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1. More  "Hebrew"  Pictures
2. Africans in Ancient Ireland?
3. Pronunciation of "Mashiach"?
4. Judas and Red Hair
5. Robert Graves: Appreciation
6. DNA made Easier
7. Middle Eastern Origin of West European Matriarchs?

1. More  "Hebrew"  Pictures
(8. Pictures of "Celts" in the West
(9. "Picts of Scotland
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(10. Pictures of Pagan Monarchs who Exiled Israelites
(11. Ammonites and Anglo-Saxons
(12. Egyptian depictions of "Amori", i.e. Ammorites or Israelites?
(13. Egyptian Captives from Different Nations
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2. Africans in Ancient Ireland?

3. Pronunciation of "Mashiach"?
Mr.Davidy, dear sir, While reading Tenach related material I am presented with various spellings for the awaited one(s). MOSHIACH- Mashiach- Mashiah- Messiah, are the most frequently found in my limited experience and would be of different pronunciations obviously. The first two I find of the most intrigue. What constructional indicators are in the final "ch" ,if any, and is the singular masculine indicated?  I appreciate your heavy work load and understand if this query is of a triviality and dealt with as such. Kind regards Paul.

The word is singular masculine.
it means Annointed.
Different pronunciations exist:
Roughly speaking: European and Yemenite Jews pronounce the vowels in the same way
but the consonants differently.
Sephardic and Yemenite Jews pronounce the consonants the same but the vowels differently.
Modern spoken  Hebrew in principle should be like the Sephardic but in practice
it is more acceptable that the vowels be pronounced like the Sephardic and the
consonants like the Ashkenazic-European.

All this is less complicated than it sounds.
If you learn Hebrew as they speak it in Israel you should be OK.

The Modern Hebrew pronunciation is close to "Mashiah"
where the final "h" has a slightly guttural sound
perhaps close to the "ch" in Scottish "loch".

4. Judas and Red Hair

5. Robert Graves: Appreciation
From: Robert Graves <>

Shalom Yair,

Just a note to tell you that I appreciate your comments on the Psalms.

I get an entirely different perspective on their meaning from your "Jewish" view of them.
It is so helpful to me in my walk with HaShem.

May [the Almighty] continue to bless you in the work you are doing.

Robert Graves

6. DNA made Easier:
This URL uses simple pleasant-to-use diagrams to describe the mtDNA
(female transmitted) populating of the world.
You do not have to agree with it (we for example do not) but it is worth
understanding what the conventional theory is.

7. Middle Eastern Origin of West European Matriarchs?
The URL mentioned above (6. DNA made Easier)
points out that H and V are overwhelmingly predominant
in Northwest Europe.
H and V derive from HV and this from  pre-HV which is Middle Eastern.

See Wikipedia

Haplogroup pre-HV occurs frequently in the <>Middle East (especially in <>Arabia) and in East Africa. Its greater variety in the Middle East suggests it originated there and spread back to Africa later.

Haplogroup pre-HV derives from the <>macro-haplogroup R. It is also an ancestral haplogroup to <>Haplogroup HV (and therefore to <>Haplogroup H and <>Haplogroup V).