"Brit-Am Now"-791
1. Problems with viewing articles on Web Site
2. Question About German Names
3. Copies of a A Brit-Am Classic Still Available!!
4. Edward Anderson: Antagonism between the Tribes
5. Dennis McGinlay: The Divine Agenda
6. Important New Entry to "The Return of Joseph"
7. Raymond Capt and Brit-Am

1. Problems with viewing articles on Web Site

Dear Yair,

I wanted to follow your discussion of the Ephraimite/Hulley discussions but that Web page ( has something very wrong with it on my Browser.  Can you check?  It has this red decoration all over the type making it impossible to read.

I am still in the learning process about all this.
I have now fixed it up in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
Check it again. If the problem is still there use your reload or refresh
In principle if you ever come across similar problems on our web site
use Internet Explorer because that is the program we are working with.
In principle we could always double check and try to ensure that what we post up
work in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla (as well as in Netscape)
but the chances are that
our articles will always look better with Internet Explorer.
The fault is partly with Mozilla because they seem to be less html
design friendly. Someone should let them know.
Just for the record I remained loyal to Netscape long after most of  the world
went over to Internet Explorer.
I only finally moved over to Internet Explorer because my html text-book
requested it. I now see that though it may have got to the top
through a tricky monopolistic feint it still deserves to stay there.

Similar problems were also reported concerning the article
and there too we have dealt with it.

2. Question About German Names
I would love you to comment on (if you know anything about it) why there are
so many  'ach'   found in place names in the palatinate, black forest ,
where my family comes from 1500AD. I visited the place SHUTELACH (Schiltach,
former  Sch u e l tach ) in August.  Whenever I read your articles about
Irish names they almost always/often end in ACH..... We pronounce this the
same way than the hebrew, I think. What could be the significance of this,
because almost every little village around this area ends ich    ACH  (not
BACH ! which simply means 'brook').

Thank you anyway for providing german translation, now I can pass things on
to Germany at last.

Andrea Waitschulies
nee Fode / Fad

3. Copies of a A Brit-Am Classic Still Available!!
Copies of "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races"
by Yair Davidy (as the name "Davidiy" was then spelt), Jerusalem 1996
as available from

Gooitzen van der Laan
Eeuwenweg 95
The Netherlands

When the book was first published in 1996 Gooitzen bought a reasonable
quantity of the books.
We sold out quickly enough and have not done a reprint even though the book
contains very valuable information and makes for interesting reading.
Gooitzen however remained with part of his original stock
and evidently still has some copies.
This is a rare book and a good one.
Contact Gooitzen according to the e-mail and address above for more details.

4. Edward Anderson: Antagonism between the Tribes

From: edward anderson <>
Subject: Brit-Am 787
#3. Paul Velasquez: "britam" is complete wrong

Hello Yair,
   I would like to make a comment to Mr. Paul
Velasquez about his "view" of history. First of all,
the term anti-Shemite does NOT mean anti-Jewish but
against Shem, which most of the "white" races would
have come from, including the Chinese!!! I think
people need to be educated as to what words really
mean. For the British to be anti-Shemites would be
against themselves too!!! It is apparent that
Mr.Velasquez has never read any of the Old Testament
as he would have clearly seen that Israel Proper, the
northern 10 tribes WERE anti-JEWISH, just as their
offspring through the British are today. In fact, Is.
9:21 says that: Manasseh, Ephraim: and Ephraim,
Manasseh: and them together: shall be against Judah.
For all this His anger is not turned away, but His
hand is strectched out still. What this is clearly
saying is that due to disobedience to God's Law, the
three Covenant tribes would be fighting amongst
themselves as a punishment from God. Not only did
Ephraim and Manasseh team up against Judah and fight
bloody wars when they divided into 2 separate nations,
we find thousands of years later that Ephraim's and
Manasseh's descendants, the English and the Americans,
had several knock down bloody wars between themselves
as well!!! All as a punishment from God for their
disobedience to Him!!!

Brit-Am Comment: Anti-Semitism was a term coined in Germany
(by an "Anti-Semite") for hatred of Jews. This is the universally accepted
meaning of the term.
We agree that antagonism between Joseph and Judah
always existed and will continue to do so until the End Times.
The Bible says so:
<<This verse speaks of "Ephraim" (the Ten Tribes) and "Judah" (the Jews) as remaining separate entities sometimes antagonistic to each other right up o the end times.>>

Nevertheless, Relatively speaking we hold that Brit-Am nations
have been less anti-Jewish on the whole than non-Israelite ones.
This is in effect one of our Ephraimite Criteria for the purpose
of identification.
<<(4. Judah: Affinity with the Jews: This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others. This holds true even though Prophecy (Isaiah 11:13) also indicates that a certain degree of tension would always exist almost to the end betweeen "Ephraim" and Judah. >>

Nevertheless fiction between the different sections of Israel
is a phenomenon that has to be realized:
The "ET" could be pronounced "eth" and was frequently given as "ve-eth" (and with)
pronounced as "w-eth" from which we have the English "with".
The word "ET" connotes "with" or according to the context "against".
Manasseh will provoke Ephraim, Ephraim will antagonise Manasseh,
and the two of them will gang up against Judah!
Despite the obvious negative results of their antagonisms they will keep going
in the same mutually destructive pathway.
Note however that this is spoken of negatively.
The Almighty does not want the different sections of Israel to be against each other
no matter what the immediate cause and provocation may be.
Those who engage in such strife and the sentiments leading up to them
as going against the will of the Almighty.

5. Dennis McGinlay: The Divine Agenda

From: dennis mcginlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-790
A Friendly Critique of John Hulley
Point 4
"Forgiving them their sins..."

Dear Yair
BRIT-Am is correct in it's understanding that the re-unification of Joseph
and Judah comes after the great tribulation and NOT before. The scriptures
are very clear on this subject leaving no need for argument or conjecture.
We MUST wait patiently for Gods agenda to unfold and refrain from second
guessing all the time.

Regards & Shalom
Dennis McGinlay

6. Important New Entry to "The Return of Joseph"
(3. Edward Anderson:
Judah the Key to a Great Awakening

7. Raymond Capt and Brit-Am
Question: What is the Brit-Am Attitude to Raymond Capt?
Answer: Raymond Capt wrote several books and produced videos
on issues similar to those of Brit-Am.
We once spoke to Raymond on the phone.
He was courteous enough but we understood he did not wish to be associated
with Brit-Am even in a roundabout way.
We have read his work,
"Missing Links Discovered
In Assyrian Tablets"
and also seen long extracts from some of his other publications.
He himself seems to admit that most of his material  is obtained from
Classical and contemporary British Israel and related works.
Nevertheless his works from what we have seen seem to be professionally produced.
They are graphically
pleasing and he imparts information of value and points of view  to an audience that may otherwise
not be amenable.
Some of his works judging by their subject matter may also be derived from an
"eccentric" fringe (Glastonbury, the Great Pyramid, etc) which is not necessarily
always mistaken but should not be confused with Brit-Am type themes.
In his work, "Missing Links Discovered
In Assyrian Tablets" he has one shortish section that has been understood
by both myself and others to be anti-Jewish.
This is a pity since the book is reasonably worthwhile and the section
could have been omitted without affecting the main theme.
The promoters of his works seem to go out of their way to be anti-Jewish
even though the works themselves are not necessarily so,
e.g. a blurb for one of his books says,
"many Christians may have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors."
Factually such a statement is extremely doubtful and even if it was true why say it?
Why out of your way to antagonize Judah and much of true Joseph unless there is
a reason to do so?
And what does it matter according to the Bible?
Scripture speaks of Judah and Joseph as separate entities.
Each body has internal issues of its own to resolve
and tribal prerogatives given them by the Almighty.
Raymond Capt  is also reportedly a regular speaker on the anti-Jewish "Christian Identity"
circuit and has been identified with them.
Whether or not he is really anti-Jewish, and if he is to what degree, is not certain.
We have come across Ephraimites who were once anti-Jewish but later
repented. We have also unfortunately more than once experienced transformations
in the opposite direction.
Anyway, Raymond Capt at this stage is too much inclined to the "other side" for us
to be associated with him, and he himself would evidently not wish to be identified
with us or recalled alongside us.
Regarding the "other side" we consider some of them to possibly simply  be mistaken.
however on a conscious or subconscious level are possibly agents of sinister anti-Israelite forces.

We understand that the Brit-Am approach is not for everybody.
Other scholars and writers on these matters are in the field.
We would especially recommend Steven Collins.
There is also John Hulley, Raymond McNair, a staff of
writers from  the UCG
(see "The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy"  )
and quite a few others.