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Brit-Am Now no. 1618
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

23 December 2010, 16 Tevet 5771.
1. New-Old Article:
Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe

Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.
2. Brit-Am .mp3 Recordings.
Compliment and Query from Oregon USA.
3. New Article:
The "Mission" and Goals
of Brit-Am.


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1. New-Old Article:
# Joseph in the Eyes of the "
Rebbe" #
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.
Various Aspects of Joseph in the Commentary of  the "Sefat Emet"
Accompanied by Brit-Am Explanations.

The "Sefes Emes [Sefat Emet]" is the literary name of Rabbi  Yehuda Aryeh Leib Alter (1847 - 1905, Poland).
He was a Hasidic Rabbi, and headed the Gerrer [Gur] Chasidim. This is the same dynasty as that of Rabbi Yisrael Alter ( the "Beis Yisroel", 1895 - 1977) and their line of thought may be considered a continuum.
The "Beis Yisroel" and his identification of Israelites with Gomer and Gomerites was the subject of our recent article,
# GOMER is a Name of Israelites!
According to Rabbi
Yisrael Alter ("Beis Yisroel"), Rabbi of of Gur! #
We had forgotten the article
# Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe" #
but came across it by chance in the archives while updating the web-site Indexes.
We had published this article of excerpts from the "Sefes Emet" some time ago.
It deals with several issues of importance but the sub-section:
"Joseph, the Written Torah, and the Oral Law" aroused most interest.
There was some discussion on this point.
e.g. "Brit-Am Now"-1042.,
Some how or other the article had disappeared from our site and suffered from bad formatting, etc.
We fixed it up a bit and since it is topical and well worth reading have re-posted it.

# Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe" #
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.
Joseph the Inner Essence
Joseph the Nazirite
Joseph and Redemption
Joseph and Matters of this World.
Joseph, the Covenant, and Shabbat
Joseph and Being a Hebrew
Joseph and the Need for Truth
"Joseph" means "Increase"
Joseph and Hiding Ones Self
Judah and Joseph: Truth and Faith
Joseph the Leader despite the Others!
All Israel must Partake of the Qualities of Joseph
Joseph helps all Israel become Israelite!
Joseph Set the Precedent!
Acknowledgement of the Truth
Joseph, Shabat, and Judah
Joseph, the Written Torah, and the Oral Law
Joseph and the Patriarchs
Joseph Needs Judah!
Joseph Connects the Written Torah to the Oral Torah
Joseph Compared to Benjamin


It says that Jacob did not believe them. The cleaving of Jacob to the Tribes is only possible through Joseph the Righteous One.

Brit-Am Commentary: When the brothers told their father Jacob that Joseph was still alive and had become the virtual ruler of Egypt, he did not believe them, "AND JACOB'S HEART FAINTED, FOR HE BELIEVED THEM NOT" [Genesis 45:26].   In other words Joseph enables the other tribes to bring to fruition their Israelite potential represented by "Jacob".

Joseph and the Need for Truth
Year 5634

Joseph is the inner essence of everything. Through self-annulment to the truth Joseph is revealed.

Brit-Am Commentary: We wish to see Joseph reveal himself i.e. we want the identity of Joseph to become known to others and openly acknowledged. Through striving towards the truth we may draw closer to realizing this goal.

Joseph Unifies the Tribes
The Shoham (translated as "onyx") TWO SHOULDERPIECES stone on which the names of the twelve tribes were engraved was also the special stone of Joseph in the breastplate in which each tribe had its own stone. The Commentary "Sefath Emeth" ("Sefas Emes", Rabbi Yehudah Leib Alter, 1847 - 1905, Poland) says on the significance of the Shoham stone being that of Joseph:

"The main point of the Memorial [Exodus 28:12 above] concerns Joseph and that is why on the Ephod [shoulder-piece of the High Priest] there was only the Shoham which is the stone of Joseph. By means of the stone of Joseph all the twelve stones are unified at their roots".

Brit-Am Explanation:
This means that Joseph has the power through which all twelve tribes may be unified and each find their unique expression in this unity.

2. Brit-Am .mp3 Recordings
Compliment and Query from Oregon USA.
Hello Yair,
My name is Bob...  I live in Oregon, USA and have recently found your extensive work (online) via Steven Collins website. 
Thank you for your diligent research. Awe inspiring really!


I was wondering whether you make available any of your work on audio formats (MP3, etc.) ?
If so I would love to be able to partake of these since I spend much of my day in my vehicle.
Thank you again,
Respectfully,    -Bob

Brit-Am Reply:
Bob Shalom,
Good to hear from you.
We have hundreds of .mp3 recordings available for downloading.
Some are better than others.

You may have trouble at first with my Australian-Israeli accent but after a few minutes (with any luck) should get used to it.
New Brit-Am Broadcasts
Israel (New BAMBI)

3. New Article:
The "Mission" and Goals of Brit-Am.
1. Question from Morgana.
2. Brit-Am Reply
(1) The Context of the Question: Christianity and Religious Direction.
(2) The Question itself. The Brit-Am "Mission".
(a) The Three Rs of Brit-Am.
(b) The Optimum Result. Achieving a Fore-Taste of the Messianic Era.
(c) Brit-Am Wishes at a Lower Scale.
(d) Brit-Am Minimum Hopes.

(b) The Optimum Result. Achieving a Fore-Taste of the Messianic Era.
The best-case ideal outcome may also be considered a "mission" i.e. something we work for.
This includes Judah returning to the Torah; strengthening the State of Israel in the Torah sense as well as the physical-material; the Ten Tribes returning to Biblical Values; Judah and Joseph becoming aware and fully conscious of their Ancestral Identity; Joseph returning to himself and continuing to progress and direct the world in the light of the Bible; a stronger Rapport between Joseph and Judah; establishment of colonies from the Ten Tribes in Syria, Lebanon, and neighboring areas; the other Tribes (apart from Joseph) in Scandinavia, Holland, France, etc, becoming aware of their ancestry, supporting Judah in Israel, and returning to Biblical Values and Re-asserting their Israelite uniqueness.

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