. The Great Tartan Disputation. Round Seven. Finale

The Great Tartan Disputation. Round Seven.

We are concluding our Disputation with TG. Below is Round Seven.
The Points of contention concern the subject matter of our article Joseph and the Scottish Tartan.

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TG Finale: Round Seven
1. Apology to TG for calling him a Masochist.
2. Round Seven: TG dares us to Reveal His Identity but for the moment we refrain from doing so.
3. Conclusion

1. Apology to TG for calling him a Masochist.
In Round Six TG said:

Fell [i.e. Feel] insulted? Let me tell you that when I read your website, I feel my intelligence insulted at every page.

Brit-Am Replied:
But you keep coming back, do you not TG? Time and time again. Are you a masochist?

We now apologize for the above.
We realize that perhaps we have done TG an injustice. He thinks far too much of himself to be accused of masochism.
A more noble explanation for the compulsive pre-occupation TG has with our modest presentations is in order.
It must be the superior literary qualities of our writings.
TG evidently is captivated by the use of language and lyrical qualities resounding from our mode of expression.
TG simply may be endowed with an outstanding feeling for excellence. He finds such quality in our writings that he cannot help himself but must keep on reading them.
We quite understand TG and sympathize with you.

2. Round Seven: TG dares us to Reveal His Identity but for the moment we refrain from doing so.
TG opened up the seventh round by abusing my humble self and using language unsuitable for refined company.
He also abandoned altogether any pretense at academic discussion and so we have no further recourse to his exposition.
There was no longer anything left to argue about, only exchange colorful epithets. This might be amusing but it is not suited to the sense of decorum our august forum usually manages to present.
TG disqualified himself and therefore lost having been beaten in every round so far anyway.
His real name is G. He gave us permission to publish it: In fact dared us to do so despite having previously insisted on complete anonymity.
Tomorrow when he has coolled down he will probably change his mind so for the moment we are still holding back. G. is actually a known personality on the web in a variety of guises.
His name in Hebrew means "slippery, smooth".
Jacob also described himself as smooth (Genesis 26:12). A smooth person is often taken to be an ingratiating one, possibly with intentions of deceit. The name of "G" in English could be rendered as "Smooth George". We are calling upon him to repent and turn back from his forward path and deceitful inclination. He should endeavor to become more like Jacob who though smooth dwelt as a plain man dwelling in the tents of learning. TG or Smooth George has shown some positive potential and we advice him to take advantage of this. Smooth George is probably Jewish which is as he presents himself.
This should not however reflect adversely on the Jewish community. We receive mail from many people of all kinds.
White Supremacists write us hate letters calling us Talmudic Khazars, Kikes, perpetrators of crucifixion on someone who lived long before our time.
Black Racists send us missives proving in their eyes that all true Hebrews must be of their own color.
TG therefore, despite being somewhat obnoxious, was still relatively moderate.
Even so, it happens that other people send us letters that are more reasonably presented yet still we do not publish them.
Despite his improper sense of self and out-of-place attitude we decided to deal with TG since at the beginning he did raise what could be taken for valid objections.
We had taken it for granted (on the basis of a single Commentary, i.e. Gersonides, archaeological findings,  and some other factors) that the Colored Coat of Joseph was of a tartan design.
TG challenged us on this point.
We produced some proofs.
TG challenged us again so we brought more proofs.
Again TG challenged us and still more proofs through Divine Providence became available.
TG then erupted with a torrent of abuse and rudeness.
It may be that he has issues of his own and has mistaken our good will and pleasant disposition as an invitation to express hostilities acquired elsewhere? Whatever problems TG may or may not have our responding to his challenges lead to some serious research. We have actually proved even more conclusively that the tartan design had originated in the area of ancient Israel. We also came up with a few points of general interest and a series of articles of permanent value.

3. Conclusion
We may summarize a few points.
The Hebrew term "cotonet pasim" (Gensis 37:3) was also the garment worn by Tamar daughter of King David (2-Samuel 13:18). According to the Commentators such garments were worn by royalty and denoted rank.
Similar garments worn by dignitaries from the geographical vicinity of ancient Israel were depicted on the walls of Ancient Egyptian Monuments.
The coat of Joseph was paralleled by garments used in the Temple. It almost certainly was of tartan type design or at the least something closely parallel to it as known from the later history of Ireland and Scotland.
We later find tartan designs in other places but only in the British Isles did it receive national importance.
In Ireland and Scotland the tartan design and tartan kilt was developed or rather preserved and it served the purpose of designating local regions, clans, and the rank of the wearer.
Despite initial discrimination the British Monarchy and British Governments encouraged its use. Its presence became synonymous with the spread of British influence. Today it plays a similar role in the USA and Canada. [We hope to dedicate an articl;e to this subject shortly.]
The Tartan design has become part of the National Symbolism of the Scottish People. Brit-Am has shown how this people along with other related peoples comprise to a significant degree descendants of the Ancient Israelites. In Scotland Joseph was important and it is significant that the Scottish kept and maintain what in effect is the modern equivalent of the ancient Coat of Many Colors worn by Joseph the Patriarch.

The Great Tartan Disputation
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Joseph and the Scottish Tartan

Detailed List of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. The Term.
3. Tartan Type Patterns and the Area of Ancient Israel
4. David Rohl, Joseph, and Tartan Cloak.
5. Scottish Tartan and the Temple Garments.
6. Tartan in Ancient Times.
7. Tartan from the British Isles in Masada, of Judah.
8. Tartan in Scotland
9. Tartan in Ireland
10. Tartan in Ulster
Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
The Great Tartan Disputation.
Discussion and Queries.


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