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1. Letters From John Tillotson
(a) Secret Doctrine
(b) A Supporter of Brit-Am?
(c) John Sadler

Letters From John Tillotson
From: Jonathan Tillotson <>
(a) Secret Doctrine
Dear Yair Davidiy,

Greetings and Shalom. When I first wrote to you by hand in 1995 or 1996 I was studying an MA in Seventeenth Century Studies at the University of Durham for which I got a distinction. I wrote a paper on the Readmission of the Jews to England, and I have now decided, in this age of the blogosphere, to put this online. If you would like to read it go to

As you will read in my introduction at the bottom i did not come across any evidence that the English believed they were the literal descendents of some of the lost twelve tribes, even though they certainly did understand themselves as the new chosen people of God. Maybe I had not read widely enough. Do let me know if you are aware of any Seventeenth century English figures who did accept and preached about, the idea of a literal descent.

When I read "Israel Britain", by Rutherford, which I have now mysteriously and unfortunately lost, I came across the idea that it had been customary to keep the idea of the anglo-saxon-celtic identity of the lost twelve tribes a secret from those not of an appropriate moral and spiritual character to profitably be able to receive it. Have you heard of this notion. Perhaps, I am wondering, this may have been in order to defend against possible evil, racist, supremacist applications, or perhaps for other reasons. After all, the Internet today is littered with illustrations of how the Identity message can be turned to evil and anti-Semitic ends.

Maybe, by God himself, and/or else by the guardians of this understanding, such a policy of concealment was operative in the seventeenth century.

Apparently, according to a friend of mine, who had access to it, genealogical charts exist in the hands of the British Monarchy/British Government which traces the lines of many European Monarchs, Including British Monarchs, back to King David. The British Israel World Federation also publishes books displaying such charts.

Have you commented on this issue on your website, and do you have any thoughts on it?

This same friend told me, when he was affiliated with an important Church in London, that the idea of the Israelite ancestry of the British was accepted by that Church, but that this idea was a secret. He did not know why however.

I was wondering if you had any comments to make of these mysterious thoughts.

May peace and harmony come to the Holy land and the world soon.

Best wishes

Jonathan Tillotson

(b) A Supporter of Brit-Am?
Am I a supporter of Brit-Am? I would say yes, but it depends what you mean by 'supporter'. I mean do you have a list of criteria you have to tick off and agree with before you become a supporter? Like a manifesto or membership checklist?

It is important to stress though that I am a supporter of all humans, so if as an integral part of being a supporter of Brit Am is that you must feel hostile towards the Palestinians etc then no I am not? Its not their fault for being who and where they are after all, or that their fate is being exploited by other Arab regimes, partly in order to deflect criticism from their own peoples onto Israel and the US. And besides, as I said in my earlier email, the role of Israel is to serve and help other people. Hope that makes sense. I like to keep my vision as much as possible anyway on the higher things in life, and especially on peace.

(c) John Sadler
Yes, I remember hearing the name of John Sadler over the years, but he seems rather isolated a voice. I think the point I was making really was that a literal belief in English Israelite ancestry was not generally evident from the sermons and pamphlets of the time; it is also not mentioned in any of the front line secondary books about Jewish readmission that I read (e.g the seminal work by Katz, Edwards, etc)) Maybe then as now the belief was held by a minority, who for whatever reason, possibly to avoid ridicule, usually kept this belief to themselves. who knows. I just did not come across enough evidence of the belief's influence to include it in my MA.

Naturally I can see that a failure to deny a belief might be consistent with holding such a belief, so although I came across no evidence of Cromwell saying he believed in this ancestral link (is there any in his speeches you know of..I had no time to read them all?) I also came across no denials by him of this belief. So yes, he may well have believed in it.

Maybe the English were so convinced anyway of their unique importance to God and blessedness in his eyes, and of their providential role, as the new Israel, that they did not actually need to support and uphold this conviction about themselves by repeating or even holding such a belief in their ancestry..

Just speculating...which is not good scholarship I know.

Have a good week


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German Language- New Article
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4. J. Botha:  The Relevance of Joseph Today
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-794

Shalom Yair - just want to thank you again for all your hard work and
interesting articles - have just received copies of Joseph, The Sound of The
Turtledove and others, so look forward to some more interesting reading. -
Just wanted to add that in the story of Joseph in Genesis which is full of
meaning, so much of which is relevant for us today.    The point want to
bring forward of confirming your stand is this,  the importance of Judah
finding Joseph written clearly a number of times in the 1st face of the
Torah - the warning, believe to emphasize importance - Judah told Jacob Gen
43:3 ..."You shall not see my face again unless your brother is with you."
then again verse 5 ..."You shall not see my face unless your brother is with
you."...  then in verse 6 we see And Israel said , Why did you do me such a
wrong and suffer this evil to come upon me, by telling the man that you had
another brother?" (This refers to us today in the very same position ) Gen
44:23 ...Unless your youngest brother comes with you, you shall not see my
face again... and again in verse 26 - believe that understanding will come
with humility those who are arrogant will fall by the way - Psalm 75 very
clearly warns us so -  ... Jeremiah 69:16 "Thus says the Lord, Stand by the
roads and look and ask for the eternal paths, where is the good, old way;
then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls ".. - not saying that
all will agree with me - but like a donkey trying to put my foot in the
centre of the stone without sliding off!! Blessings J Botha South Africa

5. Dolmens from Around the World
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quick glance.
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