What Difference Does it Make?
What does it matter to you Who the Lost Tribes Are?
by Yair Davidiy.

How This Article Came to be Written.
Belonging to Israel.
You Need to Know Who You Are!

Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel, has shown how descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel aree now to be found amongst Western Peoples. A question that comes up from to time is: Who cares? or, Why Care? What Difference Does it Make?
We spoke on this subject in our mini-article:
"Brit-Am Now"-559
# 5. Why Should Brit-Am Matter to You?
We explained how it is important to be aware of one's ancestry. This especially pertains to our generation. You owe this to yourself, to your ancestors, your family, and your people. What you are and what you and they who come after you may become is determined, to some degree, by those who preceded you. Ancestry can be a source of blessing for you and for those you should be concerned about.
It may also impart knowledge of inherited obligations and duties that you may have been put in this world to fulfil.
You should know who you are.
The Lost Tribes have a task to carry out. For this reason they have potential of their own beyond that of others.

Jews should also be made aware as to the Lost Tribes are.
For Jews knowing about the Ten Tribes and who they are tells us where may be found potential allies and true friends. It explains why among these peoples are to be found flashes of empathy and identification.
In fact one of the Criteria we use in determining which nations are (at least in part) descended from Israel and which are not is the Relative Degree of Pro-Jewish Sentiment or at the least lack of Anti-Semitism as compared to other peoples.
According to Biblical and Rabbinical Sources Judah NEEDS the Lost Ten Tribes to acheive its Ultimate Redemption! [See the Brit-Am Commentary to Ezekiel 16:53, 55, 61].

The message concerning the Brit-Am identification of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel is important for understanding the Bible and the Biblical Message.

In addition to all of the above, there is the religious spiritual aspect. A person who believes in the Almighty, leads a good life, and acheives spiritual awareness through learning and prayer may have the feeling that nothing else is necessary. If only every one else would conduct themselves as they do everything would be dandy! Such an attitiude may seem unrealistic but it exists and in some form or other is actually quite common.

How This Article Came to be Written.
We are not the only ones who have dealt with the question as to why it matters who the Lost Tribes are or what difference should it make to a religious person.
We received excerpts from an article wittten by a Christian which at first we amended and intended to publish alongside our own commentary. At the last minute we discovered that the author (who may have died some time ago) had had his writings published by an Edomite anti-Jewish Doctine White Supremacist grouping. The article that had been sent to us itself had seemed positive enough but the source was too uncertain. We therefore retracted the original article and have written something of our own.

Before continuing it is worth observing that Jews and Israelites who are Biblically-conscious and become interested in the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes need to be aware of the following:
The Brit-Am Movement has the truth as to who the Lost Ten tribes are.
Other groups exist that have similar teachings but they have perverted and subverted them as weapons against Judah and Israel!
They have taken advantage of the vacuum created before Brit-Am came along and the thirst for knowledge that otherwise good people had to know of their Israelite ancestry.

Historically believers in the Israelite Identity of peoples in the west have helped the Jewish people. Exceptions exist and one of our tasks is to combat these exceptional excretions.
Exceptions prove the rule!
[Most advocates of anti-Jewish teachings appear to be of Amalekite, Edomites or Canaanite origin!
They call the Jews the Serpent Seed but they themselves worship the Devil or are allied with Devil-worshippers, Islamic fanatics, and Nazi perverts!
They are not necessarily all like that. There may be a few exceptions amongst them who are simply mistaken. Even amongst the Nazis there were those who had not been fully aware of what they were getting into. Some criminals commit serious crimes while in a state of submerged consciousness. This does not make them any less guilty but it can help in their rehabilitiation.].

Meantime, we have placed the article that was sent to us (together with our commentary) on hold until the identity and actual sentiments of the author are clarified.
What we have written below is in place of what was written previously and quite different.

Belonging to Israel
Belonging to Israel means transcending your individual spiritual religious and other concerns. Belonging to Israel means being part of an entity beyond oneself through which the self may be elevated by identifying with the communal body.  The Almighty put you in this world not only so that you might live and breathe and work out your own salvation but also so that you should realize that you are part of Israel and act accordingly. This is what the Bible says. Scripture tells us how to act and Scripture is directed primarily to Israel. Other nations are affected through Israelite example or through interaction with Israel.

Since the Almighty directed a good part of HIS message to Israel we have to accept it as such. We cannot change how the world is planned. Nor can we change Scripture.

Most of the Bible concerns the People of Israel as a Nation. if you are destined to be part of that nation then you should cope with it.

You Need to Know Who You Are!
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1675.
#3. Steve
Mathe: Forgetting of the Tribes was Prophesied!
Steve Mathe said:
# However, God has spared them, for He promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  that their progeny would endure in the bonds of covenants made with the forefathers. Therefore the death sentence, as the penalty for idolatry, was commuted to a sentence of spiritual death, for a while, with the curse of "their memory erased from the memory of men" was retained. This death sentence is depicted in  the Valley of Dry Bones Ez. 37.

# Ezekiel predicted that they would return, and this return would be characterized as "regaining, i.e. literally "
reinheriting  themselves."  This can be done when a people regain their lost identities, i.e. their "names," Ez. 22:16 (Artscroll Chumash)
In the above quote from Steve Mathe verses from Ezekiel 37 and 22 are referred to.
Ezekiel ch.37 is referring to the Ten Tribes, their revival, return, and re-unification with Judah.
Ezekiel 22 is primarily addressed to the Jews of Jerusalem.
Nevertheless the principle of   "reinheriting  themselves" may be applied to both Israel and Judah.

Here is our summary of the Brit-Am Commentary Ezekiel chapters 21 to 25.
The Coming Destruction (that occurred in the time of the Prophet) of Jerusalem is Described but there are hints that future capitals of the Israelite Nations in Exile may be intended.
Israel and Judah will be punished for their sins. We are our own worst enemies. The heathen despise us because we are not true to ourselves. Evil-doers amongst us bring disaster upon all of us.
AHOLAH, AND JERUSALEM AHOLIBAH. Judah and "Israel" were separate entities almost from the very beginning. Both sinned grievously and will be punished. Judah is responsible for the Return of the Ten Tribes amongst whom already exists a representative portion descended from Judah.
The Destruction of the Temple is spoken of. This should have concerned northern "Israel" as much as Judah.
The enemies of Judah including
Ammon, Edom, and the Palestinians etc will be punished.

Chapter 22: Israel and Judah will be punished for their sins. We are our own worst enemies. The heathen despise us because we are not true to ourselves. Evil-doers amongst us bring disaster upon all of us.

Concerning the verse (Ezekiel 22:16) quoted by Steve Mathe:
The NKJV renders the verses:
Ezekiel 22:
15 I will scatter you among the nations, disperse you throughout the countries, and remove your filthiness completely from you.
16 You shall defile yourself in the sight of the nations; then you shall know that I am the LORD.

The KJ has it:
In the Brit-Am Commentary we said:
The words translated here as "TAKE THINE INHERITANCE IN THYSELF" in Hebrew are : "VeNichalta Bach" which can also mean "you will tremble",  or "be profaned", or "become sickened"  - "in yourself" .

The difference between the two versions is due to the word "VeNichalta" from the root "NiCHaL" which may mean "profane oneself" or "take an inheritance".
Both meanings may have been intended by the Prophet. This is a feature of the Hebrew Language as employed in Scripture.

We looked up the Artscroll Commentary to "Yechezkiel - The Book of Ezekiel" by Rabbi Moshe Eisemann.
He quotes from "R'Breuer". This is an oft-quoted German-language work, "Der Prophet Jechezkiel" by Rabbi Joseph Breuer (1882-1980), Frankfort.
An English translation exists,  "The Book of Yechezkel"  by Rabbi Joseph Breuer, Jerusalem, 1993 (P. Feldheim).

Here is part of the Commentary of  Rabbi Eisemann to to Ezekiel 22:16.

# Radak [Rabbi David Kimchi] also suggests that the word derives from "NaCHal" to inherit... R'Breuer also derives the word from NaCHal, but in line with his approach to the whole chapter... he translates it in a positive manner: Because of the cleansing effect of the exile, YOU WILL CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY. You will have found yourself once more. #

The upshot of all the above and of more elsewhere is that the repentance of the individual Lost Israelites and of Lost Israelites in general involves and requires discovery and ongoing intensified awareness of their Israelite ancestry.

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