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September 23, 2003
1. Hebrew Celtic Namesakes no.1
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3. New Rabbinical Evidence for Brit-Am

1. Hebrew Celtic Namesakes no.1
(Adapted from Lost Israelite Identity, Chapter Fifteen)

"Feed your people with your  staff, the flock of your heritage, which dwell
solitary in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and
Gilead, as in the days of old" (Micah 7;14).


Gomer= Welsh.
                  According to Hosea (ch.1) the Lost Ten Tribes would be
identifiable as the Sons of Gomer which seemed to hint at the possibility
of amalgamation with Gomer son of Japhet (Genesis ch.10). The Welsh call
themselves Cumbri, Cymri, Kumeri, and Gumbri and their language "Kumeraeg"
or "Gumeraeg". The Welsh name Montgomery means "Mons Gomericus" or Mountain
of Gomer!

Albion = Lebanon of Asher and Menasseh.

                 "The name Albion, usually given by the early Greeks to the
island of Britain was a native appellation; it first occurs circa 322 B.C.,
but was apparently known to Himilco two centuries earlier. It was the old
name (Albion ipsi nomen fuit; Pliny, N.H. iv.30); but not, it seems, the
oldest, the last honour belonging to Kimmeria"  Whatmore p.53..

                 ALBION can be understood to mean Lebanon and many of the
early inhabitants of Britain came from the Lebanon which was part of the
land promised to Israel and had largely been controlled by the Lost Ten
Tribes before their exile. The Prophet Zecharia (10;10) predicts that
Ephraim is destined to re-possess both Lebanon and Gilead meaning Syria!

Gadeni (of Scotland) = Gad.
                 GAD.  The Gadeni were a people of Scotland. They came from
the Israelite Tribe of Gad. They were centred around the site of Edinburgh
also called Giudi. GAD in Hebrew could be pronounced as GOTH and the Goths
applied the name GAD to themselves. Isidore of Seville and Rabanus Maurus
are quoted as ascribing Gotho-Scythic ancestry to the Scottish. The Welsh
are said to have called the Scottish "Ysgothiad" and their land Ysgotland
(i.e. Land of the Goths) and ancient English authors called the Scottish

We would ascribe the Scottish  mainly to Manasseh. Historically all of the
entities east of the Jordan (Gad, Reuben, and half-Manasseh) became
identified with the Goths even though the name Goth  is another form (in
Hebrew) for Gad.

Barrach (of Ireland) = Barak of Nephtali or Borad of Ephraim

                 A section of the Brigantes in Ireland were the Bairrche
traditional descendants of Daire Barrach. A god in Brigantian Britain was
called Barreks and linked with Mars of the Romans. In Hebrew, "Barak" means
lightning and "Barak the son of Abinoam out of Kadesh Nephtali" (Judges
4;6) had been an early military leader of the northern Tribes. He was
probably a Nephtalite. The Hebrew name "Barak " can be understood as either
synonymous or at least similar in meaning to Bored and in Hebrew is spelt
similarly. Bored was a grandson of Ephraim (1-Chronicles 7;20). There were
the Boradi with the Goths, the Bardi in Sweden, and Bordeaux in southwest
Gaul was originally known as Bard-galli.

Isru and Isurium (of Britain) = Israel.

                 ISRAEL. Isurium was a city near York also known as
Isurbrigantium. The name relates to Isru ancestor of the British in Irish
legend and a form of the name Israel.

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3. New Rabbinical Evidence for Brit-Am
A new book (Orot MeZion. Lights from Zion. Studies in the First Prophets,
in Hebrew,  by Joseph Maly) contains a series of articles concerning the
First Prophets. It has several articles that are important to Brit-Am
studies. The author proves that according to Rabbinical Tradition and Legal
Requirements the Lost Ten Tribes MUST ultimately return. Amongst other
things the author also shows that Joseph is wealthy and powerful and
involved with the rebuilding of the Land and ingathering the exiles. Joseph
(rather than Judah) is linked with the Gentile nations and is able to
resist all of them and to overbear them.

This fits Britain and the USA. Britain helped build the foundations of the
Jewish State of Israel. After that the USA materially assisted Israel to
ingather the exiles of Judah and build the country up. To a degree the USA
bankrolled (and still subsidizes) the State of Israel and enabled the
country to defend itself and stand on its own two feet. The USA also
provided Israel with ammunition and a protective umbrella and very much more.


At all events Britain (and her daughters) and the USA fulfilled the role of
Joseph according to Rabbinical tradition. Only they fulfilled the relevant

This does not mean that the Rabbis who quote these sources and discuss them
are aware of their connection to the Lost Ten Tribes and to Brit-Am
explanations!  They would probably be surprised to hear our explanations
and it could take a while for them to digest their import. This may sound
ironic but there is a simple explanation.

Joseph and the Messiah son of Joseph in original Rabbinical thought (as
found in Targum Yehonatan and as continued in the Malbim) did refer to the
Lost Ten Tribes. It also came to represent abstract principles concerning
the spirit behind historical processes and the national psychology. This is
also true. On a psychological and metaphysical level each one of us has
something of both David and of Joseph within themselves. Within our own
families we may well find individuals who are more Joseph in type and
others who more incline to David.

Even so, the concepts never left their original basis and pertinence in the
reality concerning Lost Ten Tribes and Judah as Brit-Am has explained.

Most people who are engaged in these studies do not consciously realize
these truths. That is why the obvious connection between Joseph and Britain
and the USA has not been widely realized.

Brit-Am possesses the proof and ability to correct this situation and that
is what we are attempting to do.

The equations are obvious and irrefutable yet we are the only ones (at
present) who speak of them. Please help us to get this message out. It is

More on this subject together with translated extracts from works (some of
which are quite recent) that speak of Joseph will be available in an
article in a coming issue of our magazine, Brit-Am Truth.

If and when, we manage to publish our book in Hebrew a chapter will be
dedicated to the figure of Joseph in Rabbinical thought and how it proves
that descendants of Joseph are NOW to be found amongst the Gentile
populations of Britain and America. This subject will also be emphasized in
the prologue to the book so that it cannot be overlooked.

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