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2. DNA and Migration History: Spain and Portugal
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5. Judah and Joseph Need Reach Other. A Message from Rabbi Kook
6. Mummification in Ancient Britain
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1. DNA and Migration History: Spain and Portugal.
(a) DNA. North African Berber and Arab Influences in the Western Mediterranean Revealed by Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes
We have analyzed Y-chromosome diversity in the western Mediterranean area, examining p49a,f TaqI haplotype V and subhaplotypes Vb (Berber) and Va (Arab). A total of 2,196 unrelated DNA samples, belonging to 22 populations from North Africa and the southern Mediterranean coast of occidental Europe, have been typed. Subhaplotype Vb, predominant in a Berber population of Morocco (63.5%), was also found at high frequencies in southern Portugal (35.9%) and Andalusia (25.4%). The Arab subhaplotype Va, predominant in Algeria (53.9%) and Tunisia (50.6%), was also found at a relatively high frequency in Sicily (23.1%) and Naples (16.4%); its highest frequency in Iberia was in northern Portugal (22.8%) and Andalusia (15.5%). In Iberia there is a gradient of decreasing frequencies in latitude for both subhaplotypes Va and Vb, related to eight centuries of Muslim domination (8th to 15th centuries) in southern Iberia.

(b) Migration History
The significance of the above finds is being contested.
(Ricardo Costa de Oliveira <>)
A claim has been made that Portugal etc was originally settled by
a people who were similar to the North Africans and Arabs
and that the "Celts" were super-imposed on them.
According to this similarities to the North Africans and Arabs would not
date from the Moslem conquest but from Ancient Times.

Our impression regarding the Iberian Peninsula
(Spain and Portugal) in general based on historical and archeological sources
(mentioned in our work, "Lost Israel Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry
of Celtic Races") was that originally  peoples related to Javan of the Greeks such as
Tarshish and others including Tubal (Basques?) as well as elements
from Edom settled somewhat sparsely in the area.
Then came Phoenicians (of Canaanite and Edomite origin)
and Israelites from the Ten Tribes. After that a fresh influx of Phoenician-descended
Carthaginians along with North Africans invaded.
These met up with Europeans of Celtic culture coming from the opposite direction.
The two elements more or less merged.
The Israelites were mostly driven to the Northwest and then out altogether into
Gaul and the British Isles.
Later tribes of Germanic culture (Goths, Vandals, Alans, etc)
invaded and formed the ruling classes until Moslem Arabs and North Africans
conquered most of the land.
The actual identity of these "Germanic" tribes is uncertain.
The Goths for instance may originally have come from Scandinavia but they had moved all
over Europe and picked up numerous other elements so that less than half of those
who reached Spain descended from the original body.
Small enclaves of independent Christians remained
however in the north and these with assistance from other Christians
gradually reconquered the country until the Moslems were eventually expelled.
Jews in Spain derived from noble families of Jerusalem as well as Goths who
had converted. Many were forced to become Christian
and their destiny is related to that of the Lost Ten Tribes.

3. Sonja Durski: Message from Germany

Shalom Yair,

Please find them attached.
Every day we are looking towards Israel. Our heart is with you and your people
and you are included in our prayers. What can I say? It is difficult to find the right
words to show you, that we can understand what is going on. The Bible tells us
about the End of Days. But please have Faith in H'Shem, the Holy One of Israel.
We have to look forward to the end. And this is a good one for the people
of ALL Israel. She will be no more tail BUT head of the nations, which are counted
as waterdrops on a pail.

God bless you

4. More Articles in German

a) Biblical Locations...Roles - Kings

b) Biblical Locations...Roles - Sons of David as Rulers
Von Soehnen Davids regiert

articles translated by S. Durski

5. Judah and Joseph Need Reach Other. A Message from Rabbi Kook
Rabbi Avraham Hacohen Kook (1864 - 1935) was the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine.
His work was extremely important in forming the guiding principles of National Religious Zionism which is the most significant school of thought in Modern Judaism.
In "Eulogy in Jerusalem" (1907 on the death of Benjamin Zeev Herzl) Rabbi Kook spoke of the Messiah son of Joseph and the Messiah son of David and of the reunification of  Judah and Joseph in general..
Rabbi Kook said that Joseph represents the materialistic aspect of the Hebrew nation in which on a superficial level there is a great similarity with the other nations.
Judah specializes in the Spiritual Principle that is unique to the Israelite Nation.
The original intention was that
<<Israel should be a Holy Nation dedicated to the Almighty God of Israel. They should be ONE NATION IN THE LAND [Ezekiel 37:22], A LIGHT TO THE PEOPLES [Isaiah 42].>>
<< The Principle of Material Progress [Joseph] would be refined and sanctified by proximity to the peculiar holiness of Israel. The Principle of Spirituality [Judah] would be strengthened and invigorated with powerful and plentiful vital energy [from Joseph] enabling it to reveal the majesty and glory of Israel. This would eventually result in the rays of the majesty of Israel enlightening the whole world.>>
<<This people would have become the most exalted spiritual and holy polity that was possible if it were not for transgression that caused rejection of the House of David.>>
Rabbi Kook explains that due to their lack of unification neither of the two sides was able to properly carry out their own peculiar function as they should have. Both sides are lacking and inadequate. They need each other and the rest of mankind needs them.
Eventually reunification will take place and the Prophecy of the two sticks (Ezekiel 37) will be fulfilled.

Brit-Am is preparing a translation of selected portions from the text.

6. Mummification in Ancient Britain
 Antiquity Vol.79 No.305 (September 2005)
"Evidence for mummification in Bronze Age Britain" by Mike Parker Pearson et
On page 543 they ask:

Inhumation in contrast to cremation seems to have been a minority rite in the Hebridean
and British Middle Bronze Age and so very few people were given ordinary burial, let
alone preservation after death (Burgess 1980: 313-22, Parker Pearson 1993: 101-3).
with mummy bundle postures or other forms of unusual post mortem manipulation form
only about one per cent of Britains Neolithic and Bronze Age articulated skeletons,
and so bodily preservation may only ever have been a minority rite (McIntyre 2004)."

Brit-Am Note: One per cent that received mummification is still a large number
that together with other evidence may indicate links to the Middle East.

There were four mummies found in South Uist [Hebrides, Scotland] buried around 1120BC

7. Brit-Am Notes
(a) see the note on
Inherited Lactose Toleration and Israelites
Jerusalem News-590 item #2
(b) article by Cam Rea on the Parthians and Goths in preparation
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