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Date:  Tue Feb 25, 2003  12:45 pm

1. Link to "The Tribes" in Swedish and the Hebrew language of runic inscriptions
2. Added artwork to Brit-Am web site
3. Israelites Moved Out of Germany to North America
4. Pleased with Brit-Am
5. Judaeans in North America Before Columbus?
6. Received Lost Israelite Identity'
7. Brit-Am in Finland

1. Link to "The Tribes" in Swedish and the Hebrew language of runic inscriptions

A Links to Orjan Svensson's two web-sites, one with a translation of "The Tribes" into Swedish
and the other showing the original Hebrew language of runic inscriptions in Sweden
maybe obtained from:

2. Betty has Added artwork to Brit-Am web site
Added artwork to the following:



3. Israelites Moved Out of Germany to North America
From: Ernest
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Now"-197

Dear Yair, One must answer the attacks on you and your work. Some say
silence is golden, maybe, but not always. There are times when one has to
stand in the breech and defend and fight for what is right and the truth. I
and my wife have been researching our family histories and what we have
found and coupled with the information that you have provided through your
news letters have added some insight into our family histories. One
question I have is about the Eighteenth century Migration of Germans from
the Upper & Lower Palatinate. My ancestor (surname: Dingus, Dinges,Dingis,
Tinnes, are various spellings) came over here to Philadelphia, PA in the
Mid 1700's. Could these immigrants have been Israelite stock, I remember
reading that some of the Palatinates were from the Tribe of Manessah of
Joseph. My family on both sides are of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Welsh-Norman
stock and are very Biblical believing and Pro-Israel. May G_D continue to
protect and Bless you. Shalom, Ernest

Answer: See "Joseph" where we show that people who were migrating from
Germany to America at that time belonged to a separate sociological element of Israelite
origin. This grouping was especially prominent in the Palatinate.

4. Pleased with Brit-Am
From: Donald
Subject: Question

Dear Mr Davidiy,
You have no idea how pleased I am that there is such a
person as yourself who undertook such a magnificent endeavor.
I have been a student of this subject since about 1973 and
at that time there was little documentation on the subject.
Furthermore, the way that this subject attracts ridicule is
so sad. Having someone such as yourself researching and
promoting this study adds great weight and validity to this.

I discovered you through Eddie Chumney and W F Dankenbring.

Thank you for all your hard work.



5. Judaeans in North America Before Columbus?
From: Emmitt Frazier
Subject: Fwd: The Bat Creek Stonehope this comes thru, a friend sent in relation to Cherokee connection
>shane dawley"
>Subject: The Bat Creek Stone
>The Bat Creek Stone

>The Bat Creek Stone was discovered in 1889 in an undisturbed burial mound
>in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian's Mound Survey project.
>In 1971, Cyrus Gordon identified the letters inscribed on the stone as
>Paleo-Hebrew of approximately the first or second century A.D. According
>to him, the five letters to the left of the comma-shaped word divider
>read, from right to left, LYHWD, or "for Judea."
>In 1988, wood fragments found with the inscription were Carbon-14 dated to
>somewhere between 32 A.D. and 769 A.D. These dates are consistent with the
>apparent date of the letters.
>Today the stone resides out of sight in a back room of the National Museum
>of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, perhaps only limited attention should be payed to such
From: Jeremy
Subject: I have to ask one more question about Israel in the America's
Of course since the exile of Assyria took place 2700 years ago and in bulk
we know the majority of Israelites were moved north of Assyria and to
Spain. One must ask how significant the amount of Israelites actually
landed in the Americas. As well for what purpose would Assyria send
Israelite slaves, spending time, money, ships and men travelling a
dangerous ocean for resources that in my opinion were close at hand for
Assyria. Considering Assyrian geography Assyria was right in the middle of
one side of the planet. Asia, Africa, Europe. Assyria had prime real-estate
for resources. Besides to what extent do we consider someone a people after
inter mixing with a native population for 2700 years. Hey I am no expert,
however I think in terms of common-sense and to me this native Israelite
connection doesn't make much sense to me. I think when we give credit to
this Idea of natives of North America being Israelite it is a distraction
from our pursuits and truths and strong evidence that show's where Israel
went. Chasing down this Israelite Native connection in my opinion we might
as well follow certain people who look for the Lost Tribes in the smallest
nooks and crannies of the planet and then think they find them when they
discover 20 people dancing funny in the jungles of Asia.

6. Received Lost Israelite Identity'
From: timothy burton

I just received 'Lost Israelite Identity' in the mail yesterday and
have read about two-thirds overnight ... and am VERY delighted and pleased
with your work, considering it to be one of the finest additions to my
library. Thank you much for the promptness with which it was sent, as I
was looking forward to reading it right away.

7. Brit-Am in Finland
>People in Finland who are interested in discussing "Brit-Am" between
>are invited to contact:
>Lari Kemilainen <lari.kemilainen@p...>

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