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Brit-Am Now no. 1410
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10 November 2009, 23 Cheshvan 5770
1. Dan Henrik: good to hear
2. Chaplain Kerry L. Bulls: All nations are related to Noah and his family
3. Tess: not an issue of supremacy but of responsibility
4. Sharon Sedeen: little praise in Poem for America?
5. Michelle Bowie: Tribes not exclusively white!
7. Richard: The anti-Jewish Christain Viewpoint
8. Larkland Morley: Dark Skinned Islands Also Exist
9. Edward Anderson: mixed marriages going on in the tribes


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1. Dan Henrik: good to hear
AW: Brit-Am Now no. 1407
#1. Contrary to Report, Yair Davidiy Still Lives! Or so he claims!

Shalom Yair,

it is good to hear that you are alive and well. Please keep going. A good booster for the reconciliation of the 12 tribes would be if Israel  could support the cause more intensely. My dream would be that leading rabbis issued some kind of decree, allowing believers in Yeshua to join Judah.

Dan Henrik

Brit-Am Reply:
Telling it as it is -2
#2. The Official Orthodox Rabbinute Attitude in Israel towards Would-Be Jews and Ephraimites

When the Messiah comes we will all know what should be done in this instance.

2. Chaplain Kerry L. Bulls: All nations are related to Noah and his family
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1409

Dear Yair,
My sincere condolences for your recent passing from this world.  It appears that you may be the most prolific dead writer of our time.  My congratulations on your accomplishment.
Besides that, after studying and teaching the Bible since 1973, (about 37 years I think)I find that most people spout off about things that they are emotional about but have absolutely no information or research to back up their prejudicial thinking. 
What you are teaching has nothing to do with White people.  In Genesis 10, where the Table of Nations is shown to us, even Stevie Wonder could see that the natural migration of the descendants of Noah's sons: Ham, Shem and Japeth, would lead to those people spreading all over the Earth.  It is not a big stretch of the imagination to visualize it.  What color were the sons of Noah?  Were they black?  Were they white?  Were they of an olive complexion? Who knows?  If you know please say so to help the white man writing the criticism about your declarations about Ephraim and Judah. 
But all of the people who were descendants of Adam and Eve, except for Noah, his wife, their sons and their wives, perished in the flood.  All of the animals died except for those who were gathered into the ark.  God started over with 8 people.  From those 8 people all of the people who have ever lived from the flood until today were and are related by blood.  God told Noah that He'd never again flood the earth and put his rainbow in the sky to remind us of his covenant.  He told Noah to be fruitful and fill the Earth.  Fill the earth.  They have done that.  All nations are related to those 8.
Thanks Yair, for bringing thoughtful truth to us about our ancestry and our ties to the Living God.
Chaplain Kerry L. Bulls

3. Tess:  not an issue of supremacy but of responsibility
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1409

Shalom Yair

Your correspondent Larkland Morley (and others sometimes) has missed one point regarding the identity of Israelites, whether they be white, black or purple! It's not an issue of supremacy but of responsibility. Wherever the lost tribes fetched up in the world they were to be receivers and doers of the Word in the sense of being 'a light to the nations', every bit as much as Jews were and are.
To those whom much has been given, much is expected so it isn't helpful to water down what evidence there is and pretend that all races have been equally 'blessed' with this responsibility. If it turns out that the bulk of ethnic 10 Tribers is white, as Scripture seems to indicate, then it behooves these peoples to live up to their ethnic inheritance and not lord it over folk of other colour. It was never a question of equality of colour (or lack thereof) - no human is worth more or less than another but each has his divinely ordained purpose in the heavenly scheme.
It seems to me that Brit Am's concept of where the tribes went is largely a geographical identification, which also holds true for ethnic identity until recent times when racial intermixing has become much more common and in effect has served to 'deploy' Ephraim's genes very widely in the pool.

Blessings - Tessa

4. Sharon Sedeen: little praise in Poem for America?
Re: Poem: Isles of the Sea

There is little praise for America, which has done exceedingly
abundantly for all the nations mentioned here. Hopefully there is no
envy expressed by demoting or exclusion?


Brit-Am Reply:
In previous poems (e.g. Thighs) we gave a prominent place to the USA.
North America is a peninsula i.e. an almost Island.
In Biblical terms it may have been included
in the concept of "Eyim" i.e. islands.
Netherless we dealt with this in our poem Thighs.


In the poem Isles we dealt with regions that are definitely islands and North America did not fit this category but we did emphasize Anglos, Britain, and Ireland and an important segment of the US population originates from such sources.

Stay tuned for more exciting poetry from Brit-Am and you should see that the USA receives its due respect and more.

5. Michelle Bowie: Tribes not exclusively white!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1409

In response to Larkland Morley's post:
Rubbish. I have been reading the Britam postings for about 2 years now and do not see where there is any sway toward the lost tribes being exclusively white. In fact, if -anyone- does a careful study of each tribe's patriarchal father, one will find that there was a good share of mixed marrying going on even in the first generation.
Then add to that King Solomon. Good heavens! He had so many wives of different nationalities and so also the concubines!
Israel's blood has been mixed and so even in all probability, many whites can indeed claim Israelite blood, so too can many others from other ethnic backgrounds because of the mixing that went on and is still going on today.
Perhaps indeed, even scripture seems to point to Israel starting out as a white race, and we see that many have stayed within their race, however, many have mixed and scripture backs this up. I have not seen Mr. Davidy say or sway to any particular race at all.
Shalom, michelle b.

7. Richard: The anti-Jewish Christian Viewpoint
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1409
#1. Thomas Gray: an excellent point


(a) First Letter from Richard.

##Just a quick question ... how did Jesus show sensitivity, decency, compassion and concern for others and their "feelings" when he called the Jews a bunch of vipers (snakes) and told them they were of their father the devil? We want to be so Godly and so Christ-like but if we look at many Biblical situations or examples like this we find that God and Jesus were not very tolerant of certain behavior. Biblicaly speaking, certain behavior is NOT tolerated. In fact in the end when He divides the sheep form the goats, will God be showing tolerance and decency and understanding?
We cannot put all of God's attributes into one box. God and Jesus dealt with the many different behaviors of mankind in many different ways. I find many places where Jesus was an "in your face" type of man and did not mince words or coddle wrongdoers. On the other hand, He was very compassionate to those who had hearts that could be molded and shaped.
Thanks for listening, Rich##

(b) Second Letter from Richard.
Richard was told by Brit-Am that he himself evidently belongs to the devil to which he indignantly replied:

 ## I see you are quick to pronounce judgment and are not very tolerant of anothers ideas or thoughts. Where is your compassion, understanding, concern, sensitivity and decency in allowing me to voice my opinion? I see by your reply that you are a very opinionated person and yet you do not allow another to have an opinion. Shame ! #
## I still enjoy most of your articles and comments and thank you for your reply, Rich#


Brit-Am Reply:
Normally your letter would have been deleted and your e-mail address expunged from our list.
In this case we are making an exception.
Our original posting (to which you replied) derived from a simple exhortation based on the Bible to act decently and take account of the feelings and vulnerabilities of others.
You replied with an anti-Jewish hate-filled missive.
#I want to dwell in peace with those around me but whenever I say anything they only want to fight against me. Anything I do or say is misinterpreted.#   

Brit-Am does not engage in inter-faith dialogue.
We do not discuss the New Testament or Christian Theology and try to avoid offending the feelings of Christians.
Most of our subscribers are Christains and we have said often that in our eyes Christianity is a positive element and one of the signs of a people belonging to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
 #Specifically Christianity is the means by which most of the Lost Ten Tribes will first become acquainted with their Israelite Identity and its significance. As such Christianity is our ally and not our adversary. A good portion of those Christians who support Brit-Am emphasize the Hebrew roots of their religion while recognizing the paganism that has been adopted by mainstream Christianity.

#At all events the point is that the Lost Ten Tribes must be sought for amongst Christian nations.

We hope to avoid the beginning of a thread on this subject.
Suffice to say:
In the New Testament there are passages that could be interpreted as being anti-Jewish.
Other interpretations are also possible. Some say that the passages in question were later interpolations or at least need to be understood in their context.
At all events there are also numerous other pro-Jewish passages, e.g. Cornelius the Roman is spoken of highly for supporting synagogues,
 one is told to listen tot he Pharisees (i.e. Rabbis) since they sit in the seat of Moses, etc.

Our understanding is that there are aspects that can be interpreted as favorable to the Jews and others that are against them.
Individuals will choose according to their ancestral instincts.
They who are of Israelite descent will usually prefer to emphasize the pro-Jewish pro-Israelites facets.

8. Larkland Morley: Dark Skinned Islands Also Exist
Re: Poem: Isles of the Sea


Again, if I was a dark skinned person looking at this, I could contend there are many islands out there that have Dark Skinned people that would fit your description including the British Isles. As I mentioned, it seem that you started out with a bias, so no facts would make you think otherwise.


Brit-Am Reply:
There are indeed many islands inhabited by non-white peoples e.g. Polynesia, Melanesia, Madagascar, Syra Lanka (Ceylon), Taiwan, Japan, New Guinea, etc.
ONE OF THE SIGNS identifying Israeli in the End Times is that many of them will dwell in islands which actually includes peninsulas such as North America and Scandinavia but we chose to deal with these separately under the heading Thighs.

In addition to having part of their population in Islands the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times also need to fulfill the following:
Be related to each other; have historical proofs of Israel Presence, fulfill the Ephraimite Criteria
fulfill all of the other Biblical Proofs
altogether there are more than a hundred different points that we have enumerated and that is only part of them!
Whoever belongs to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel needs to fulfill ALL of these points not just one or two of them.
The different proofs etc have to be considered together with all the others as one part of a complimentary body of evidence.
This is a principle we emphasize over and over again.

9. Edward Anderson: mixed marriages going on in the tribes
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1409

Dear Yair,
  To settle this dispute about what COLOR the Israeltes were/are, I think it would have behooved everyone to just READ the Bible, since that is what they base their claims on. If one would ONLY have READ the Song of Solomon, it CLEARLY states in several verses that the king was "WHITE" and that his "beloved" was BLACK...and we are told what color she was in the opening verse!!! Now, if the dark DNA is dominate, as was stated by the "experts" on these posts, then for Solomon to have been "WHITE" meant that David was "WHITE" and that Basheeba was "WHITE," end of dispute!!! Obviously, if Solomon's wife in the Song, was BLACK, then there was mixed marriages going on in the tribes, but that doesn't mean that EVERYONE was mixed!!!!!! JUST READ WHAT THE SCRIPTURES STATE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO SAY, people!!!


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