"Brit-Am Now"-799
1. Concerning the term "JOE"
2. OvadYah:  to "enrage the nations"
3. New Article in German
4. Land of Our Forefathers and Future: A Map
5. Yair Davidi (the other one) is not me!

1. Concerning the term "JOE"
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-798
#4. Dell Griffin on the Rampage
Griffin said:
1)  <<The sanction for calling the "Joes" by the name "Joes" came from Rebbe Shani Dor (the Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider)...>>

Congratulation on the choosing of a succesful
term and we acknowledge the source.
Brit-Am will continue to use the term "Joe" as applied to
Ephraimites or Lost Israelites.
"Joe" is universally accepted as short for "Joseph".
No-one can claim any proprietary rights for referring to
descendants of Joseph as "Joes".
We could even summon a certain party or his "Mentor"
to a Rabbinical Court for misappropriating the appellation and applying it
in a misleading fashion to those with whom the name has no pertinence.
After all Proprietorship is a two-edged sword and
the name does belong to somebody and designate
descendants of that person.

2. OvadYah:  to "enrage the nations"
From: OvadYah Avrahami <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-798
#5.  Both Houses in Danger?

I found your comments in response to Willem Brinkman verey informative, specially the quote of Betty Matteson Rhodes re. the probable Divine Protection of Israel by making them 'lost'.  This most likely probability never occurred to me before - and that He kept the revelation of these 10 Tribes for this, the culminating Time, when the Land of Israel is truly encircled by the nations.

What would you comment on a thought that occurred to me in this regard:  that perhaps that would indicate that the Tribes have to return en masse before Mashiach Comes, in order to really enrage the nations and to have all of G-d's people together in one place for the final onslaught?


3. New Article in German

4. Land of Our Forefathers and Future: A Map
Here is a Map of the Land of Israel as defined by the Bible
and to which the Lost Ten Tribes are destined to return:

5. Yair Davidi (the other one) is not me!
The day after I lost or mislaid my Isreali Identification certificate
(a quite necessary document in Israel) and was facing the daunting
prospect of having to apply for a new one I stumbled across
the following web-site:
The site is in Hebrew but be you not perturbed since even
fluent readers of the Holy Tongue could have trouble
understanding what the site is about.
The star of the stage seems to be somebody called
Yair Davidi (sic) and he even uses the symbol of a nine-petalled rosette
which look suspiciously similar to the Brit-Am Rose!
Our Brit-Am Rose has thirteen petals.
Where are the missing four?
[Maybe a sympathizer of Dell Griffin is getting back at Brit-Am for
appropriating the "Joe" nomination? Long live the Conspiracy!
Next thing they will be sending black helicopters to trace our movements].
Anyway Yair Davidi (not me! the other one!) seems to be some kind of
photographer and playwright.
I always fancied I had an artistic streak.