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1. Rival site depicts Ancient Israelites
2. Hebrew Pictures: More Pictures
3. Israelite Nations Planned Union in the Past
4. Not Convinced. Letter from Peter and Brit-Am Reply
5. Appreciation for Brit-Am

1. Rival site depicts Ancient Israelites
This site contains some interesting illustrations.
They apparently consider "True Israelites"
to look like Ethiopian Africans (??) while we tend to view them
as "white men".  We both use the same pictures as evidence
only interpret it differently.
See the article on our own site to which we have added more illustrations.

2. Hebrew Pictures: More Pictures
More pictures have been added to
our entry "Hebrew Pictures"
and some changes made:
The posting now contains pictures under the headings:
(1. Egyptian Sources: Depictions considered reliable to the point of caricature (A.H. Sayce)
Heads of Israelite Cities that paid tribute to Shishak, Kings of Egypt
(2. Hebrew Pictures that almost certainly depict subjects from Israel or Judah.
(3. Ivories: Ivory Sculptures from the Palace in Samaria of Northern Israel Show Egyptian and Phoenician Influence
(4. Assyrian Pictures of Israelite Exiles; According to A. H. Sayce Assyrians tended to depict all foreign peoples as looking like themselves, i.e. ethnic depictions not considered necessarily accurate.
(5. Pictures defined as "Canaanites" or "Amorites" that Probably include Israelites.
(6. Pictures of "Phoenicians" of uncertain Provenance that may include Israelites
(7. Other Peoples who lived alongside the Hebrews and with whom they intermixed.
(8. Pictures of "Celts" in the West

The illustrations are valuable and interesting.

3. Israelite Nations Planned Union in the Past

From: surfer11 <>
Subject: [origin of nations] Anglo-Saxon-Keltic world union sought

The Sunday Times January 07, 2007

'World government' plan was hatched to stop Nazis
Marc Horne


SENIOR politicians discussed a plan to surrender British sovereignty to a
federal government of western democracies to combat the Nazis at the
outbreak of the second world war.

Newly declassified documents held in Scottish archives reveal that a group
of prominent statesmen, including Anthony Eden,Ernest Bevin, Herbert
Morrison and Sir Archibald Sinclair, considered the establishment of a
putative global state with its own federal government, currency, armed
forces, trade bloc and even a common postal service.

Paranoia about the march of Nazism across Europe prompted the plan, which
would have seen Britain, America, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, the low countries and the Scandinavian
states join together as a "nucleus world government".

The plans are revealed in the correspondence of Lord Lothian, former British
ambassador to the United States, whose private papers were gifted to the
Scottish National Archives by his family. They have only now been published
online after being locked away for decades.

The documents reveal how the plan was discussed by prominent politicians
from all parties and was about to be presented to Winston Churchill, then
British prime minister. The plan was championed in America by John Foster
Dulles, who was later to become US secretary of state, a founder of Nato and
a significant figure in the cold war.

In a letter to Clarence K Streit, the American academic, on March 2, 1939,
Lothian wrote: "I propose simply that the men and women living in the 15
democracies around the North Atlantic Ocean organise themselves in one
federal union government.

"These 15 together own almost half the Earth, they rule its oceans, they
govern half the human species, they have the power, the trade and the money
to run the world - if only they would organise it. I mean that we democrats
of the North Atlantic organise our Union as a nucleus world government."

On July 23, 1939, CD Kimber of the Federal Union campaign group wrote to
Lothian, saying: "Lord Astor (A Tory MP and chairman of the Royal Institute
of International Affairs) and Mr Ernest Bevin have already signed our
statement. Mr Anthony Eden, Sir Archibald Sinclair and Herbert Morrison are
extremely sympathetic."

On October 31 1939, Dulles, named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1954,
wrote to Lothian stating: "The fundamental fact is that the nationalist
system of wholly independent, fully sovereign states is completing its cycle
of usefulness.

"It is imperative that there be transition to a new order." Lothian died in
December 1940.

Trevor Salmon, professor of international relations at Aberdeen University,
said the collection of correspondence is an important historical archive.

"People will be surprised to learn that influential politicians looked
seriously at the idea of federal union," he said. "The flower of European
youth had been lost in the great war and coming up with a radical solution
to avoid further conflict was not an ignoble idea.

"The vision was good-hearted, but when it came to the crunch nations were
not willing to give up their sovereignty."

4. Not Convinced. Letter from Peter and Brit-Am Reply
From: peter castro-solomon <>
Subject: Ancient Israelite images

Hi Yair

I'm not sure I can see an answer to my last E-mail but that's ok. Nevertheless I have looked at the photos you have submitted about what the ancient Israelites looked like- and can see that one or two of them have yellow/golden hair what you called caucasian types ,Ethiopians are also referred to as caucasian)

Firstly there are only a FEW with golden hair and apart from the hair they are indistinguishable from the others who are portrayed typically like Egyptians. Egyptians saw themselves as brown people not fair like the Syrian or black like the Nubian i have attached ancient wall paintings to support this.

Hashem in the Torah when making reference to Israel told Abraham:


[Genesis 12:2-3].

If Europe are the remnants of the lost tribes of Israel then they must be cursed!! May I remind you that it is Europe that has played a major role in persecuting the Jews throughout our history, the Spanish inquisition the various pogroms and not to mention the Shoa. When Spain expelled the Jews their empire began to crumble. When England controlled Palestine their empire also began to crumble now Germany has an ageing population because of decreased birth rate, in fact they are increasing the number of immigrants to make up for the shortage.

The last Diaspora was a result of the Romans who are European- might i add that the Romans mercilessly butchered thousands of Jews defiled the temple and renamed Israel Palestine after Israel's greatest enemy the Philistines.
Even today as a European I can tell you that Europe is a very anti-Semitic and racist- they are most certainly pro Palestinian. Much of Europe's and Americas wealth was built on the backs of slaves or with wealth STOLEN from people they conquered and oppressed (prove me wrong) tell me is this wealth God given?

I don't doubt that some ancient Israelites may have  crossed into Europe, and greatly impacted the various societies this is true  where ever Jews go. This doesn't mean that the whole society originated from Jews or ancient Israelites. Any similarities between Jewish and European populations in DNA is because we all come from Adam or that Jews have inter- married.

Scientists based on their studies  say the first people came from Africa. This is not true and clashes with the Torah which placed the Garden of Eden in the East probably modern day Iran. The point being that one should not place such great faith in Science because it is evolving constantly and sometimes they get it wrong.

The scriptures and indeed archaeology points to the lost tribes being scattered East towards Asia. I currently have a Dvd by an Israeli called Simcha Jacobovici on the lost tribes which is VERY convincing as to their locations are you aware of his work?

Peter Shalom,
In your last letter you tried to convince me that the Lemba and Ethiopean Jews
fit the prediction concerning Lost Israelitres from beyond the Rivers of Cush
and not the Boers and Anglos of South Africa as in our article:

"South Africa"
Our conclusions however are based on the Bible and on Biblically-based Criteria
along with common sense and logical deduction.
Gut reactions and emotional responses may be important but they need
to be backed up with something.
Regarding what you wrote above:
Brit-Am peoples relatively speaking were the least anti-semitic.
The few friends the Jews ever had and have now in nine or more cases out of ten
come from Brit-Am peoples.
Scripture affirms and gives the Brit-Am explanation.
So does history and every other relevant discipline.
The wealth of Brit-Am nations was given to them by the Almighty
as promised in the Bible.
Read our Biblical Proofs:

5. Appreciation for Brit-Am
From: eli <>
Subject: Re: Psalms 62
[] Shalom Yair, many thanks for these wonderful emails. Naturally all your emails are posted in the biblecodes group. most of the members are christians and rely on the king james translations [].  Though all search for the truth. All search to explore for them selves  the truth of the bible and to escape indorctrination. A subject that is often aproched is where missconceptions have risen due to misstranslations or political manipulations. Also how politics was the driving force behind the catholic church and not it's search to lead people to g-d. codes are run on all subjects and figures that have been discussed in the group. some of the group have even started keeping the 7th day as the shabbat and not sunday as they were taught. []. we have also discussed kabbalah and psalms and ofcourse king david and his use of kabbalah in psalms. A big thank you for your contribution.
..g-d bless......eli

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