"Brit-Am Now"-796
1. Stone Henge in the Golan, Israel?
2. Climate Change
 re Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
3. Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
4. Note on "The Tribes" from Holland
5. Steven Collins: Recommended Film about Esther
6. Recent General Questions: New Feature
(1. Why did the Creator Speak in Plural Form?
(2. Where Did Baruch Go?
7. New articles and Entries:
(a) "Returning to the Land Forum":
Genealogy Matters!
Coming to the Land and
The Need to Cleave to Joseph or Judah
(b) Kevin Opp:
Notes on Amerindians and Lost Israelites

1. Stone Henge in the Golan, Israel?
For an aerial photograph of Rogem Hiri
(the Israeli Stone Henge) see:
see also:
Dolmens and megalith Path of Migraion
The Dolmens

 The Extracts below are from a work by Zechariah Sitchin whom
we DISAGREE with heartily on nearly every point.
Nevertheless he does bring to focus similarities between
Rogem Hiri in the Golan, Israel and Stone Henge in Britain.
Chapter One
"One of the shortest yet most ferocious recent wars in the Middle East was the Six Day War of 1967, when the hemmed-in and besieged Israeli army defeated the armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria and captured the Sinai peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River, and the Golan Heights. In the years that followed Israeli archaeologists conducted extensive archaeological surveys and excavations in all those areas, bringing to light settlements from nearly Neolithic times through biblical times to Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods. Yet nowhere was the surprise greater than on the sparsely inhabited and mostly empty plateau called the Golan Heights.

"....Virtually in the middle of nowhere, on the windswept plain (that had been used by the Israeli army for artillery practice), piles of stones arranged in circles turned out - when viewed from the air - to be a Near Eastern "Stonhenge."

"Apart from its unique shape, this is by far one of the largest single stone structure in western Asia, so large in fact that it can be seen from space by Earth-orbiting spacecraft.

"Engineers who have studied the site estimated that, even in its present condition, it contains more than 125,000 cubic feet of stones weighing an aggregate of close to 45,000 tons. They estimated that it would have taken one hundred workmen at least six years to create this monument - collect the basalt stones, transport them to the site, place them according to a preconcived architectural plan, and raise the walls (undoubtedly taller than the now-visible remains) to form the cohesive complex structure.

"All of which raises the questions, by whom was this structure built, when, and for what?

After more discoveries about the orientation of the structure by the Israeli archaeologists, there were indications:

"....that the place was indeed, as Stonehenge in Britain, built to serve as an astronomical observatory (and primarily to determine the solstices) is reinforced by the existence of such observatories elsewhere - structures that are even more similar  to the one on the Golan, for they feature not only concentric circles, but also the radial walls connecting the circles.

2. Climate Change
 re Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
Regarding the Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
several peoples wrote concerning the warning of
 "the growing crisis of 'Global Warming' which is only one indicator of the 'end of days.'"
They claimed that Global Warming is not true and not a danger.
We mistakenly deleted the first few of these messages but here are some
of those we did not:

<<very nice Dennis but global warming is over-rated. For every doomsday-ist I can show you 10 articles that refute it.

<<Global warming started at the end of the ice age

<<What is this "Global Warming" fear thing about? is it some code? The Creator of the Universe is in charge, none other, their is only ONE; the rest are phonies, wood and stone that cannot talk, see or smell.
 <<HaShem's promise is that He'll return us, He'll heal us, He'll restore us, He'll Unite us and He's bigger, smarter, kinder than Al Gore's personal fantacy.
 <<Where is the Emuna?
 <<Ms. Jan

We personally think that the above critics (along with others who wrote in a similar vein) are wrong and that Global Warming and Climate Changes may cause a need for
populations to move from one place to another.
Fears of Global warming may well be exploited by politicians and New Age Internationalist types for their
own purposes. Nevertheless the climate is getting warmer, parts of the world (e.g. Africa) are already seriously
affected and disasters are likely to take place.
Just because the powers that be and industrial interests that are against energy restrictions
are not overtly left-wing does not mean that their counter-claims can be relied upon.
(They also claimed that smoking was not bad for your health
and deliberately inserted addictive agents into popular brand commercial cigarettes,
at your expense!)
In the last few thousand years several climate changes have taken place and these
have strongly influenced the migrations of peoples and the fates of nations.
Climate Changes were a cause of the Barbarian Invasions of the West and everything that preceded them.
In the "Dark Ages" world population drastically decreased at least partly due to climate change.
The Netherlands, Britain, and part of North America are definitely vulnerable
to any severe change of climate.
In our lifetime in Europe and the Middle East the climate has DEFINITELY
become warmer.
We physically have experienced it and statistics testify to it.
At all events apart from the issue of Global Warming
all the Prophets spoke of CALAMITIES that would occur (unless we repent)
in the Last Days from which a remnant would be saved largely by their own efforts.
Brit-Am does not like to dwell on these matters for obvious reasons
but that is what the Prophets speak about and they need to be taken to heart.
Brit-Am Knowledge could make a difference.
Brit-Am is important and the message of Brit-Am should be treated with more urgency
both by ourselves and by others.
The world is changing.
Western Civilization is in danger from outside and within, as is the USA and the State of Israel.
The Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay is valid.

The request not to be "scaremongers"
This is not a new phenomenon:

3. Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
Dennis McGinlay: BRIT-AM... should be our most important consideration!
From: dennis mcginlay <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-794

Dear Yair

Please pass this message on to your Email list.
Today on the news, a stark warning was given to the world regarding the growing crisis of 'Global Warming' which is only one indicator of the 'end of days.'
Fellow Israelites, we are coming to the end of the system of things.
BRIT-AM and it's message should be our most important consideration at this time in Israel's history.
For those who look on this site and are sceptical or suspicious of it's motives, let me tell you that time is already short, and you must make up your mind NOW! I know that Yair Davidiy shay's away from the 'religious' aspect of his site  because it is difficult, as a Jew, for him to make sense of the 'Christian' perspective. He tries to ignore it, or at least, to give it as little credence as he can.
Nevertheless, a half truth is better than no truth and Brit-Am has enough of the truth for everyone who subscribes to the site to support it in every way they can. The effort that goes into the historical and Biblical studies takes time, effort, and money. If you believe and appreciate this message that BRIT-AM provides for our own good, then you MUST support it. Let us see if we can support Brit-Am to the tune of $1,000.000. There are people out there that can afford it. Give what you can and more. Your future relies on it. My friends, these are the most important times of our lives. The end is coming. We must be ready for it. Do your best to support this work. It has never been more important.

Dennis McGinlay

4. Note on "The Tribes" from Holland
I did read your book about the Tribes . It was a clear and good written book. Maybe it is quite difficult to people who don't know enough about the bible, history and geography.
Rein, Netherlands

5. Steven Collins: Recommended Film about Esther
From: Steve Collins <>
Subject: Movie in the USA

Shalom Yair,

Tonight, my wife and I saw the new movie "One Night With the King." We enjoyed it immensely. While it has some of the usual Hollywood extra touches (in this case I should say "Bollywood" as it was made in India), it was mostly faithful to the biblical themes in the book of Esther. The movie was produced by Evangelical Christians, and it is solidly pro-Jewish. Given the fact that Haman was hung on his own gallows, it serves as a timely warning to the modern rulers of Persia (i.e. Iran) who, like Haman, want to "wipe the Jews/Israelis off the face of the earth."

The film even brings out the fact that Haman was an "Agagite" (Esther 3:1), a descendant of the Amalekites, who Saul foolishly refused to destroy fully. I thought I'd recommend the movie to you and your readership!


6. Recent General Questions: New Feature
Until now Brit-Am restricted itself as much as possible to
matters of Brit-Am Ancestral identification. When other questions were asked
we tried to either evade or ignore them.
People were offended and complained.
Brit-Am does not intend to get itself involved in Doctrinal Matters beyond
the subject of Brit-Am ancestry.
On a trial basis (we may yet reverse our policy) we have now begun to answer
questions on other matters within limits.
We are doing this because we have been asked to do so though there are probably
others on the web much more qualified and more willing than we are in this matter.

Also  there are those who wish to receive our postings
but would rather there were less of them. On the other hand the material we
have immediately to offer actually seem to be increasing.
We will therefore transfer more and more of our features to the web site.
One of these new features is
Recent General Questions
Already we have answers to two new questions on this site:
(1. Why did the Creator Speak in Plural Form?
(2. Where Did Baruch Go?

7. New articles and Entries:
(a) "Returning to the Land Forum":
Genealogy Matters!
Coming to the Land and
The Need to Cleave to Joseph or Judah
 This article explains why in our age you are duty bound to identify with
ALL the Tribes of Israel in general and in particular with either
Judah or Joseph.
The principles involved concerned coming to dwell in the Land of Israel
as well as help for Brit-Am according to your ability.

(b) Kevin Opp:
Notes on Amerindians and Lost Israelites
A short interesting article includes historical anecdotes, personal observations,
and remarks about possible Israelite or Ancient Middle East antecedents.