
We were told that Ephraimite leaders feel they can spread the "identity" message
well enough on their own and have their own projects.
The task of "Brit-Am" if it ever had one in that respect
is finished.
Brit-Am, we were told, should concentrate on Judah and if we do so
the "Ephraimite" leaders might even consider financially encouraging us.

We disagree.
In order for Brit-Am to reach Judah we must also be involved with Joseph
and receive support from Joseph and Judah.
We have something to offer that so far does not exist elsewhere.
There is a need for us and we have a need to meet it.
We are not the ones who are superfluous at this stage or any other.
Lenin said, "people vote with their feet" and the feet of many Ephraimite
rank and file leads them to Brit-Am and we want it to continue that way.

6. What Does Brit-Am offer?
Brit-Am offers:
(1) Proof that the Lost Ten Tribes went to the west from Biblical,
Rabbinical, and all-pertinent Secular sources FAR BEYOND what is
available elsewhere.
(2) A forum that people belong to and feel a brotherhood within.
(3) Intellectual testing with no holds barred often leading to confirmation of Israelite instinct.
(4)  A Voice from Judah.
(5) A bridge between Judah and Joseph that people feel confident in making use of.
(6) On-going research projects in several fields that often bear new fruit of great value.
(7) The excitement of realization and new  revelations.

7.  A Regular Brit-Am Arutz-7 Radio Show?
Suggestions have been made that
Brit-Am have a regular show on Arutz-7.
The suggestion is that:
Rabbi Avraham Feld and Yair Davidiy with the moderation
and direction of
Tamar Yonah
speak regularly on Biblical and Historical Evidence concerning the Lost
Ten Tribes and the Biblical Brit-Am identity today of each Tribe.
Each show would be dedicated to a specific topic announced in advance.
Half the show would consist of a general discussion and the other half of answering
questions that could be phoned in or sent by e-mail.
The show would take place every one or two weeks.
It would cost money.
Even if funds are available Arutz-7 may not agree for other reasons.
Nevertheless this is a project under discussion.
Arutz-7 might agree and funds may yet be available.
And if not, the plans and discussions may lead to alternatives that will also
bear fruit.

8. Send us Your Reactions
(a) The magazine
Most of you who are subscribed to "Brit-Am TRUTH" should have received or
shortly be receiving issue no. 9.
Please send us any thing you think worth saying concerning the issue.

(b) The radio interview and proposed radio show:
Reactions (positive or negative) to the radio interview (see
the above item 3. Brit-Am on Arutz-7)
may be to sent to Brit-Am
and also to
Tamar Yonah

The same applies concerning the proposed
radio show.

9. Brit-Am is Now Alone and in Need of You
Partly due to exceptional circumstances
Brit-Am is now in need of your participation more than ever
since we are going ahead. You are the only supporters we have
at present. Please send offerings or purchase publications.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy
behalf of Brit-Am