Why Brit-Am Should or Should not be Supported

Why People do not support Brit-Am:
Jews suspect Missionary intentions or Replacement Theology. Conspiracy Freaks are offended by our anti-Conspiracy Stance. The Move to Israel Adherents are disappointed by our moderate position on this issue. Christians dislike our Jewish Orthodox Orientation. Anti-Semites and Anti-Zionists dislike our defence of the Biblical truth on these issues.

Why Brit-Am Should be Supported.
Brit-Am reveals the truth concerning the Israelite ancestry of many western peoples.
Brit-Am was the first to coin the term "Bnei Yoseph" for Returning Ephraimites.
Much of our information is the product of our own research. Brit-Am works for reconciliation between Judah and Joseph and for the good of both bodies and of people in general. Brit-Am has had proven successes. This requires funding and support.

Why Brit-Am Should or
Should not be Supported

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Brit-Am Magen David
by Yair Davidiy

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Support for Brit-Am

A. Why Some People Do Not Support Brit-Am.
B. Why Brit-Am Should be Supported.

A. Why Some People Do Not Support Brit-Am.

1. Introduction.
2. Reasons for Jewish Reticence.
(a) Fear of Replacement Theology or Missionary Exploitation
(b) Past Mis-Association of Similar Beliefs with Identity Criminals.

3. Conspiracy Freaks.
4. Move to Israel Adherents.
5. Christian Prejudice.
6. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism.

1. Introduction
People should support Brit-Am. Everybody should since Brit-Am is for the good of everybody.
Brit-Am should be especially supported by people who belong to groups from "Joseph" that Brit-Am identifies as belonging to the Lost Ten Tribes since the Brit-Am message pertains to them.
Jews should also support Brit-Am since Brit-Am reveals the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes while advocating reconciliation with Judah meaning adopting pro-Jewish attitudes, support for the State of Israel and in general policies that can only help Judah in the long run.
More on this is given below but for the moment let us consider why people do not support Brit-Am.
We are not dealing here with they who have claims against Brit-Am beliefs because they cannot accept them for some reason or other. These are to be answered elsewhere. At present we considering they who would otherwise be sympathetic with the general position of Brit-Am but still do not want to help Brit-Am (or to encourage others to do so) financially or otherwise.
2. Reasons for Jewish Reticence
(a) Fear of Replacement Theology or Missionary Exploitation
The people we identify as descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes happen to be mostly Christians. This was predicted by the Prophets:
Nevertheless some Jews are afraid that we have some kind of Christian Missionary agenda or advocate a type of Replacement Theology or that, while we are genuine enough, we may yet be exploited by others who have such negative philosophies.
This is despite the fact that Brit-Am is headed by Orthodox Practicing Jews and has major articles on related matters, such as

Broadcast on "Brit-Am in Black and White:
The Lost Ten Tribes and why Christians Should Not Missionize Jews.
while the
Search Engine on our site
reveals at least ten articles against Replacement Theology.
Over and over again we emphasize our position but still find it necessary from time to time to defend ourselves on this matter.
Tamar Yonah from Arutz-7 interviewed us several times.
The interviews were important and helped Brit-Am.
The interviews were well-received on the whole but still Tamar receives frequent queries about us on this subject that she replies to defending us.
There is nothing much we can do about this. We have already made our position clear with an emphasis that verges on being exaggerated.
We are not the only Orthodox Jews with beliefs concerning the Lost Ten Tribes. There are a few web-sites hosted by Jews who declare themselves to be observant that  speak of the Lost Ten Tribes being in the east, amongst the Japanese, or in Afghanistan. These people are greatly mistaken as we have pointed out.
Nevertheless I am quite certain that none of them have to counter claims that they are secretly adherents of Japanese Shinto, or Taliban-Afghan style Islam.
Afghans and Pathans

The Japanese are not Hebrews!
Other Claimants to being the Lost Ten Tribes
(b) Past Mis-Association of Similar Beliefs with Identity Criminals.
There are other groups who also identify western peoples as being members of the Lost Ten Tribes. Some of these are virulently anti-Jewish while others are aggressively Christian.
There may be some Jews who confuse us with these groups even though we are diametrically opposed to them. In such cases we can simply clarify our position and usually this is sufficient.
3. Conspiracy Freaks:
Brit-Am is against Conspiracy Theories. These theories help explain what appears to be a concerted consistant anti-religious anti-Patriotic and anti-Social Agenda adhered to by the Powers-that-be. Nevertheless, there is no Conspiracy per se
But rather a general trend of thought shared by "elite" groups. This trend of thought is negative and should be exposed and opposed. Describing it however as the fruit of a conscious "plan" concocted by "plotters" from outer space, or belonging to any particular organization, racial grouping, or what, not is not the answer. It is also misleading and harmful. Conspiracy Freaks are either the dupes or the conscious agents of interests that are against the Jewish People and against the bearers of Anglo-Saxon civilization. As such they are against Brit-Am and Brit-Am opposes them.
Conspiracy Watch
There exist some otherwise good people on the whole who have an almost religiously fanatical adherence to Conspiracy Theores. Because of the Brit-Am stand on this issue they have distanced themselves from Brit-Am or been offended by the Brit-Am criticism of their Conspirational Escapism.
4. Move to Israel Adherents:
We are now in the End of Times Period. In the last days the Branch of Joseph will re-unite with Judah (Ezekiel 37).  In Anticipation of this Ultimate Reconciliation many from Joseph feel an arousal. A few are converting to Judaism. Some are encouraging an emphasis on or adoption of Hebrew-type practices within their own conventional Churches. Many more are joining Messianic groups that emphasize the Hebrew Roots of their faith. In addition to all this the Evangelical Movement and kindred groups have become active in their support of Israel and in their general interest concerning all that takes place in the Holy Land. This must be seen in conjunction with a realization of Israelite or Jewish Ancestry. In some cases the realization takes place due to exposure to information from a body like Brit-Am but there are also examples of this being due to an instinctive arousal.
For whatever the reason, a lot of non-Jews in the West want to come and live in the State of Israel alongside their Jewish brethren but they do not want to become Jews. The Government of Israel and the Israeli Establishment however do not enable such a step to be taken. There is a feeling that an organization such as Brit-Am with the Brit-Am message could eventually change the attitude of the authorities in a more favorable direction. There is some truth in this. If Brit-Am were to grow and if Brit-Am knowledge was enabled to penetrate deeper the awareness of both Judah and Joseph attitudes conceivably would change. Facilitating the movement of individuals to Israel may indeed be an ultimate outcome of Brit-Am beliefs but it is not in itself a goal of Brit-Am.
On a private level we sympathize with those who wish to take such a step but in general we are not in favor of it. Our position is that "Joseph" will return as one body and that members of "Joseph" should share the fate of "Joseph" working for the good of "Joseph" from within.
For some of the many Brit-Am discussions of this subject, see:
Open Forum:
The Return of Joseph to the Land of Israel

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There are those who support Brit-Am but pressure us to change our attitude on this matter and be more pro-active.
There are others who have offered Brit-Am money and support or an increase of such if we would only change our policy and outlook.
There is little Brit-Am can do. We do not feel that this is what the Almighty wants of us at present so we cannot respond.
If you agree that Brit-Am is headed in the right direction it may be your duty to support Brit-Am.
Let us all go one step at a time and beyind that trust that the Almighty will direct us.
5. Christian Prejudice:
Brit-Am is not Christian but neither do we have anything against Christianity. In our view Christianity is a tool of Divine Providence to lead the Lost Ten Tribes back to their source by making them familiar with the concepts of the Bible, Israel and the Chosen People. It was prophesied that the Lost Ten Tribes would be Christians.
Proof: Christainity
The heads of Brit-Am however are by religion Jewish and not Christian. Quite often even close friends amongst our supporters make efforts to bring us over to their side or to interpret Brit-Am beliefs in the light of their own despite our resistance to such steps. In reaction we sometimes say things that some Christians find offensive, etc.
At all events there are those who believe along the same lines as Brit-Am but do not want to contribute towards us since they feel that by doing so they may be offending principles of their own creed. In reply we can only say that each person should do what they feel is right. Brit-Am does reveal Biblical Truths and can only strengthen faith in the Almighty and the truth of Scripture.
6. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism:
There are those who have anti-Jewish sentiments and are against the State of Israel etc. These people are deniers of the Bible. They should repent and atone for their reprobate postion.

B. Why Brit-Am Should be Supported
Brit-Am provides Biblical, Rabbinical, and Secular Evidence concerning the present day whereabouts of the Lost Ten Ten Tribes.
Some of this evidence is similar to that provided by other entities but much of it is unique to ourselves and was obtained by our ongoing research efforts.
Brit-Am works for the good of the Jews and the State of Israel, and also for the good of all the nations of Joseph especially the United Kingdom and the USA but including all the others.
We have had some successes in this field through providing relevant information and by reaching out to those who can be reached or replying with sensitivity to those who reached out to us.

Brit-Am believes in the Bible and promotes belief and sustained interest in the Bible.

Brit-Am is the executive tool of "Bnei Yoseph" (The Children of Joseph) meaning they who believe in Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in general according to Scripture and related studies.

Brit-Am believes in the Almighty and in the good of people in general and works on their behalf. 

Brit-Am works for the good of all the peoples of Israel.
Brit-Am requires money to sustain ourselves and our efforts.
It also requires the encouragement and spiritual support of all they who sympathize with Brit-Am.

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