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1. Did  admixture affect the color of Israelites?
2. DNA: R1b subclades now traced to Turkey?
3. Questions on Hamites, Slaves, and Brit-Am prejudices

1. Did  admixture affect the color of Israelites?
peter castro-solomon <> wrote:
Hi Yair

The Talmudic mishna Negaim 2:1 says that  the tribe of Judah were mostly of an intermediate colour(brown). This makes sense as since the Torah states that Judah married a Canaanite woman a descendant of Ham.
Taking this into account most western Jews  must mostly  descend from the tribe of Levi or  intermixed with European peoples . One midrash says that among the tribes of Simeon and Levi were very light coloured types. Cohen and Levi are the most common surnames in Israel.

I would not make too much of this.
Judah was already of mixed potential.
The Song of Solomon describes the union of a darkish female (1:5)
and a reddish and white male whose hair is described as both like pure gold and black as a raven
 (Song of Solomon 3:10); Actually Egyptian pictures show the male inhabitants of the Area of Israel
as frequently with dark black hair and golden reddish beards,
My own father had such coloring with very dark brown hair
(emphasized by the use of brylcream as was once the fashion)
and a reddish beard when he grew it.

Joseph looked like a "Germani" (Breishit Rabah 86;3)
 but this is expressed as if he was exceptional in this regard.
The Canaanites went to Germany (Iben Ezra on Obadiah 1:20) and to Slavic nations (Maharal and others)
even though these peoples are mainly descended from Japhet with elements of Edom within them.
Canaanites also went to West Africa and intermixed with the peoples there.
Judah (Genesis 38:2) and Simeon (Genesis 46:9) married Canaanite women alongside their other wives.
The other Tribes ALSO ALL intermixed with Canaanites (Judges chapter one).
see also:
<<DWELT AMONG>>: In some areas true Israelites were actually in the minority.

The descendants of Ham included both fair and dark peoples.
Some of the Canaanites appear to have been very fair.
The Egyptians depicted them as containing both dark and fair
elements apparently depending upon what area they dwelt in
and with whom they intermixed.
In some cases pictures of Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, etc may actually refer to
Israelites but this does not apply in every case.
The Ashkenazim (European Jews) may contain elements from the European peoples
as well as from the Lost Ten Tribes and from the Khazars who were descended from
the Tribes of Simeon and Manasseh.
Anyway all this business of color etc is somewhat superfluous.
Brit-Am relates to it because people think it important and want answers to questions involving it.
Our attitude is to show that differences in physical attributes and color (to the degree that they exist) between
Jewish communities and the Lost Ten Tribes should not serve as a major impediment to considering our other evidence.
Our emphasis is not to use this matter as proof in its own right
one way or the other.
Just to remind you that Moses married a Cushit woman (Numbers 12:6) and a Cushi (Jeremiah 38:7,10,12)
saved the life of Jeremiah.
The only time the Bible even hints at prejudice on the basis of color is to show how great people could be affected by it and how they were condemned for it (Numbers 12:6).

2. DNA: R1b subclades now traced to Turkey?

<<The idea that the Welsh and Irish are descended from the Basques may
not be true. It was first suggested by Dr Jim Wilson but the most
recent study by Santos Alonso casts doubt on this:

<<"Contrary to previous suggestions, we do not observe any particular
link between Basques and Celtic populations beyond that provided by
the Paleolithic ancestry common to European populations, ..."

<<It used to be thought that the Basques were representative of the
ancient european paleolithic population. This is now in doubt.
Additionally, we are learning new things about R1b since 2004 but the
implications are yet to be published. Some R1b sub clades may have
come from Anatolia [Turkey] and not from Iberia [Spain and Portugal]  as
previously suggested.

3. Questions on Hamites, Slaves, and Brit-Am prejudices
peter castro-solomon <> wrote:

Hi Yair

Thanks for getting back to me. If all the Israelites mixed with Canaanite women as you pointed out then all present day Jews must equally descend from Ham as they do from Shem- isn't Ham the father of Africa? Do you believe that Noah cursed Ham and that his descendants are cursed?

Yair I agree that the whole colour issue regarding the ancient Israelites is superfluous, however I've been on the Brit Am website many times and it seems to be a major issue. The pattern that clearly emerges is that many western white people have Israelite origin and are remnants of the lost tribes.
When it comes to other non-white groups, which claim Israelite origin Brit Am rejects such notions despite scientific and historical evidence. My question is WHY?.... I'm afraid that that the conclusion I've come to is that it's because these people aren't white- this is racism whether you like it or not.

Hashem said that HE'D bring back the lost children of Israel from the north and the south and from the East and the west. You said that the boars of South Africa are the Israelites "beyond the rivers of cush" Strangely I haven't seen many Boars in Israel however I have seen many Ethiopian and Yemenite Jews "from the south"
The point is God said he'd bring back the lost ones of Israel and HE IS.

All Israelites mixed with the Canaanites and others, as we pointed out.
Even so, the Bible defines and the Bible decides its own parameters.
If for example, the Bible says that David sinned and we believe it we must also believe it
when the Bible says that David repented and was forgiven.
The Bible continues to refer to the Israelites as Israelites and NOT as Canaanites.
We need not concern ourselves further with the matter.
The Bible does not say that Ham was cursed, only Canaan.
Even the concepts of blessing and curse as they are experienced in practice
only reflect the predicted outcome of actions, i.e. people would act in such a manner that as a result good or
bad come to them.
Also a person may be poor but blessed in family, health, etc and not really feel his poverty
and the opposite for someone who is rich.
The best situation however is obviously that the blessing be all

The descendants of Ham produced very great civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia,
India, Sudan, and elsewhere.
The Canaanites also became a powerful group of peoples.
The curse against Canaan may have been partially fulfilled in the Slave Trade.
Apart from Africans in earlier times Europeans also experienced a slave trade.
Historically many Celtic peoples and other westerners were sold as slaves
in Arab slave markets.
The Celts of Britain and later the Angles of England allegedly once sold their own children
as slaves to the Continent.
We may not like to remember this and prefer not to mention  it but it happened
and if this evil was compared to the present practice of abortion
I would not like to say which would be better.
<<The Angles are the subject of a legend about Pope Gregory I (ca. 540604 C.E.). As an abbreviated version of the story goes, Gregory happened to see a group of Angle children from Deira for sale as slaves in the Roman market. Struck by the beauty of their fair-skinned complexions and bright blue eyes, Gregory inquired about their background. When told they were Angles, he replied with a Latin pun that translates well into English: Non Angli, sed angeli ("Not Angles, but angels"). Supposedly, he thereafter resolved to convert their pagan homeland to Christianity.>>
Only in 1102 was slavery made illegal in England.
<<The trade in slaves persisted on a large scale throughout the early Middle Ages. Indeed, payments were often reckoned in terms of slaves and early fairs were full of men and women exposed for sale. Since England produced at this time very little for export except a few staple commodities, it was convenient to exchange slaves for other goods and these unfortunate people were sent to Italy, Ireland, and Denmark, from which last country they also probably made their way into Germany. >>
Scandinavian Vikings enslaved Franks, Irish, and Anglo-Saxons.

We all like to imagine ourselves descendants of ancient kings and royalty and we probably are but a few slaves may well also have contributed something to the admixture that is ourselves.

Also in Europe the Germans treated peoples to the east as Slaves.
The term "Slav" (as in Slavic peoples such as Russians and Poles) means "Slave"
and the name was given them by the Germans.
The "Slav" even enslaved themselves.
Under Stalin as many as 66 million people were enslaved:,9171,944884,00.html
Where these people ALL suffering because of the "Curse of Canaan"?

This is an interesting perhaps important field of research but it is not what we are concerned with
at present.

Brit-Am has not got a conscious predilection for white peoples.
We are only interested in the Ten Tribes and those peoples who fulfill
Brit-Am Ten Tribe criteria.
These peoples happened to mainly in the west and whether through hereditary or environment
or Genetic Drift developed along certain lines.
 We do not reject only "non-white groups, which claim Israelite origin".
We also reject or would reject white groups who do not on the whole meet the Ephraimite criteria.
This "rejection" should not be taken as applying to individuals but only to national entities on the whole.

The Brit-Am claim is based on the simple meaning of Scripture
with further comprehension gain from Rabbinical sources as well as from secular studies.
We are prepared to discuss our beliefs in any of these fields but claims based on emotional responses
are not welcome.
To hear you talk one would think that Brit-Am was the leading authority in this field
and maybe we should be so considered.
Nevertheless the groups associated with Rabbi Avichail are the ones receiving most
public support and recognition.  They are the ones who are really prejudiced and
they are the ones denying the truth.
You energies would be better utilized by writing to these groups, telling them to repent,
and acknowledge the truths of Brit-Am.